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Monsarrat Nicholas

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  • The Master Mariner – Running Proud – Nicolas Monsarrat

    The Master Mariner – Running Proud – Nicolas Monsarrat

    For years Monsarrat had thought about writing an epic maritime story. The result was “the Master Mariner”. This this first part at 524 pages published in 1978. He left his run a bit late, as he sadly died the very next year before completing 200 pages of book two.

    Published by the London, Book Club in conjunction with Cassell. Octavo, 524 pages, and as new a copy as you will find. A super chart illustrates each story element.

    The underlying concept behind the book is intriguing. Master Mariner Matthew Lawe committed a act of cowardice during Drake’s Spanish Armada. As a result he was cursed that he would stay on earth until his guilt was purged. So the scene is set for Lawe to participate in some of the most dramatic events in maritime history. Here we run from the Spanish Armada through Hudson, Morgan, Cook (nut in Quebec with Wolfe) before the Pacific, Nelson and the Nile before the greatest of all sea battles. And in-between working with Pepys at the Admiralty

    A Treasure a real page turner for the marine historian



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  • The Ship that Died of Shame – Nicholas Monsarrat – First Edition 1959

    The Ship that Died of Shame – Nicholas Monsarrat – First Edition 1959

    A first edition from the author of “The Cruel Sea”. This collection of short form stories is named after the longest of them .. “The Ship that Died of Shame” also made into a film at the Ealing Studios.

    Octavo, 228 pages, published by Cassell, London in 1959. A super clean copy.

    The last four pages consist of a “Postscript” in which the talented Monsarrat describes the inspiration behind each stories .. each an interesting anecdote in itself, and a good clue to any would be writer.

    Regarding the Shameful Ship the origins “a small naval “get-together” club in London. The principle function of this shoddy establishment was to serve as a meeting place for ex-naval types who needed an excuse for getting boozy, who couldn’t find jobs, and who hoped meanwhile to sell each other life insurance. Among them I met a man from the same corvette as me in 1940. He offered me a job smuggling brandy and watches from France in a converted gun-boat. I decided to become a civil servant instead. My friend subsequently jailed”.

    Other stories include .. the Dinner Party; The Thousand Islands Snatch; The Reconciliation; The List; Licensed to Kill etc … really quite varied and all entertaining.

    First Edition Monsarrat Collection in Unusually Good Condition



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