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  • Ways of Working [Industrial Heritage in Tasmania] – Marwood – 1986

    Ways of Working [Industrial Heritage in Tasmania] – Marwood – 1986

    Effectively self published, printed by Kangaroo Press in 1986.

    Perfect bound quarto size, 160 pages. A hefty piece of work on the industrial heritage of Tasmania, a new found Voyager favourite category.

    Marwood provided the text which gives him naming rights but the photography was done by several camera happy individuals. Some historic images elected from various archives.

    Six major projects are covered, each one done very well. West Coast Mines (the E-Z Company of Roseberry); Hydro Electric; Roads; Waverley Woollen Mills; James Nelson [Weaver] of Launceston and Tasmanian Railway Workshops.

    Historic Record of Tasmanian Industry


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  • Joseph Conrad and the Barque Otago – Sir William Crowther – 1975

    Joseph Conrad and the Barque Otago – Sir William Crowther – 1975

    Bound notes by Sir William Crowther for the handing over of the restored companionway superstructure to the officers’ cuddy from the Otago [Joseph Conrad’s ship].

    Very few would have been produced so a scarce as it is brief. Quarto in size, bound nicely in blue cloth covered boards with gilt titles. Original photograph of the glorious companionway affixed to front paste down. Title, Preface and five pages typescript one side only. Dated 21st March 1975, fine condition. Our image of the blue covers looks a little drab … that’s just our scanner …

    The work represents a brief summary of association of the great writer Joseph Conrad, then Captain Conrad with the barque Otago. The State Library had acquired the structure recovered by Crowther, a great bibliophile and collector, a number of years earlier at Risden, Hobart when the boat was finally broken up. It lay in Crowther’s back garden for many years before being restored by Philip Fowler.

    Whilst brief the article gives a nice potted history of Conrad’s early days and how he came to be in charge of the Otago. His novel The Shadow Line, from which Crowther quotes was written about his voyage to Singapore to pick up the Otago.

    Sir William Crowther should not be confused with his Grandfather of the same name who committed some rather nasty acts regarding the bodies of aboriginal people. This Crowther whilst still perhaps confused by the right and wrong at least gave up the family collection of indigenous relics to the Museum and these have since been given some final respect.

    Regarding this item .. well a unique work in the Conrad genre.


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  • Original Photograph Island of Ansoes – Dutch East Indies [West Papua) – 1939

    Original Photograph Island of Ansoes – Dutch East Indies [West Papua) – 1939

    A quality image 24cm by 18cm of the village on the Island of Ansoes [now called Palua Ansus], a small island south of Japen Island in the north of West Papua.

    Photographer unknown but taken for the Publisher’s Photo Service [A Photo Library], New York. Dated August 21st 1939 on the rear with various ownership stamps and a caption, which reads …

    “Dutch E. indies – Island of New Guinea … This entire village of Ansoes is built on piles which furnish protection both from disastrous floods and reptiles and preying animals from the dense surrounding jungles. Needless to say all visiting is done by native canoes.” i.e. the usual melodrama regarding the perceived primitive at the time of Tarzan the Ape Man.

    We love the little guys put at the front of the scene playing local flute like instruments

    Still a very isolated location … population at the last estimate was around 7,000 so we guess very little has changed.

    Super image – very good clarity – photographic contrast.


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  • (Australian) Settlers Camp – Newton & Co  – Original Magic Lantern Slide – c1900

    (Australian) Settlers Camp – Newton & Co – Original Magic Lantern Slide – c1900

    Very good condition magic lantern slide from Newton & Co, Fleet Street, London circa 1900, maybe earlier.

    We date the slide to around 1900. New & Co were at 43 Museum Street London. They were the world’s longest established suppliers of scientific instruments being formed by Sir Isaac Newton’s cousin J. Newton in 1704. At the time of this slide the proprietors were still from the Newton family. The British Museum have Newton & Co out of business at Museum Street in 1913, but other references have it continuing.

    The handwritten slide description included BGG who we presume is the photographer although we cannot find him in any records so far.

    An interesting moment in the bush, very dry condition. We suspect that the two forward characters are having a break from working on the sizable log in front. The gent at the rear, heavily dressed suggesting winter conditions and perhaps well away from the coast. Super detail on magnification. Standard British size in fine condition. We believe this slide and image is pretty rare not being able to place it elsewhere.

    Newton & Co’s address is in sight of the British Museum in London and also opposite The Plough …a favourite Voyager pub.

    Settler Camp we suspect in the Queensland bush


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  • R.L.S. [Robert Louis Stevenson] in the South Seas – An Intimate Photographic Record

    R.L.S. [Robert Louis Stevenson] in the South Seas – An Intimate Photographic Record

    A first edition of this special book for lovers of Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island. Published by Mainstream Press in 1986. Small quarto, 192 pages profusely illustrated.

    In 1888 R.L.S. set of with his family into the Pacific to write about the South Seas and its Islands. He took photographic equipment and a magic lantern with him intending to produce his own illustrations. Many though lost this is the first publication of a those that remain. R.L.S. was a prolific letter writers and these along with some short essays provide an excellent narrative in which to display these photographic gems.

    R.L.S. in the Pacific Lost and Found Images.


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  • Tasmanian Period Photograph – Dover Beach and Adamson’s Peak – J.C. Breaden

    Tasmanian Period Photograph – Dover Beach and Adamson’s Peak – J.C. Breaden

    A nice image of the Adamson’s Peak, in the Hartz Mountains, over the beach at Dover Southern Tasmania c1930, by J.C. Breaden carrying his studio stamp at rear. Size 22 x 16.5 cm. Overall in good condition.

    J.C. Breaden is recorded as having been a gifted Hobart amateur photographer who was active from 1920. He died in 1947. The rear of the photograph carries his stamp of Agent General of Tasmania and various notes.

    An overcast day at Dover beach looking south to Adamson’s Peak.


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