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Western Australia

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  • Explorers’ Maps – Chapters in the Cartographic Record of Geographical Discovery – R.A. Skelton – Perry’s Copy

    Explorers’ Maps – Chapters in the Cartographic Record of Geographical Discovery – R.A. Skelton – Perry’s Copy

    Another special book by the former head map man at the British Museum, as well as Hon Sec of the Hakluyt Society.

    Small quarto, first edition, published by Routledge, London in 1958. Perry’s copy with his signature on the front end paper. 337 pages with numerous illustrations of relevant charts and maps. Coloured frontispiece of HMS Racehorse stuck in the ice off Spitzbergen. A very good copy. Heavy book might require a postage supplement if Overseas.

    Selection and breadth of knowledge sets Skelton’s book apart.

    The Way East and Marco Polo starts the serious stuff. Then Portuguese Sea-ways to the Indies. The Way West … and where will it get you Cathay or the New World?. The North-East and North-West Passages. European rivalry for the Spice Islands … the Spanish in the South Seas; and the Dutch and that special quest for the land down-under. Cook and the mapping of the Pacific. The rivers of Africa and the Poles … wonderful.

    Explorers and the maps they created … some special Australian content and the rest. Expert Perry’s copy.


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  • Australian Bristlebird  (Dasyornis Australis) [Endangered] – Sir William Jardine – 1826

    Australian Bristlebird (Dasyornis Australis) [Endangered] – Sir William Jardine – 1826

    An original hand-coloured engraving of Bristlebird published in Edinburgh 1826 by Scotland’s greatest naturalist Sir William Jardine (1800-1874). This image is one of the earliest fine engravings of the bird. First found and described by Latham around Port Jackson in 1801.

    The engraving was published as part of Jardine’s first great work “Illustrations in Ornithology” a now scarce and valuable collection of bird engravings. Printed on thick wove paper (30cm by 23cm) with a strong plate impression, good strong colouring and generally clean condition. Would frame up nicely for display.

    The Bristlebirds are named after the stiff “’hair like” feathers that arise around the beak. They are thought to assist in catching insects upon which they feed and also provide protection to the eye. There are a number of sub-species of the Eastern, Rufous and Western Bristlebirds. Subclassifications of those number six of which one is extinct, one critically endangered and two endangered and the other two on the way. Bush fires and land clearing the main culprits.

    Jardine was the 7th Baronet of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire and founder of the Ray Society. He was a superb artist in his own right but utilised the great illustrators of the day to complete his works including, Edward Lear, Selby, Stewart, Thompson and William Holmes-Lizars

    Price $180.00 Unframed

    Early engraving of the endangered Australian Bristlebird … help to save them


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  • The History of Australian Exploration 1788-1888 – Favenc

    The History of Australian Exploration 1788-1888 – Favenc

    Published by Meridian, Amsterdam, Holland in 1967 a facsimile of the 1888 original.

    Octavo, 474 pages, Original red cloth covered boards (issued without a dust jacket). Large fold out map at front showing the tracks of the explorers to date … Grey, Forrest, Gregory, Sturt, Stuart, Oxley, Mitchell, Burke and Wills, Kennedy etc [42 expeditions tracked]. Four other fold out charts. Very good if not fine condition.

    Ernest Favenc wrote the most comprehensive history of Australia. This very good facsimile reproduces the work faithfully. The addenda including the index of names, date and incidents and the succinct chronological summary are a good place to start for a perspective of this substantial history.

    Australian Exploration History comprehensively told


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  • Journals of Expeditions into Central Australia and Overland from Adelaide to King George’s Sound in the years 1840-1 in  2 Volumes –  John Eyre

    Journals of Expeditions into Central Australia and Overland from Adelaide to King George’s Sound in the years 1840-1 in 2 Volumes – John Eyre

    Fundamental Australian overland exploration.

    Published by the Libraries Board of South Australia 1964. Facsimile reprint of the 1845 edition – Australiana Facsimile number 7 – only 500 copes printed.

    two volumes thick octavo, xviii, 448, 512 pages light brown/ caramel colour with gilt lettering. Two folding maps in pocket at rear. One map of the whole of Australia demonstrating all of Eyre’s wanderings including earlier expeditions east into New South wales. The large folding map relating to this expedition is close to a metre wide so we have scanned it in three sections and still did not quite get the depth in … it really is special and makes the understanding of the narrative very clear. Very good and maps in great condition.

    Eyre attempted to set up an overland route from Adelaide to the Swan River. After great hardships, with his second on charge being killed by Aborigines, and losing some of the supplies, the party arrived at Albany in 1841.

    Heavy books so our postage allowance will not cover a single item Overseas purchase.

    Eyre’s Travels Across Australia … required reading for any Australia(n) Historian


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  • Glimpses of the Australian Colonies  and New Zealand – Captain Barry – First edition 1903

    Glimpses of the Australian Colonies and New Zealand – Captain Barry – First edition 1903

    Subtitled … “A Thrilling Narrative of the Early Days: Embodying the Life-History of Captain William Jackson Barry Who Arrived in New South Wales in 1829” … and it is really quite “Thrilling”

    Published by Brett, Auckland in 1903. Small quarto, 211 pages, decorated end papers, illustrated with photographic portraits. Original cloth covered binding with gilt embossed design and title to front and spine … gilt a little faded … otherwise a very good solid unmarked copy.

    William Barry was born in 1819. His father was a vet. At a dinner party Sir John Alcock took a liking to him and asked his father to let William enter his service. With this achieved, Alcock set off for Australia with young William on the “Red Rover” in the year 1828. Typhus broke out onboard and many died. On arrival at Sydney the ship was quarantined for six weeks … it was dreadful… and life ashore not much better. Alcock hated it and organised swift passage to Buenos Ayres. On the way to the dock Barry decided he liked Sydney so much he ran away and hid in a tank until the ship had gone. And so Barry’s life in the Antipodes started then … at the age of ten!

    His life was certainly different … at various times he sailed … carrying Timor Ponies to Sydney … shipwrecked nearly starved and rescued. Other times he was in the gold fields in Victoria (Eureka), New Zealand and California. Was variously a butcher (his early trade), farmer, auctioneer and horse dealer (bushrangers robbed him) … married more than once into money.

    Near the back of the book is a potted history of Australia and a selection of biographies of notable gents … the most common feature being and incredible collection of beards

    Captain Barry the sort of life films should be made about


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  • France Australe – Marchant

    France Australe – Marchant

    Leslie Marchant’s highly regarded book a very good first edition 1982.

    A focus on French activity with a strong focus on Western Australia. Based on previously unused naval and other archival records in France.

    The story of French exploration and their plans to colonise Australia. Commencing as early as the reign of Louis XII challenging the Spanish and Portuguese a period referred to as “the ancient regime” through the Napoleonic period and the Bourbon restoration.

    The French, Western Australia and more


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