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  • Tasmanian Classic – A Hundred Years of Yachting – Webster and Norman – First Edition 1936

    Tasmanian Classic – A Hundred Years of Yachting – Webster and Norman – First Edition 1936

    A very good copy of this prized first edition. Published by the Hobart Marine Board and City Council in 1936.

    Large format octavo (24.4cm x 16.5cm), 256 pages, illustrated throughout. Colour illustration and title to front board.

    The hundred years references the first Hobart Regatta held in December 1838, so they jumped the starting gun a little. We will excuse them for that as it is a fabulous record of the love of yachting on the Derwent.

    Perhaps Hobart’s most important yachting collectable in ship shape condition.


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  • Storm & Silence – A Portrait [Circumnavigation] of the Tasman Sea – Joe Cannon – First Edition

    Storm & Silence – A Portrait [Circumnavigation] of the Tasman Sea – Joe Cannon – First Edition

    A big book in many ways and a treasure of a tempestuous voyage clockwise around the Tasman Sea.

    Softcover, self published in 2003, a slightly crude sticker proclaims First Edition Book No 27 and signed by Joe Cannon. Largish octavo, format, perfect bound, 408 pages, magnificently illustrated from original photographs, charts etc.

    The route if you figure it in your mind starts in the Hobart Derwent and straight out south and east down to the Aukland Islands, turning north to Snares and Stewart Islands before hitting the coast of South Island New Zealand at the Bluff. Turning up the west coast past Milford Sound up to Wellington, Embarking east and north all the way to Norfolk island , Lord Howe and north from there to Middleton Reef. Directly west to Coffs and a less formidable sail south and return.

    Great intermingled historical detail and the photographic elements … Norfolk, Lord Howe … Balls Pyramid are super. Nicely written narrative.

    A signed copy of Joe Cannon’s adventures around the Tasman Sea – a unique account


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  • Royal Hobart Regatta – Tasman’s Centenary Regatta -1838-1938

    Royal Hobart Regatta – Tasman’s Centenary Regatta -1838-1938

    A little tired but a great piece of Tasmanian ephemera the official souvenir programme of the centenary regatta which doubled as a commemoration of Tasman’s discovery in 1642.

    Such was the importance of the event in those days it was attended by senior representatives of His Majesty’s Australian Squadron, the New Zealand Squadron, the Royal Nederland’s Navy, the French Navy and the Italian Navy.

    As well as the multitude of water events there was also the Aquatic Ball, the presentation of the Centenary Medal, Wood chopping, Illuminations, Fireworks etc

    82 pages, rear cover missing with last page but the delightful front page retained quit nicely. Images of Tasman, Franklin, various current dignitaries, chart of the Derwent with course markers, images of flying boat etc. Good historical narrative and setting.

    The 1938 Centenary Regatta – If only for the cover


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  • Together Alone (In the Pacific) – Ron Falconer.

    Published by Bantam in 2004, an only softcover. A super story about a great man and his family.

    Ron Falconer born in Scotland joined the RAF, became an architectural draftsman and then designed and built his one boat. A special yacht he named Fleur d’Ecosse. He went sailing, alone, perhaps, we are told, 50,000 miles. He met the beautiful Anne and he took her to the Caroline Atoll in the northern reaches of French Polynesia. There they had a family, built their Robinson Crusoe style house and lived the life we all dream of.

    Octavo, 255 pages, with maps and a handful of nice images from photographs taken in their heavenly Paradise.

    We think Ron now lives in France but until recently lived at Moorea … and could be heard singing at the Kareka Bar … he has a super voice in the Simon and Garfunkel sort of style … check him out on Youtube,

    A Scotsman in Paradise with the voice of an Angel.


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  • A World of My Own – Robin Knox-Johnston – First edition 1969.

    A World of My Own – Robin Knox-Johnston – First edition 1969.

    A fine copy of the first edition 1969 of a then young Robin Knox-Johnston’s single-handed non-stop voyage around the world.

    Published by Cassell, London. Octavo, 240 pages, end paper charts and illustrated very nicely.

    Humble thorough account although he does point out his vessel Suhaili at 32 feet was smaller than Alec Rose’s Lively Lady at 36 feet and the relative monster Gipsy Moth II of Francis Chichester at 53 feet. Great technical information and tips for overcoming a number of practical difficulties.

    We like the extensive lists of stores and instruments at the rear and especially his extensive onboard library which included … Boswell, Bronte(Wuthering Heights), Carlyle, Cherry-Garrard (Worst Journey), Darwin (Voyage of Beagle), Dostoevsky (Crime and Punishment), Laurence Sterne (Tristram and Sentimental), Thackery, Gilbert White (Selbourne) and from modern time interesting to see David Lewis (Daughter of the Wind) and [Voyager Hero] Hiscock (Wanderer III) …. Must have shopped at Voyager!

    Knox-Johnston made his name on Suhaili deservedly so!


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  • The Tasmanian Trading Ketch – Garry Kerr

    The Tasmanian Trading Ketch – Garry Kerr

    A Voyager favourite – what better looking boat?

    Effectively self published in 1987. Small quarto, 179 pages, with very special illustrations of images and technical drawings of these fine craft, end paper charts. A very good copy.

    The author was a crayfisherman who developed an interesting in writing from oral history – what a super combination.

    Super sections on the design, hull form, lofting and building. Sails and sailing follow with yarns about plying there trade and the showing at regattas. And, life on board and the inevitable mishaps.

    Wonderful book on a wonderful vessel by a crayfisherman no less.


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