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20th Century Classics

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  • Death in the Afternoon – Ernest Hemingway

    Death in the Afternoon – Ernest Hemingway

    Hemingway’s classic book on the ceremony and traditions of Spanish bullfighting. Contemplates the nature of fear and courage.

    Large sized octavo, 358 pages, plus bibliographical note. Eighty one reproductions from photographs.

    Published by Jonathan Cape, London in 1966. A very good copy in a super example of the dust jacket

    A Bullfighters Delight.


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  • Plums of Wodehouse (P.G.)

    Plums of Wodehouse (P.G.)

    We are not too keen on the Folio Society … sorry about that – they do some great work but its all rather glitzy. We make the exception for Wodehouse who we think would have agreed with our aforementioned remark.

    A 2005 edition, it was popular in pristine. All covered in dazzling gold illustrated cloth covered boards. In its slipcase – fine condition.

    Plums several times intermingled with short complete ditties. Plums are what one should put to memory and bring out with gusto at any severe dinner party.

    “I can’t stand Paris. I hate the place. Full of people talking French, which is a thing I bar. It always seems to me so affected” … sorry again ed.

    Wodehouse Plums better than Greengage. .


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  • The Best Of Rumpole – John Mortimer

    The Best Of Rumpole – John Mortimer

    Described as a “personal choice with a new introduction” by the author … good for him.

    Octavo, 275 pages published by BCA in 1993. A very good near fine copy.

    The author had been writing for seventeen years before it dawned on his that he needed a “character” like Maigret or Sherlock Holmes and it was out of this thought that Rumpole emerged … thank heavens for that.

    Undoubtedly the most likeable Barrister of all time … opinions gladly received at Voyager. Here we have his best work, seemingly, with Rumpole … and the Younger Generation; the Showfolk; the Tap End; the Bubble Reputation; on Trial and our favourite …. The Children of the Devil.

    Great night time reading … everyone needs to be Rumpole now and again now where is the claret?

    Rumpole – several of his finest.


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  • The Silmarillion – J.R.R. Tolkien.

    The Silmarillion – J.R.R. Tolkien.

    A very good copy of the second printing of the First edition published in George Allen and Unwin, London in 1977.

    Large octavo, 365 pages with tow maps included large folding map, of Belleriand and the Lands to the North, at the rear. Top edge stained blue and blue headband as required by this edition. Super condition.

    Published posthumously, edited by his son, and mostly written between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Seemingly the Publisher thought this selection of tales all too complex for their Hobbit audience … so foolish of them.

    The stories comprise the first 304 pages then we have five pages of family/clan trees … for the House of Finwe and the Noldrin descent of Elrond and Elros; The Descendants of Olwe and Elwe; the House of Beor and the mortal descent of Eltona and Elros etc. Then a useful note on Pronunciation [best to go here first for the full effect]. And a monster index of place name, characters, objects etc.Closing with several pages on “elements of Quenya and Sindarin names” … this in itself is evidence of J.R.R’s undeniable genius.

    Silmarillion by Tolkien simply Special.


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  • The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald – Collected Grey Walls Edition – 1949

    The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald – Collected Grey Walls Edition – 1949

    One of the most desirable books in the history of the American novel.

    A second impression of the Grey Walls First UK Edition published 1949. Highly collectable. The period dust jacket designed by George Woodman is just super and really very hard to find. Octavo, 164 pages, a little ageing, ownership signature on front free end paper, overall a pretty good copy.

    Originally published in 1925, at the height of the “Jazz Age” based in Long Island … mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby becomes obsessed with reuniting with former lover Daisy Buchanan. A story line based on Fitzgerald’s own experiences and his former fling with socialite Ginevra King and the wild parties they attended at Long Island. On its initial publication is was a bit of a flop and it was only later when issued to American troops in WWII and introduced to the US schooling program that it was reassessed … leading to this special Grey Walls UK edition.

    Rare desirable Fitzgerald’s Gatsby by Grey Walls.


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  • Flannel Flowers – May Gibbs  c1920

    Flannel Flowers – May Gibbs c1920

    Published Sydney: Angus Robertson no date but an early printing circa 1920, printer Penfold noted at the rear.

    Original wrappers, unpaginated but 28 pages in total. Bound with original green cord. Colour pictorial overlay to front of several pretty flannel babies. Illustrated with coloured frontispiece and 11 full page sepia illustrations. Nice condition, apart from a couple of marks to the front and a a name papered over inside front. Otherwise pretty clean inside, free of children’s often found markings. A scarce one in early form for some reason; although later reproduced. Reference authority Muir 2742.

    As well as the Flannel Babies we have the Christmas Bell Babies; Bracken Babies; Pea-flower Babies; Mushroom Babies; Fuschia Babies and Tea-tree Babies.

    May Gibbs – harder to find early Flannel Babies.


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