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Western Australia

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  • Discovery – Stories of Modern Mineral Exploration – Alan Trengove

    Discovery – Stories of Modern Mineral Exploration – Alan Trengove

    A fine copy of the first edition published by Stockwell Press in 1979.

    Octavo, 278 pages, illustrated from photographs and numerous maps of mineral areas.

    Starts with the “Forgotten Frontier” … Cape York and the Weipa area. Then the Bowen expanses, Pilbara before the arrival of the super mines, Gold and the advent of the offshore drilling ships. Closes with an appendix “A History of Resources of Metallic Ores” by King. Well its all a history really.

    What is now a super background to the history of mineral exploration in Australia.


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  • Through a Land of Promise – With Gun, Car and Camera in the Heart of Northern Australia – Michael Terry – 1927

    Through a Land of Promise – With Gun, Car and Camera in the Heart of Northern Australia – Michael Terry – 1927

    Self described “The Last Explorer” Michael Terry began his Australian adventures in 1923. This is his second book of five accounts of his extensive travels in Australia’s most difficult terrain. Scarce and sought after..

    Published by Herbert Jenkins in 1927 a first edition. Royal octavo, 336 pages with map and 60 plus plates. Very good condition.

    From Katherine in the Northern Territory to Broome in Western Australia [The Northern Territory boundaries were only re-established in 1931 – hence the title could confuse some]. An unusual journey not only for the odd bunch of chaps who went along… Lord Apley etc … Terry had his sponsors to deal with. Other maybe more qualified. Much detail and a curious writing style that begs to be read. As with all of Terry’s books a sound source for information and images of the aboriginal people of the region.

    Michael Terry (1899-1981) was born at Gateshead on the other side of the river at Newcastle- Upon Tyne, England. He learned to drive in WWI. He was captured in Russia and later released. Not too good from the experience he was advised to seek warmer climes and made his way to Australia, first in Perth then in Queensland from which he launched this original venture, before honing in on his favourite North Western region.

    He had tried to get sponsorship from Henry Ford which was not forthcoming. Returning briefly to England he published this book, lectured at the Royal geographical Society, winning the Cuthbert Peek award. Through these endeavours he garnered enough finance to return Down under and continue his exploits with both motor vehicles and perhaps more practical camels. He featured on the bicentennial commemorative $10 note with his favourite camel “Dick”.

    Michael Terry on of the last adventurers and “obviously” a good mechanic.


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  • Gold – The Romance of its Discovery in Australia – Barrett – 1944

    Gold – The Romance of its Discovery in Australia – Barrett – 1944

    An unusual and scarce piece of “Gold” ephemera by Charles Barrett who was editor of The Swagman’s Notebook.

    Published by United Press, Melbourne in 1944. Softcover, ninety-six pages, small format, decorative covers, illustrated with images from Gill the 19thC goldfields artist. The odd bit of age but still a good worthwhile copy.

    A potpourri of bits about the history of gold … the odd relevant poem, and chapters on Early Discoveries [including slightly strangely California]; Hargraves Story; Discovery at Ballarat; Gold Mania in Melbourne; The Bendigo Diggings; Lucky Diggers; Canvastown on the Yarra; the Turon Diggings; Gold Brokers; the Great Escort robbery; Chinese in the Diggings; Famous Nuggets; etc etc

    Postage in Australia will be reduced a tad on final billing.

    Gold and the Mania it brought a nice readable summary by Barrett



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  • The Exploration of Australia – Albert Calvert – First Edition 1895

    A pretty good copy of the first edition of Calvert’s book much admired and coveted in any collection on the subject. A compendium volume was issued a year later due to the success of this work.

    Published by George Philip, London in 1895. Small quarto, 26cm by 21 cm, quarter bound cream buckram (simulated vellum) over deep blue buckram with gild titles and line decoration. Aged to spine as usual, corners rubbed. Pretty good internally the large folding map repaired close tear. Internally a little browned due to the spongy nature of the paper, really quite clean throughout; viii, 26 pages. Frontispiece of Dampier, 16 plates. A solid book 1.4kgs.

    The super map is 87cm by 72cm with the routes of the likes of Sturt, Mitchel, great, Winnecke etc marked

    Albert Calvert carried out his own explorations often influenced by gold exploration and mainly in western Australia. He was a prolific writer about Australia partly to fund his exploratory activities. He had previously published ‘The Discovery of Australia” concerning the early maritime activities of the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, British etc. In the Preface to this work he describes his pain in working with the early accounts, in terms of their completeness, reliability etc. In this work he is more at ease in that he has the first hand accounts of the various explorers .. on land he mapped out each day of their activities … hence the huge map included.

