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  • Wind Aloft Wind Alow – Marin-Marie

    Wind Aloft Wind Alow – Marin-Marie

    Single-handed crossings of the Atlantic under sail and then under power.

    Translated from the French, this edition 1947 by Peter Davies, London. Octavo, 322 pages. Book and jacket have received a scrunch in the top right, internally very clean. Jacket now in Brodart, a good copy. Nicely illustrated, some from the authors accomplished paintings

    Marin-Marie was the appointed “Painter to the French Ministry of Marine”. This is his super account of the Atlantic crossings first by sail in the Winnibelle and the under power in the Arielle. Sail occupying two thirds of the book. At the time he was the first to go it alone all the way across under power.

    A book full of the marine … quite technical in places re automatic steering, engines etc

    Marin-Marie twice across sail and power.



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  • Last Voyage – Ann Davison – First edition 1951

    Last Voyage – Ann Davison – First edition 1951

    First edition of Ann Davison’s autobiographical account which ends in the most dramatic shipwreck and the loss of her husband.

    An incredible individual, after all of this, she became the first woman to single-handedly sail across the Atlantic.

    Published by Peter Davis, London, 1951. Octavo, 248 pages, two photographs of Ann and Frank … it was not that sort of adventure. Very good condition.

    The Last Voyage begins with her earlier life as an aviator in the 1930’s delivering mail around the UK. She married Frank Davison a fellow aviator when they both worked at the Hooten airfield near Liverpool. They has a long held ambition for sailing and bought a run-down 70 foot ketch “Reliance”. Doing it up sent them broke and before the work was finished they sailed to avoid their creditors. They encountered incredible storms in the Channel and the Irish Sea … they foundered on the Portland Bill. Taking to their cork life raft they battled to survive and Frank died out of pure exhaustion ..

    Now scarce and one of the most personal accounts we have read.


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  • The Cruise of the Dream Ship – Ralph Stock (1950 Edition in Complete Dust Jacket)

    The Cruise of the Dream Ship – Ralph Stock (1950 Edition in Complete Dust Jacket)

    First published 1921, this is the 1950 edition same publisher, Heinemann, London.

    Octavo, 265 pages, numerous from period photographs. Super dust jacket for seventy years old, a few spots to top edge and a little aged in the ends, internally very clean and bright, rates as a very good copy.

    The Dream Ship was originally designed as a lifeboat for the North Sea fishing fleet. Forty-seven feet with a fifteen foot beam and eight foot draught … to start there was no money to buy here … but these obstacles are often overcome. Purchased, converted and fitted out we are off to the Pacific … first down to Vigo, the Canaries and over to the West Indies and Barbados. Through the Panama and to the Galapagos and then the Marquesas and the Paumoto Islands, Tahiti (its pleasures and problems). Moorea, Palmertson (almost a Hurricane), Savage, Friendly and on to Thursday Island … Finally some advice to “Dreamers of Dream Ships”

    Sailing fantasy fulfilled on the Dream Ship


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  • Children of Cape Horn – Rosie Swale

    Children of Cape Horn – Rosie Swale

    First edition of Rosie Swales very readable account of one of the greatest “family” voyages of all time.

    Published by Paul Elek, London in 1974. Octavo, 242 pages, illustrated with end paper maps, images from voyage photographs and diagrams in the text.

    An 18 month voyage leaving Gibraltar on 19th December 1971 … across to Barbados and through the Panama Canal and a course across the Pacific via the glorious Pacific Islands route to Sydney. Back along the roaring forties and around the Horn and on up and up to Plymouth arriving 1st July 1973. Lots of adventure, some danger and frivolity along the way.

    Talented Rosie and Colin Swale – proper sailing with family in tow.


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  • Airborne (A Voyage West to East Across the Atlantic) – William Buckley – First edition 1976

    Airborne (A Voyage West to East Across the Atlantic) – William Buckley – First edition 1976

    A first edition of a sentimental journey, published by Macmillan, New York in 1976.

    Octavo, 252 pages, end paper maps and heavily illustrated from photographs taken on the voyage.

    Buckley was a media celebrity being a multi published author, editor of the National Review and host of Firing Line.

    His west east crossing of the Atlantic was a dream of many years. A charming, detailed account from Miami, to Bermuda across to the Azores an on to Marbella. An honest account of emotions and behaviour along the way.

    First edition west – east across the Atlantic


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  • The Southseaman – Life-story of a Schooner – Weston Martyr

    The Southseaman – Life-story of a Schooner – Weston Martyr

    A later edition, 1949 of a book first issued in the 1920’s. Published by Blackwood, Edinburgh and London.

    Octavo, 327 with frontispiece of the yacht and illustrations, mainly technical sketches throughout. Very good condition albeit some nibbling to the dust jacket crease … rare to still have the jacket though.

    Joseph Weston Martyr (1885-1966) was some character. This is his first book about the design and building of a schooner yacht in the fishing port of Shelbourne Nova Scotia. The description of which should please any yachting tragic. Later in the book he sails for Bermuda and the vessel eventually is involved in rum-running … the times.

    Martyr had an interesting life … ran a shipping business in New York, mined in South Africa and adventures in China and the South Pacific. He sailed in the Bermuda yacht races which inspired him to create the challenging Fastnet Race off the south west coat of England.

    Martyr’s first book a bit of a classic.


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