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Northern Territory

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  • Australian Bird Maps – Robert Hall [Self Published Hobart 1922]

    Australian Bird Maps – Robert Hall [Self Published Hobart 1922]

    A very scarce, unusual and informative book, self published by the author at Hobart in 1922.

    This copy presented with the authors compliments. Soft cover with sugar paper jacket, perfect bound 220 pages plus errata. Original paper label to front and spine. A delightful item.

    Illustrated throughout with sketch maps showing the distribution and migration patterns of Australian bird life. Exactly 100 years one so it would be a worthwhile source to compare with current data for the enthusiast or expert.

    The author eminently qualified being the Past President of the Royal Australian Ornithological Union … profits from the book were donated to the Scouts and Guides.

    The books is arranged by State … Queensland and the Northern Territory together and South Australia with the short lived Central Australia [of which few are aware]

    Super scarce bird book with some interesting facts some maybe not found elsewhere.


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  • Geology in Australia [Good Tasmanian Content] – Stillwell Anniversary Volume – The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy – 1958.

    This special volume was dedicated to one of Australia’s greatest geologists Frank Leslie Stillwell on his 70th birthday.

    Hardbound octavo, 302 pages. After a brief biography of Stillwell … 16 discrete geological reports of substance most illustrated with fold out charts and diagrams. Rubbed and worn on spine edges, very clean inside and firmly bound, a pretty good copy

    Includes the mineralisation of the Gondwana Shield. Tellurides and Selenides at the Great Boulder Mine Kalgoorlie.

    Various Tasmanian reports .. The Mineralised Rift Valleys of Tasmania; Diamond drill deflection at Rosebery; Nickel Mineralisation in Western Tasmania and A History of Geological Thought at Mount Lyell.

    Elsewhere includes Uranium in the Northern Territory; Galena in Western Australia and a super report on the geology of Cockatoo Island at Yampi Sound WA.

    Special Geological Edition – Wide ranging content with good contribution re Tasmania.


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  • Bulldozer – Michael Terry – Rare – signed by Terry and with an interesting note by recipient.

    Bulldozer – Michael Terry – Rare – signed by Terry and with an interesting note by recipient.

  • Explorer adventurer Michael Terry was excluded from the War effort in WWII because of previous health issues and maybe he was getting on. This did not stop him assisting the war effort of the N.S.W. Department of Main Roads. After all, at the time he was likely Australia’s most notable modern inland adventurer. On one of his famous 1920’s expedition he drove a Model T Ford from Queensland to Broome in WA. His further explorations by camel and tractor gave rise to several highly collectable travel accounts.

    Published by the State Government in 1945. Perfect bound, decorative card covers, 260 pages, illustrated from period photographs. Super scarce … no other obvious copies available. Signed boldly by Terry near front. A little age as you would expect, still a very good copy.

    The premise of the book may sound a bit dull. Fear not the NSW infrastructure people had quite different role because of the War and assisting communication throughout Australia was one of them and it did not stop there … with involvement in Noumea, New Caledonia in the Pacific etc. Terry has a style, reflected in his earlier writing ‘Across Unknown Australia” etc that takes you to the moment of his adventures and observations, many references to individuals and their exploits. We also have the bombing of Darwin and the making of the Brisbane Line difficulties with a Diving Bell etc.

    At front is a very interesting note likely by the recipient “Beau” …. “Michael Terry was my friend. He served as a Marine in Russia in the war subsequent to WWI [Terry was an armoured car driver – he was captured and narrowly escaped execution by the Bolsheviks] … he travelled inland Australia and wrote about it. He was a F.R.G.S … He would now be at least 100 … 24th October 77 …” and other reminiscences. The writer quite wrong about Terry’s age, he would have been 78 at the time this note was written … time has a way of clouding the memory.

    Michael Terry a scarce and unusual account …

  • $80.00

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  • The Dawn of Time – Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings – Roberts and Mountford.

    The Dawn of Time – Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings – Roberts and Mountford.

    A first edition of this “sequel” to Dreamtime. Another wonderful book by ethnologist Charles Mountford and artist Ainslie Roberts.

    Published in 1969 again by Rugby, Adelaide. Same small quarto format 79 pages with a beautiful image for each of the myths recounted by Mountford received from Elders and Storytellers.

    Includes some from the coast such as Kondole the Whale; Pipinyawari the Queen Fish … the Fighting Cloud Women; the Black Kangaroo; and our favourite Brolga the Dancing Girl .. albeit a little sad.

    Remember this story when you see a Brolga.


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  • Burrunguy – Nourlangie Rock [Kakadu] – George Chaloupka

    Burrunguy – Nourlangie Rock [Kakadu] – George Chaloupka

    The striking natural features of the Burrunguy, also known as Norlangie, in the Northern Territory Kakadu National Park are World Heritage listed. The ancient rock forms are surrounded by a massive network of crevices and gorges containing a wide range of geology, flora and fauna.

    Also at Burrunguy are many quite curious and relatively recent (20th century) aboriginal rock painting depicting stories of the people and their history.

    Published by North Art in 1984. Small quarto, 40 pages intensely illustrated with images from colour photographs many of the unusual rock painting. End paper maps.

    Hidden Kakadu treasures.


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  • Kakadu Man – Bill Neidjie – Signed Copy

    Kakadu Man – Bill Neidjie – Signed Copy

    This book is by Bill Neidjie deceased. An extraordinary man of words from the Gagudju people of Kakadu in the Northern Territory of Australia. He was assisted by Stephen Davis and Allan Fox who provided some of the striking photographic images.

    Signed and dated boldly by the Bill Neidjie and Felix Haemer .. we are not quite sure what Felix’s involvement was.

    Published Allan Fox in 1985. Small quarto, 95 pages of text, the poetry of Bill Neidjie and images form colour photographs, end paper decorative sketch maps. Dust jacket a little tired, overall a very good copy.

    Neidjie has been compared with Chief Seattle of Puget Sound who wrote so eloquently about the environment to George Washington when approached to sell part of their land. Under threat to hand over land for National Parks and worse Uranium Mining Bill Neidjie wrote …

    “Our story is in the land .. it is written in those sacred places. My children will look after these places, that’s the law. Dreaming place … you can’t change it. No matter you rich man, no matter you King. You can’t change it”.

    Bill Neidjie was Kakadu Man


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