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Western Australia

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  • France Australe – Marchant

    France Australe – Marchant

    Leslie Marchant’s highly regarded book a very good first edition 1982.

    A focus on French activity with a strong focus on Western Australia. Based on previously unused naval and other archival records in France.

    The story of French exploration and their plans to colonise Australia. Commencing as early as the reign of Louis XII challenging the Spanish and Portuguese a period referred to as “the ancient regime” through the Napoleonic period and the Bourbon restoration.

    The French, Western Australia and more


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  • Banded Hare-wallaby or Munning – Lesson – c1830

    Banded Hare-wallaby or Munning – Lesson – c1830

    Le Kangourou elegant (Halmaturus elegans) or …. Banded Hare-wallaby or Munning

    Original hand coloured engraving originally drawn by Charles Alexander Lesueur (1778-1846) . Good strong clean example. Produced for Rene Primevere Lesson (1794-1849) for his extension of the great natural history work originally produced by Count Buffon. They were published in Paris in c1830.

    The Banded Hare-wallaby is considered vulnerable and is found on Bernier Island and Dorre Island off Western Australia

    Lesueur participated in the Baudin Expedition, Geographie and Naturaliste, originally taken on as a gunner. Baudin discovered his talent for art and appointed him to illustrate his private journal. Lesson participated as doctor and naturalist in the Duperry voyage round the world on board La Coquille (1822-1825).

    Price $120.00 unframed … enquire if you wish framing options.

    The rare Australian Banded Hare-wallaby … look after him!


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  • The Dutch Explorations of Australia, 1605 – 1756 – Willem Robert

    The Dutch Explorations of Australia, 1605 – 1756 – Willem Robert

    An fine copy of this excellent book by Willem Robert, published by Philo Press, Amsterdam in 1973. Larger format octavo, 196 pages.

    There six large facsimile folding maps in a pocket at the rear, also in fine condition. They includes charts of the voyages of … the “Duijffke” 1605-6; the “Pera” 1623; the “Arnhem” 1623; the “Vliegende” 1678; the “Vossenbos”, “Wajer” and “Nova Hollandia” together in 1705 … along with the author’s own construction of the north east coast of Hollandia Nova, as known in 1710.

    The book is well structured with a description of the voyages, references to the charts and maps and index to localities shown. Where documents are referred to … the original Dutch is shown opposite the English translation. There is a good bibliography for further reading or source material and an interesting list of the names of aboriginal groups and places along the various coastlines charted.

    Special reference .. exceptional facsimile maps.


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  • Willem de Vlamingh’s Explorations  of Australia, 1696-1697 – Willem C.H. Robert

    Willem de Vlamingh’s Explorations of Australia, 1696-1697 – Willem C.H. Robert

    Published by Philo Press, Amsterdam a first edition 1972.

    Large octavo, 206 pages with fold-out map at rear and nautical charts, illustrated. Very good near fine condition.

    A special and hard to get account of Vlamingh’s explorations of the coastline of Western Australia.

    They left a pewter dish on Dirk Hartog Island and the journals and maps in the Dutch archive which form the basis of this scholarly work.

    In Old Dutch and English translated with care of the then meaning.

    Four excellent fold out charts assist the reader.

    A special reference hard to find and fine condition


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  • The Cattle King [ Sir Sydney Kidman] – Ion Idriess – 1951

    The Cattle King [ Sir Sydney Kidman] – Ion Idriess – 1951

    Published in Sydney in 1951. Octavo, 277 pages. A very good copy in a very good dust jacket

    The Biography of Sir Sidney Kidman who started with five shillings and eventually controlled over 100 cattle stations an area half the size of Queensland.

    Well illustrated from period photographs and end paper maps showing the extent of the Kidman interests at the front and stations, stock routes, coach routes and railways referred to in the text … at the rear.

    Good reading & photographs … a cattle empire much in the financial news of late.


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  • Australian Mineral Specimen – Black Tourmaline – Yinnietharra

    Australian Mineral Specimen – Black Tourmaline – Yinnietharra

    A large and weighty example of Black Tourmaline a semi-precious crystalline boron silicate mineral.

    This fine example from the Yinnietharra deposit in Western Australia lovely crystal form at termination.

    Total weight xx gms

    Very good and sizeable example


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