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  • Unpublished Work – “The Dream and the Reality” – Single Handed Transatlantic Yacht Race 1968 – Brian Cooke.

    A unique item, the typescript account of Brian Cooke relating to his participation in the 1968 Single-handed Trans-Atlantic Race (STAR) east to west from Plymouth to Newport Rhode Island.

    182 pages of foolscap, corrected in manuscript. Having read through it all … it is an exceptional account ready for the press … we are not sure why he did not follow through with the publication.

    Cooke was very much an amateur before this event and he states clearly in his Preface that the book has been written “to indicate the way in which the dream of crossing the Ocean became a reality to me … what is involved for the ordinary person … to know first hand that it is quite a feasible proposition and a very worthwhile challenge …”.

    We like the way the book proper starts … “It was 1949, when I was walking down St James’s Street, London one lunchtime. I looked in a Bookshop window. One of the books on display was by Allcard describing the Atlantic voyage he had made. It was the dust cover that took my eye. On it was a photograph of Allcard, at sea, sailing his yacht single-handed, looking up at his sails, which conveyed to me a most vivid picture of satisfaction and achievement”

    The first sixty eight pages are taken up with establishing and preparing for the dream. First the yacht that had been commissioned to be built by an acquaintance with the wherewithal connected to his work at the Westminster Bank. The first trials, the personal training, the qualifying voyages etc all very interesting. At page sixty nine we have the race start proper. What follows is a very detailed account of the events of the race, nothing tedious in our view. Cooke came in sixth, out of 48, many had to turn back. Those ahead were either trimarans or larger boats, on any handicap system he may have won.

    The appendices are good for perspective and emphasise his comments in the Preface that preparation is key. We have the “sailing instructions” from the Royal Western, Plymouth. The list of yachts by nation, rig, length, hull, and rating where available. Daily records of sailing achievements and sail changes. Provisions of all sorts … we are amused to see Mars Bars, Steak and kidney puddings, HP sauce etc.

    Yachting treasure unpublished major single-handed yacht race


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  • The British Steel Challenge Round the World Yacht Race 1992/3 – “Pride of Teesside”

    The British Steel Challenge Round the World Yacht Race 1992/3 – “Pride of Teesside”

    Promotional folder with original full-size photographs.

    The 1992/93 round the world challenge involved ten identical vessels, apart from distinguishing colours and trimmings, all built at the Devonport Dockyards in Plymouth.

    The Pride of Teesside was skippered by In MacGillivray coming a creditable fifth in 155 days. Nuclear Electric skippered by John Chittenden finished four days earlier so a tight finish all things considered. The race was eventful taking a route west round the Horn several boats suffered serious rigging screw failures … British Steel II, a contender after leg I to the Horn was de-masted and had to limp to Hobart under Jury rig.

    The portfolio contains … a fact File; Route Map; seven extra large colour photographs (30cm by 21cm); Crew Profiles; Yacht Specifications etc.

    A unique item of sailing memorabilia


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  • Passage from Paradise – Helen Smallwood [Self Published Adventure}

    Passage from Paradise – Helen Smallwood [Self Published Adventure}

    Self published by the adventurer author and her husband from there home in Wales in 1988.

    Larger form softcover (only form) in very good condition. 155 pages, nicely illustrated throughout with charts, images from the voyage, some in colour.

    The vessel in question was formerly a Norwegian Rescue Ship that mainly worked the North Sea in the 1930’s. Forty years later she was found in a miserable condition in the Seychelles by Helen Smallwood and her husband. They, along with another family, spent the next two years plus restoring the vessel. Then a magnificent voyage was undertaken through the islands of the Western Indian Ocean down west of Madagascar, round the Cape and on to St Helena … to the West Indies and eventually Florida before an Atlantic crossing to finish at Plymouth.

    The vessel then became a training ship for young sailors in Scotland … similar to the role of the Windward Bound in Hobart. If you are feeling generous donate to the Windward Bound … they do some wonderful work with young people .. some doing it a bit tough.

    A special book about a special boat rebuilding project the sailing adventure that followed ... a Voyager favourite


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  • Towards Tahiti – W.I.B. Crealock – First Edition 1955

    Towards Tahiti – W.I.B. Crealock – First Edition 1955

    A very good near fine copy of the first edition of Crealock’s second book on voyaging.

    Published by Peter Davis, London in 1955. Octavo, 263 pages plus “Calendar of trip” at rear. Nicely illustrated from photographs from the voyage.

    William Crealock sailed across the Atlantic. This is another voyage in 1951 from Panama towards Tahiti hitting on San Blas Islands; Galapagos; Mangareva (for fish and hips!); the Marquesas; Hao and Tahiti. His fellow sailors Tom and Diana (ex fashion model) Hepworth. Superb read great images.

    The vessel was the Arthur Rogers a Brixham Trawler and what a beautiful boat she was.

    Crealock went on to be one of the great yacht designers from 1960 through 1990’s … built a beauty for actor William Hurt!

    Crealock in the Pacific one of the great 1950’s sailing accounts


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  • Tracy Edwards – Living Every Second – First Edition Autobiography 2001

    Tracy Edwards – Living Every Second – First Edition Autobiography 2001

    A fine first edition of Tracy Edwards autobiography published by Hodder in 2001. Royal octavo hardback, 430 pages, perfect jacket, illustrated with images from coloured photographs.

    What an incredible person, hard to summarise. Tough childhood leaving home at 16 to work in Athens in and around boats. Serious sailing … meets King Hussein who actively encourages her and in time sponsors her efforts. Buys and refits the ocean going “Maiden” and brings together an all female team to seriously challenge the Whitbread Round-the-World yacht Race in 1989, finishing second in class and winning two of the six stages. Becomes Yachtsman of the Year, MBE etc. Later tries for the Jules Verne but is de-masted off Chile. A really readable account of the very likable Tracy Edwards.

    After this book was published her life continued its very ups and very downs … another book could be written.

    Tracy Edwards nothing stops her …


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  • When the Crew Matter Most [Trans-Atlantic Race - West to East] – Erroll Bruce -1963

    First edition of this yachting classic published by Stanley Paul, Lonon in 1961. Octavo, 184 pages, illustrated from original photographs, charts etc. A very good copy, albeit the dust jacket has edge chips and a decent on lower front left. Internally very clean.

    Erroll Bruce one of the most successful transatlantic sailing competitor. This book focuses on the 1960 race the wrong way from Bermuda across and north around the Orkneys finishing after 3,500 miles in Denmark.

    The first part of the book deals in some detail with the preparations for the race, and then we are off just in time for high seas. Bruce and his crew in the 36 foot Belmore won the small class crossing in 24 days.

    Erroll Bruce backs his crew in a gripping reverse Atlantic race.


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