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  • Shewy Stenactis  (Stenactis Speciosa) – Sarah Drake – 1833

    Shewy Stenactis (Stenactis Speciosa) – Sarah Drake – 1833

    A beautiful hand coloured engraving by Sarah Drake, published in the Piccadilly, London on 1st April 1833 by Ridgway for John Lindley. Colouring highlighted with gum Arabic which gives the impression of a rich three dimensional effect.

    John Lindley noted …The Shewy Stenactis is a hardy perennial native to California and had been brought by Mr Douglas to the London Horticultural Society.

    Very good condition the colours bright, thick paper clean 23cm x 15cm … will frame nicely.

    Sarah Drake was born in Norfolk in 1803. In 1830 she moved to the London house of John Lindley a leading botanist of the time. Among her roles she was the governess to Lindley’s children and through this Lindley spotted her superb artistic talent. She then became the principal illustrator to his botanical publications. She died in 1857. The Australian orchid genus Drakea was named in her honour.

    John Lindley was born in 1799. Early in his career he was employed by Sir Joseph Banks in his Herbarium. He was Professor of botany at the University of London and also ran the Royal Horticultural Society. In the 1830’s Kew Gardens was nearly demolished but for Lindley who had to campaign in Parliament to save it from extinction

    Price $90.00 unframed … enquire for framing options if you wish


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  • The Voyage of the Brig Mercury – Including Maria’s Islands near Van Diemen’s Land

    The Voyage of the Brig Mercury – Including Maria’s Islands near Van Diemen’s Land

    Full title … Observations and Remarks made during a Voyage to the Islands of Tenerife, Amsterdam, Maria’s Islands near Van Diemen’s Land; Otaheite, Sandwich Islands, Owhyhee, the Fox Islands on the North West Coast of America, Tinian, and then to Canton, in the Brig Mercury, Commanded by John Henry Cox …

    Illustrated with a Sketch of the Island of Amsterdam, a Plan of Oyster Harbour at the Maria Islands, with some views of the Land; a Curious Medal; and a Club accurately engraved.

    Originally published for the author Lieutenant George Mortimer of the Marines, T Cadell in the Strand et al. in 1792.

    This fine facsimile published by Israel, Amsterdam in 1975. Small quarto, 73 pages with the charts faithfully reproduced. A clean crisp copy.

    The original account of this voyage difficult near impossible to obtain. Mortimer suggests that the Voyage was chiefly undertaken from motives of curiosity by Mr Cox, the fur trade on the North West Coast of America was the ultimate objective.

    Mortimer’s narrative is a pleasing and easily read account. The visit to Amsterdam Island well to the South in the Indian Ocean, nearly Antarctic, is important to cold weather island enthusiasts. Cox had planned to call in at Adventure Bay in Van Diemen’s Land but missed it and ended up at Maria’s Island … he named Oyster Bay and the charts produced is of historical value. The progression across the Pacific to the North west Coast of America has unique elements and interesting encounters with Russians in the locale.

    Mortimer on Cox’s Voyage .. important Tasmanian content


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  • The Wonders Of The Modern Railway – Archibald Williams – 1913

    The Wonders Of The Modern Railway – Archibald Williams – 1913

    We really love the series of book written by Archibald William, this is one of his early ones having only at this time published “the Romance of Modern Engineering” and the Romance of Early Exploration” … there were more to come in this vein.

    Published by Seeley, London in 1913 a first edition. Octavo, 163 pages plus Publisher’s Catalogue. The much preferred embossed pictorial binding with superb images to front [the Railway Pass between Lucerne and Brienz] and spine, titles in gilt. Some scattered foxing on the spongy paper … still a delightful rarity. Eight illustrations from period photographs.

    Contents includes .. How the Midland Railway came into being; the Great Western Railway or the struggle of the gauges; the building of the Canadian Pacific and what it had done for Canada; the first of the Transcontinentals; the Highroad to Orange Land; the USA Railroads; the Railway as Conqueror and Mountain Railways.

    Delightful historic record of the “Modern” Railway


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  • The Misty Islands – Miles Smeeton – First Ed 1969

    The Misty Islands – Miles Smeeton – First Ed 1969

    Published by the Nautical Publishing Company (Captain’s Row, Lymington) in association with Harrap, London.

    Octavo, 214 pages nicely illustrated and with endpaper maps. Very good near fine condition.

    The Smeeton’s experienced sailors spent a year in Japan after a prior voyage before they set sail for Southern Ireland via … the Aleutians, Alaska, British Columbia … the down the west coast and through Panama to the West Indies. Heading north to colder foggier climate past Labrador and across to round Iceland before heading near south to the Hebrides and the final leg. Much about the sailing and the stopping’s off along the way. A special record.

    Unusual voyage and a liking for colder water


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  • Climbs in the Canadian Rockies – Frank Smythe – First edition 1950

    Climbs in the Canadian Rockies – Frank Smythe – First edition 1950

    Published by Hodder and Stoughton, London a first edition 1950. Octavo, 259 pages with many illustrations and all in very good condition.

    Frank Smythe one of the 20th Century’s greatest high altitude climbers. His last great project, the Canadian Rockies. Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated.

    One last great season of climbing for Smythe


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  • Camps and Cruises of an Ornithologist – Frank Chapman – First edition 1908

    Camps and Cruises of an Ornithologist – Frank Chapman – First edition 1908

    A first edition, large octavo, 432 pages heavily illustrated as from black and white photographs. Published by Appleton, New York in 1908 a first edition. Good condition with the striking flamingo cover albeit with some pock marks to the fore and bottom edge. Internally nice, clean and tight.

    Ornithology and travel have gone hand in hand since bird watching was invented and in this book travel around the greater North America has equal status with some rare feathery friends.

    Frank Chapman was curator of ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History and a Fellow of everything relevant. After checking out Jays, Meadowlarks and Nighthawks near to home the party visit Gardiner’s and Cobb’s Islands on the Atlantic Coast. Then to Florida and Pelican Island … the Great Blue Heron, Water Turkey, Egret and the Cuthbert Rookery. A nice trip to the Bahama and the striking Flamingo, Egg Birds and the Booby and Man-o-War bird. Off to the west and the prairie birdlife, California and the Sierras before reaching north to Western Canada and the White Pelican’s. An unusual finale in England and stroking the Eider Duck.

    Birds and getting around them done in style early 20thC.


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