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Erotic / Classical

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  • Petronius – The Satyricon – Private Press – Norman Lindsay Illustrated – 1910

    A Revised Latin Text of the Satyricon with the Earliest English Translation (1694) Now First Reprinted with an Introduction together with One Hundred Illustrations by Norman Lindsay

    Published privately by Ralph Straus, London 1910. Folio, (33cm by 26cm), 303 pages, 100 leaves of plates.

    First English translation side by side with the Latin on alternating pages. The Satyricon, Satyricon liber (The Book of Satylike Adventures) a work of fiction by Gaius Petronius. It is and example of Menippean satire.

    Gaius Petronius Arbiter (27AD-66AD) was born in Marseille. He became a Roman Courtier in the reign of Nero. He is well mentioned by Tacitus, Plutarch and Pliny the Elder who regarded him as a “judge of elegance”. Petronius became a member of the Senatorial Class who devoted their lives to pleasure … he was essentially a fashion advisor to Nero. Sleeping by day he devoted night time to amusement … he had a reputation of being very good at it!

    In the Satyricon, Petronius uses a new style of writing in that each of the characters are well and openly described. Previously, such literature focused mainly on the plot. There is no holding back in terms of moral issues, and it is thought that the main character Trimalchio (who is on the naughty side) is a cameo of Nero.

    Petronius fell out of favour and committed suicide in a rather strange manner.

    Goings on in the Days of Nero – with numerous Norman Lindsay Illustrations.


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  • Devil Girl – Limited Edition –  Robert Crumb

    Devil Girl – Limited Edition – Robert Crumb

    Collectable Crumb fantasy item of one of his key characters Devil Girl. Number 353 of 550 numbered and signed by Crumb on the base. Approximately 20cm in diameter and 15cms to the tip of her delectable toes. Very good condition – excellent provenance.

    From the erotica collection of Fiona Patten, Member of the Victorian Parliament. Fiona Patten ran the sex industry lobby group, the Eros Association in the 1990’s and early part of this century. Along with Robbie Swan she collected erotic art which became the foundation for her National Museum of Erotica, Canberra. Fiona unhappy with the developing nanny state formed a new political party … The Sex Party and won her first Senate seat in 2010. Distracted by politics the erotic collection was sold off

    More on Crumb shortly.

    Crumb’s Devil Girl – Collectable Limited Edition – from National Museum of Erotica Collection.


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  • The Old Man Young Again or Age-Rejuvenescence in the Power of Concuspiscence … Literally Translated from the Arabic by an English “Bohemian” – Kitab Ruju’a as-Shaykh ila Sabah Fi-l-Kuwwat ‘ala-l-Bah

    The Old Man Young Again or Age-Rejuvenescence in the Power of Concuspiscence … Literally Translated from the Arabic by an English “Bohemian” – Kitab Ruju’a as-Shaykh ila Sabah Fi-l-Kuwwat ‘ala-l-Bah

    Published Montamartre, Paris by Charles Carrington 1898. Publisher of many things naughty in the naughty 1890’s. The work described as … privately printed for a small number of Amateurs and Bibliophiles, is strictly limited to Five Hundred numbered copies on Papier de Hollande. The present copy is No 437.

    Large octavo, 265 pages, top edge gilt, rich maroon endpapers, black cloth covered boards, bevelled and decorated in gilt. Decoration above Chapter headings and some romantic, not crude, illustrations.

    A slightly strangely constructed book in three parts. The First deals with the age and authorship of the Book, Arabian Medical Science; the Strength of Male Copulation and the various kinds of Impotence and Degrees of Virility and the Power of Erection etc. The Second the formation of the yard and testicles; evils from over-indulgence; ill effect of excessive coition and things to take; the advantages (many) of copulation … medicines, oils etc to improve various matters. The Third the Romance of the Genital Instinct; Aphrodisiacs and then some unmentionables.

    For those of suitable age that may be shocked the dedications is worthy … Inscribed to the Memory of the late Sir Richard F. Burton, whose works suggested, and whose labours aided me in my task of making this English version of a work, which, whatever may be thought of it today, was not deemed obscene by the people in whose generation it appeared.

    Rare Privately Printed 1898 – How to Make an Old Man Young Again!


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  • Egyptian (Isis and Osiris) Trade Cards – 1920’s

    Egyptian (Isis and Osiris) Trade Cards – 1920’s

    A group of six very colourful trade cards by Liebig advertising their tasty Fray products. Printed and issued around 1920. Complete 11cm by 7 cm each in very good condition.

    Titled Isis and Osiris they have text about each image on the back in Italian making them doubly useful!

    Special Egyptian set with striking colours and imagery.


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  • Les Travestis Dans Le Parc – Gazette du Bon Ton Pochoir – Brissaud 1913

    Les Travestis Dans Le Parc – Gazette du Bon Ton Pochoir – Brissaud 1913

    A most striking hand coloured double Pochoir (Multiple Stencil) by Pierre Brissaud (1885-1964) for the Paris Gazette du Bon Ton published in September 1913.

    Costumes and disguises in the park from different epochs and fantasies.

    One of the rare double page pochoir images … frames flat and with little impression of the fold…. highly collectable

    Price $290.00 unframed … enquire if you would like to consider framing in Voyager Bon Ton style

    A rich unusual pochoir – beautiful deep colours


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  • La Fumee Noire – Gazette du Bon Ton Pochoir – Strimple – 1914

    La Fumee Noire – Gazette du Bon Ton Pochoir – Strimple – 1914

    A beautiful “Pochoir”, La Fumee Noire (Black Smoke), by Louis Strimple for the Paris Gazette du Bon Ton in March 1914. One of the earliest pochoirs.

    Illustrating designs by John Redfern (English, 1853 – 1929) – an evening dress in silver and gold lame, the tunic made of green muslin with sable and lace.

    Price $340.00 framed in Voyager Bon Ton style … so elegant … ready to hang … a superior gift.

    Striking elegant provocative pochoir


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