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  • A Farewell to Arms – Original Soundtrack -1957

    A Farewell to Arms – Original Soundtrack -1957

    The original soundtrack to the movie base on the Ernest Hemingway classic “A Farewell to Arms”. Long playing record, 33 RPM, from Capitol Records, super condition.

    Released the same year as the famous movie starring Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jones and Vittorio de Sica, directed by Charles Condor. The semi-autobiographical story had been mad into a stage play shortly after the books release in 1929. An earlier film starred Gary Cooper.

    Music composed by the legendary Mario Mascimbene … conducted by Franco Ferrara and recorded in Rome. Opening with a cannonade of percussion portraying the war theme. The introduction of harmonica and guitar expressing the lighthearted camaraderie between the three soldiers. Introduction of horns and strings depicting the Alpine setting. the beautiful “love theme” with strings and harp … up to the symbolic sound of raindrops as Henry waits helplessly for Catherine …

    Collectable Hemingway Artifact


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  • Edward Elgar Symphony No 2 – with Expert Manuscript Annotations

    Edward Elgar Symphony No 2 – with Expert Manuscript Annotations

    Published by music score specialists Novello of Sevenoaks, Kent. No date originally published in 1911 and dedicated to the memory of the then late king Edward VII.

    Written, or designed as Elgar would have it, in 1910 as a tribute that missed publication before the King’s passing.

    Soft cover 171 pages of score Symphony No 2 in E Flat Op 63, copyright by the publisher. Printed in a facsimile style of the original. Carried the name at front John Snowdon, probably the musical talent who lives in the Huon area.

    What makes this special in our view, apart from the magnificence of the piece, is the manuscript interpretive annotations, mainly towards the front of the work … robust theme; E Flat with colouring; rising 5th syncopation; similar to Brahms; wild outbursts of orchestral virtuosity; ghost episode … we love it.

    Elgar’s magnificent No 2 with expert annotations.


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  • Don Giovanni – Mozart [In English by Edward Dent]

    Don Giovanni – Mozart [In English by Edward Dent]

    A smashing little reference … a libretto [little book]. Published by the Oxford University Press in 1948. Perfect bond soft cover, xix and 72 pages.

    Very good Preface by the translator describing the movement in language, so to speak, in Opera and the difficulties of good performance in English and German. The a good introduction to Don Giovanni, Voyager’s favourite.

    The translator points out that the words are there to be sung not just read out and “if the reader discovers in these pages any line that they can call poetry, they may be sure that is has been stolen from some respectable – and, I hope, non-copyright author” …we will not tell!

    Now we don’t have to watch the subtitles and miss the action!

    Understandable Don Giovanni by Dent.


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  • Early Manuscript – Harpsichord or Piano Arrangement of Hayden’s Seven Last Words from the Cross 1808/9

    Early Manuscript – Harpsichord or Piano Arrangement of Hayden’s Seven Last Words from the Cross 1808/9

    Composizioni del Sig Giuseppe Hayden sopra le sette ultime Parole del nostre Redenfore in Croce. Consistenti in Sette Sonate con un Introduzione et al Fine Teremota ridote per il Clavicembalo ou Forte Piona Opera 19.

    Copied by hand from a score published in Vienna, presso Artaria Compagni 9, 1808.

    Oblong folio manuscript comprising title page and 26 pages in early paper backed flush wrappers, all in a fine state. A delightfully executed manuscript copy inscribed “De Musica Fran H Hausser 1808/9” with the later library label of K Knittle.

    The piano arrangement of Hayden’s Seven Last words of the Cross, authorised by Hayden. Arranged from a string quartet version from the same Publisher, Artaria in 1786. The piano version was first issued a year later … reference catalogue authority Hobken -Verzeidchis XX/1C.

    Joseph Hayden born 1732 died in May 1809 so this manuscript could be coincidental or in honour of his death. The original work was orchestral and commissioned by the Cannon of Cadiz, Spain for a Good Friday service in which they traditionally performed new works of music the theme of which was based on Christ’s seven last words on the Cross. The format was always to be a ten minute adagio to follow the calling of each of the last words by the Church hierarchy. It was performed in a very austere environment with dark curtains hung and very little light intruding. In 1801 Hayden is recorded as saying that he had great difficulty complying with the “rules”. Nevertheless, the work is regarded as a great success and in many ways experimental for the time.

    Hayden was paid in a very unusual way … he was sent a cake filled with gold coins. Just as well he ate it!

    Beautiful manuscript score of an unusual piece by Joseph Hayden likely written in the year of his death.


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  • Musical Quotation – Jazz – Signed – William Scmidt (1926-2009) American composer, arranger and music publisher.

    Musical Quotation – Jazz – Signed – William Scmidt (1926-2009) American composer, arranger and music publisher.

    An unusual piece of music ephemera in manuscript and signed by the composer … “Opening measures of Rhapsody No 1 for Clarinet and Piano” by William Schmidt.

    Original piece 13 cm by 8 cm … strong “musical hand” in good condition. We love it.

    There is a really lovely biographical interview online with William Schmidt. In that there are a few images helping to illustrate the man … one being this item.. we suppose it may have been given to the talented interviewer and maybe scripted then … who knows?

    More to come we just need time to summarise the interesting life of William Schmidt.

    Get out your Clarinet today for William Schmidt


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  • Some Songs of the South Pole  [From Operation Deep Freeze] – Edward Bacon

    Some Songs of the South Pole [From Operation Deep Freeze] – Edward Bacon

    Published privately, first and only, by the author, Washington DC in 1960. Landscape presentation, 72 pages. A trifle marked to covers … still a very good copy.

    Edward Bacon participated in the US “Operation Deep Freeze I” in 1955 when the Americans established their permanent base on the Antarctic. Here he documents his cold climate experiences, songs and poetry. A really interesting companion to the “Songs of the Morning” … see our separate listing

    Curious South Polar Item from Operation Deep Freeze.


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