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  • Bridgewater – with Mount Direction – Hobart, Tasmania -1840

    Bridgewater – with Mount Direction – Hobart, Tasmania -1840

    An original lithograph from a drawing by Louis Le Breton (1818-1866) lithographed by Leon Jean Baptiste Sabatier published as part of the great “Atlas Pittoresque” to accompany “Voyage au Pole Sud et dans l’Oceanie sur les corvettes l’Astrolabe et la Zelee … sous commandement de M.J. Dumont d’Urville”.

    A delightful view of Bridgewater looking across the river Derwent to the imposing Mount Direction

    Lithographed on sturdy paper size 54.5cm by 34.5 cm. Very good clean condition. A scarce Hobart image.

    Price $540.00 unframed – rare

    Striking image of Mount Direction across the Derwent


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  • Early Map of South West Tasmania – Carte de la Terra Van-Diemen – Cook and Benard – Published Paris 1777

    Early Map of South West Tasmania – Carte de la Terra Van-Diemen – Cook and Benard – Published Paris 1777

    An original copper engraved 18th century map from the French version of Cook’s Second Voyage depicting South East Tasmania. Very good condition, fold as issued and 35cm by 22cm to the printed area.

    This map was drawn up after the discovery of Adventure Bay, on Bruny Island, by Captain Tobias Furneaux in 1773. The track shown is that of Furneaux’s vessel the Adventure

    It was not until 1792 when Bruni d’Entrecasteaux found the channel that was to separate Bruny Island. Other irregularities appear on this map Cape Frederick Henry (now Cape Queen Elizabeth) is technically misplaced as Furneaux believed incorrectly he was just south of Tasman’s Fredrick Henriex Bay.

    Also, we have the Tasman Peninsula incorrectly named Isles Maria.

    We particularly like the reference to Mewstone, Pedro Blanco (after the China Seas Island and one of the few remaining Portuguese names) and Eddystone, which was named by Cook after the Eddystone Lighthouse in England.

    The three coastal profiles are delightful on close inspection – a view along Cape Meridional; A view of Cape Cannelee, with Penguin Island to the right and the hint of Adventure Bay and a view of the island group from south of the Mewstone.

    Tooley reference Map T346 and included in the Australian National Collection reference 2820776

    Price $290.00 unframed … if you want framing suggestions let us know.

    Early and interesting map of South East Tasmania


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  • Wooden Hookers of Hobart Town & Whalers out of Van Diemen’s Land [Two Works] – Harry O’May

    Wooden Hookers of Hobart Town & Whalers out of Van Diemen’s Land [Two Works] – Harry O’May

    Published by the author a fine copy of the second impression 1978.

    Octavo, 137 pages plus 101 pages indices not paginated. Very clean superb dust jacket.

    Harry O’May’s compilation of two books packed with historic detail about the Tasmanian early whalers – superb photographic record nowhere else seen.

    One of the best Tasmanian Maritime


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  • The Charm of Hobart – Jack and Turnbull

    The Charm of Hobart – Jack and Turnbull

    And charming it is. A delightful little book on the architecture of Hobart by Clive Turnbull with excellent drawings by Kenneth Jack.

    First published in 1949, this is the second printing the year after. Published by Ure Smith, Sydney as part of a broader series.

    Small octavo, 56 pages with paper covered boards. A very good copy with previous owners bookplate on front past down. Postage will be reduced on this item on billing.

    The narrative is most helpful to those wishing a good and speedy knowledge. This images include some building sadly gone. See if you can spot them.

    One of the Hobart Essentials


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  • Wrecks & Reputations [The Loss of the Schomberg and Loch Ard] – Don Charlwood

    Wrecks & Reputations [The Loss of the Schomberg and Loch Ard] – Don Charlwood

    Published by Angus & Robertson in 1977. A very good copy, 190 pages with fine dust jacket.

    Don Charwood’s well researched tightly composed and nicely illustrated account of the difficulties of early vessels sailing through the Western entrance of the Bass Strait.

    Particular reference to the fate of the Schomberg and the Loch Ard and to its only survivors Eva Carmichael and the young man that saved her Tom Pearce.

    The fate of many other ships of the “Loch” brand are listed – leads one to conclude never to sail in a vessel named Loch anything!

    What out for the rocks!


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  • Australian Fairywrens –  Sir William Jardine – 1826

    Australian Fairywrens – Sir William Jardine – 1826

    An original hand-coloured engraving of three species of Australian Fairywrens published in Edinburgh 1826 by Scotland’s greatest naturalist Sir William Jardine (1800-1874).

    The engraving was published as part of Jardine’s first great work “Illustrations in Ornithology” a now scarce and valuable collection of bird engravings.

    Printed on strong paper with a good plate mark, albeit a little tight on the left (32cm by 22cm). Very good condition.

    Drawn by William Jardine himself and signed in the plate. This engraving and colouring have a somewhat naive nature which we think gives them a special artistic appeal.

    We have the male Red Breasted Fairywren (Malarus Brownii); Variegated Fairywren (Malarus Lamberli) and the Superb Fairywren (Malarus Cyaneus). The Red Breasted is prevalent from the very North of Australia around the Kimberleys down to the Hunter Valley; the Variegated is found along the East Coast as is the Superb Fairywren although this beautiful creature is more common in the South and Tasmania

    Jardine was the 7th Baronet of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire and founder of the Ray Society. He was a superb artist in his own right but utilised the great illustrators of the day to complete his works including, Edward Lear, Selby, Stewart, Thompson and William Holmes-Lizars

    Price $180.00 Unframed

    Australian Fairywrens – Three of Them


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