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  • Sarangi – Indian Stringed Instrument

    Sarangi – Indian Stringed Instrument

    The sarangi is a short necked bowed stringed instrument with a skin covered resonator. Carved from a single piece of wood. The playing strings typically gut and the numerous sympathetic strings from steel. The instrument is played predominantly in Northern India and also in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

    The sound it produces is very emotional and can resemble the human voice with special techniques such as gamaks (shakes) and meends (sliding movements).

    Its origins could be Persian the derivation of the name suggests that.

    The sarangi has a box like shape with three hollow chambers .. the names of which translate to stomach, chest and brain. This good example is around the usual size (slightly bigger) at 67cm. the lower chamber is covered in parchment. There is a bridge made from bone, earlier they would have been ivory. The bridge is strong as it supports the pressure from the numerous metal sympathetic strings.

    Nor really suitable for Overseas postage and will require a postage supplement in Australia dependent on buyers location. We are careful to pack well and obtain the most cost effect mailing.

    Expand your musical horizons with a Sarangi.


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  • Smoky Dawson’s Cowboy and Mountain Songs (with instructions for Rope Spinning Tricks)

    Smoky Dawson’s Cowboy and Mountain Songs (with instructions for Rope Spinning Tricks)

    A super music sheet from Australia’s first and greatest Country and western singer songwriter. Smoky Dawson was Herbert Henry Brown (1913-2008). Hall of fame and all that he kept going until the end. Had a terrible childhood nut grew up to lead a talented positive life. A mate of Glen Campbell .. another super talent.

    Published by Allan & Co, Melbourne in the late 1940’s (Trove suggest their copy is 1941 but we know for sure that Smoky was off to the War that year so we doubt it). Could be earlier than the war … some references say its his first published songbook.

    Music arranged for voice, piano, guitar, ukulele and piano accordion. 24 Cowboy, Hill-Bily, Railroad, Mexican, Hobo Songs.

    And we simply love the instructions for rope spinning… so much Voyager has purchased his first spinning rope … albeit still an step number 1.

    Starts with notes and images from photographs of Smoky and his mates and what they have been up to.

    Very good condition, 46 pages, aside from an innocent splosh (weak tea?) top near the spine … evident on a couple of early pages.

    The second verse of Texas Lil goes like this …

    “Oh she rustles cattle and she cheats at cards
    An’ rattlesnakes an’ coyotes are her pards.
    She’s as tough as prairie cactus and just for rifle practice
    She’s amputate your ears at sixty yards”

    Smoky Dawson – Australia’s First Country and Western Cowboy and a first class Legend

    PS – You will see the retailers stamp of Suttons of Ballarat on the front. The Suttons Music Emporium was started in 1891 and a Suttons Music shop still exists today. Must be one of Australia’s oldest retailers and undoubtedly by World standards one of the oldest music retailers. the original magnificent building housed grand piano’s and had stained glass windows of the great European composers.


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  • Nugae Canorae Medicae – Sir Andrew Douglas Maclagan – First edition 1850 – With Additional Contemporary Manuscript Content

    Nugae Canorae Medicae – Sir Andrew Douglas Maclagan – First edition 1850 – With Additional Contemporary Manuscript Content

    Translates literally “Silly Medical Songs” and they are. Andrew Douglas Maclagan (1812-1900) was an eminent Scottish surgeon and toxicologist. In his lifetime he was President of five of the mots distinguished Societies in Scotland. As a toxicologist he was called to Court to give evidence … as a young man he supported the prosecution in the Burke and Hare affair.

    Printed by Thomas Constable, Edinburgh in 1850 – a first edition (it was reprinted in 1873). Effectively self published. Maclagan vaguely covered his identity as the author is names as “The Poet Laureate of the New Town Dispensary”. Octavo, bark brown embossed cloth covered boards with gilt titling to front, 82 pages with manuscript additions to rear end paper. Remnant seal to back paste down.

    Given the period any reader will be pleasantly surprised how amusing the said poem/songs are … and much fun must have been had with them. Footnotes have been provided which explain the circumstances and sometimes individuals at fault or lampooned. No punches held.

    What makes this copy more charming is the manuscript addition. Internally they sometimes correct the events suggested. At the rear we have in neat manuscript further ditties by Maclagan that are not in the published work. Clearly someone who knew the great man very well. 19thC press clipping re Maclagan affixed front free end.

    Silly Songs by a most distinguished physician.


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  • Bowie – Fashion – 1980

    Bowie – Fashion – 1980

    Super original copy of this iconic single …. Scream like a Baby on the B side. From the album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).

    Ooh bop, do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do..

    Robert Fripp from King Crimson played the lead guitar. Bowie coined a new meaning for the word “Fascists” which likely amused him.

    David Bowie will never be forgotten ..


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  • A Farewell to Arms – Original Soundtrack -1957

    A Farewell to Arms – Original Soundtrack -1957

    The original soundtrack to the movie base on the Ernest Hemingway classic “A Farewell to Arms”. Long playing record, 33 RPM, from Capitol Records, super condition.

    Released the same year as the famous movie starring Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jones and Vittorio de Sica, directed by Charles Condor. The semi-autobiographical story had been mad into a stage play shortly after the books release in 1929. An earlier film starred Gary Cooper.

    Music composed by the legendary Mario Mascimbene … conducted by Franco Ferrara and recorded in Rome. Opening with a cannonade of percussion portraying the war theme. The introduction of harmonica and guitar expressing the lighthearted camaraderie between the three soldiers. Introduction of horns and strings depicting the Alpine setting. the beautiful “love theme” with strings and harp … up to the symbolic sound of raindrops as Henry waits helplessly for Catherine …

    Collectable Hemingway Artifact


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  • Edward Elgar Symphony No 2 – with Expert Manuscript Annotations

    Edward Elgar Symphony No 2 – with Expert Manuscript Annotations

    Published by music score specialists Novello of Sevenoaks, Kent. No date originally published in 1911 and dedicated to the memory of the then late king Edward VII.

    Written, or designed as Elgar would have it, in 1910 as a tribute that missed publication before the King’s passing.

    Soft cover 171 pages of score Symphony No 2 in E Flat Op 63, copyright by the publisher. Printed in a facsimile style of the original. Carried the name at front John Snowdon, probably the musical talent who lives in the Huon area.

    What makes this special in our view, apart from the magnificence of the piece, is the manuscript interpretive annotations, mainly towards the front of the work … robust theme; E Flat with colouring; rising 5th syncopation; similar to Brahms; wild outbursts of orchestral virtuosity; ghost episode … we love it.

    Elgar’s magnificent No 2 with expert annotations.


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