    Exploration covered include in the maritime, Dampier; the Dutch; Cook; Flinders; Phillip; Baudin, Bougainville … in the interior, Wentworth; Sturt; Mitchell; Macquarie; George Grey; Eyre etc

    Calvert’s collectable account on the exploration of Australia with valuable map.


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  • My Fourth Tour in Western Australia – Albert F Calvert – Illustrated Walker Hodgson – First Edition 1897 – A Presentation Copy and Interesting Provenence

    My Fourth Tour in Western Australia – Albert F Calvert – Illustrated Walker Hodgson – First Edition 1897 – A Presentation Copy and Interesting Provenence

    A first edition of Calvert’s most impressive book published in 1897. A presentation copy from publisher William Heinemann, London to Herbert Ingram … compliments slip bound in at title page.

    The illustrator Walker Hodgson completed the tour and is described by Calvert in his Preface as “the Lion of the Party”.

    The copy was later purchased by Victor Deuters and gifted to his son David. Deuters was a close acquaintance of the illustrator, Walker Hodgson. The book contains a copy letter from Hodgson to Victor … for the purposes of the gift to his son. Hodgson’s in true “artistic hand” runs to four sides, mentions david as a little boy, many reminiscences and then a lengthy section on this Calvert book … where it can be found; contents; his involvement in illustrations and also contributing the last two chapters; its good reception at the time etc. Hodgson refers to himself as “the Old Scarecrow” obviously feeling his age and signing of with a scarecrow decoration at signature. The letter is dated 1940 and he concludes “We can hear the sounds of War from here, quite clearly!”

    Large quarto, xxvi, 359 pages, catalogue. Tissue guarded frontispiece portrait of Calvert, ten plates – some double page, 400 in text illustrations. Coloured folding map of Western Australia showing the Gold Fields, minor tape repair at map hinge. Half bound dark blue over lighter blue cloth covered boards, gilt title front and spine. A really nice clean and bright copy.

    In the 1890’s Calvert became and authority on Australia and published important books about its early discovery and exploration. His works on western Australia are unique and based on his own experiences. He first cam to Australia in 1890 in the company of his grandfather and perhaps his father, both of whom were involved in mining. Their first trip under the umbrella of the General Exploration Company was largely unsuccessful. Further trips ensued with greater success … this the fourth trip the most expansive and best recorded. The illustrations, particularly of mining towns and activity are special.

    Sir Herbert Ingram was the 2nd Baronet Ingram. His grandfather founded the Illustrated London News which his father later managed. The lithographed bookplate carries an image by Alphonse Mucha maybe the most sought after illustrator of the period.

    Calvert’s superior book on Western Australia and Mining with a special enchanting provenance.


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  • Western Rosella (Platycerous Stanlayii) –  Sir William Jardine – Published in 1826

    Western Rosella (Platycerous Stanlayii) – Sir William Jardine – Published in 1826

    An original hand-coloured engraving of the Western Rosella published in Edinburgh 1826 by Scotland’s greatest naturalist Sir William Jardine (1800-1874). This image is one of the earliest fine engravings of the bird.

    Now referred to as Platycercus icterotis the Western Rosella of Moyadong is endemic to southern Western Australia. The yellow patches on the cheeks distinguishes from other members of the genus; icterotis means “yellow ear”. This is a male the females being duller in colouring. The first description of the bird was published by Temminck and Kuhl in 1820 from a collection gained in King George Sound. It was Nicholas Vigor who classified the bird as described in this engraving. The narrative accompanying the engraving states that Mr Vigors description of the bird is to be published in the forthcoming Zoological Journal confirming the very early nature of the engraving

    Published as part of Jardine’s first great work “Illustrations in Ornithology” a now scarce and valuable collection of bird engravings. This is a large scale edition for those familiar with the pocket book sized engraving from the more common Jardine collection. Paper size 30cm by 23cm and as one can see the bird occupies the page impressively. Strong bright colours, fine engraving of feather texture.

    Jardine was the 7th Baronet of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire and founder of the Ray Society. He was a superb artist in his own right but utilised the great illustrators of the day to complete his works including, Edward Lear, Selby, Stewart, Thompson and William Holmes-Lizars

    Price $180.00 Unframed

    Very early engraving of the Western Rosella


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