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Western Australia

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  • Australia Trade Cards – Set of Six – Liebig – Over 100 Years Old

    Australia Trade Cards – Set of Six – Liebig – Over 100 Years Old

    A group of six decorative trade cards by Liebig advertising their tasty Bouillon Oxo. Printed and issued around 1910. In French with a very good description the rear of the card … a good language lesson.

    Delightful chromolithographs depicting scenes from around Australia including a nice one of Hobart, Tasmania with Storm Bay (not quite technically correct as we are now in the Derwent proper) and Mount Wellington covered in snow in the background. Also, we have the Murray River and its vegetation; the Kimberleys; Rundall Creek in the MacDonald Range; the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and Coolgardie and its Gold. Images of indigenous people from various parts of Australia given the French romantic treatment in terms of their clothing. Each 10cms x 7.3cms.

    Scarce six card set rarely found together.


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  • The Voyage of the Catalpa – A Perilous Journey and Six Irish Rebels Escape to Freedom – Peter Stevens.

    The Voyage of the Catalpa – A Perilous Journey and Six Irish Rebels Escape to Freedom – Peter Stevens.

    A first edition hardback of a book now hard to find. Large octavo, 328 pages, illustrated, a hint browning to paper, otherwise fine in a completely perfect dust jacket.

    Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London in 2003.

    The year is 1875 and an American whaling barque, Catalpa, set out from New Bedford, Massachusetts on a year long secret mission to free a group of Irish rebels held in prison in Western Australian, to be known as “The Freemantle Six”.

    The six Irishmen who had taken the Fenian Oath to fight for Irish Independence has been held for eight years. The Catalpa made Freemantle and the six escaped … but it was far from over and many obstacles had to be overcome …

    Irish Rebels freed from Australian Jail by American sympathisers in the whaling ship Catalpa.


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  • Looking for La Perouse – Frank Horner

    Looking for La Perouse – Frank Horner

    Looking for La Perouse D’Entrecasteaux in Australia and the South Pacific 1792 – 1793 by Frank Horner.

    A 1996 first soft cover edition. Octavo, 317 pages, published by Melbourne University Press. A nice copy. Heavily illustrated.

    Solid read with maps, charts and illustrations. Bruny d’Entrecasteaux might have failed to find the doomed La Perouse but made some important observations in Tasmania, Western Australia and New Guinea.

    Top of the class Frank Horner


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  • Aerial, Geological and Geophysical Survey of Northern Australia – Period Ended 31st December 1936

    Aerial, Geological and Geophysical Survey of Northern Australia – Period Ended 31st December 1936

    A comprehensive report on all undertakings in 1936 covering all regions in Northern Australia … Western Australia, the Territory and Queensland. Published by the Commonwealth Government, Canberra in 1937 – 830 copies produced at the time.

    Folio, 91 pages with 12 large coloured charts at the rear .. some on a massive scaled. All staple bound as issued. Repaired tear to front cover otherwise a near perfect copy, the charts almost as new and the colours very vivid … printed on high grade paper compared with the narrative which is on the usual fragile government stock.

    There so much to describe regarding the content that any attempt to precis is rather daunting. The descriptions of the plates gives a good idea of coverage.

    Plate 1 Geological Sketch Map of the Pilbara District, Western Australia; Plate 2 – ditto Kimberley, WA; Plate 3 ditto Daly River District, Northern Territory; Plate 4 ditto Cloncurry District, Queensland; Plate 5 ditto Croydon Gold-fields, Queensland; Plate 6 Tennant Creek – Peko Area, Northern Territory; Plate 7 – Tennant Creek, Magnetic Survey, Profiles and Drilling Results; Plate 8 Croydon Geophysical Survey; Plate 9 Dugald River, Queensland; Plate 10 Brock’s Creek, Northern Territory; Plate 11 Portland Roads, Queensland; Plate 12 Miscellaneous Profiles.

    Magnificent geological report in terms of its detail and raft of quality coloured geological maps.


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  • Australian Bristlebird  (Dasyornis Australis) [Endangered] – Sir William Jardine – 1826

    Australian Bristlebird (Dasyornis Australis) [Endangered] – Sir William Jardine – 1826

    An original hand-coloured engraving of Bristlebird published in Edinburgh 1826 by Scotland’s greatest naturalist Sir William Jardine (1800-1874). This image is one of the earliest fine engravings of the bird. First found and described by Latham around Port Jackson in 1801.

    The engraving was published as part of Jardine’s first great work “Illustrations in Ornithology” a now scarce and valuable collection of bird engravings. Printed on thick wove paper (30cm by 23cm) with a strong plate impression, good strong colouring and generally clean condition. Would frame up nicely for display.

    The Bristlebirds are named after the stiff “’hair like” feathers that arise around the beak. They are thought to assist in catching insects upon which they feed and also provide protection to the eye. There are a number of sub-species of the Eastern, Rufous and Western Bristlebirds. Subclassifications of those number six of which one is extinct, one critically endangered and two endangered and the other two on the way. Bush fires and land clearing the main culprits.

    Jardine was the 7th Baronet of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire and founder of the Ray Society. He was a superb artist in his own right but utilised the great illustrators of the day to complete his works including, Edward Lear, Selby, Stewart, Thompson and William Holmes-Lizars

    Price $180.00 Unframed

    Early engraving of the endangered Australian Bristlebird … help to save them


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  • The History of Australian Exploration 1788-1888 – Favenc

    The History of Australian Exploration 1788-1888 – Favenc

    Published by Meridian, Amsterdam, Holland in 1967 a facsimile of the 1888 original.

    Octavo, 474 pages, Original red cloth covered boards (issued without a dust jacket). Large fold out map at front showing the tracks of the explorers to date … Grey, Forrest, Gregory, Sturt, Stuart, Oxley, Mitchell, Burke and Wills, Kennedy etc [42 expeditions tracked]. Four other fold out charts. Very good if not fine condition.

    Ernest Favenc wrote the most comprehensive history of Australia. This very good facsimile reproduces the work faithfully. The addenda including the index of names, date and incidents and the succinct chronological summary are a good place to start for a perspective of this substantial history.

    Australian Exploration History comprehensively told


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