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  • Pharais and the Mountain Lovers – Fiona Macleod (William Sharp) – 1924 Edition

    Pharais and the Mountain Lovers – Fiona Macleod (William Sharp) – 1924 Edition

    William Sharp (1855-1905) was a Scottish writer, poet and biographer. He edited poems for Walter Scott, Swinbourne and Arnold … he wrote the best biography of Rossetti who he knew well. As a writer of novels he had moderate success under his own name but under his highly secretive nom de plume Fiona Macleod was highly respected.

    After his death his wife assembled the “Fiona Macleod” works and presented them here bookended with a very worthy Forward and Bibliographical Note.

    Published by Heinemann in 1924, octavo, 401 pages Mountain Lovers being the longer of the two works. Bound in blue/green cloth covered boards with Celtic design to front. Strangely the boards have silver fish nibbles, whilst the rare dust jacket with matching design to front, titles to spine is in perfect condition. The result makes for a pretty attractive copy.

    Pharais subtitled “A Romance of the Isles” … the Scottish Isles that is and the narrative flows in such a mysterious, glamorous manner in true Celtic fashion .. the charm and terror of one night of tragic significance. The Mountain Lovers in a similar vein in the hills of North West Scotland.

    Sharp was so protective of Fiona Macleod … whenever a manuscript note was required in her hand he had it written by his sister Mary Sharp … he kept it up but a few worked it out … that in itself is a good story.

    Beautiful, strong Celtic infused narrative by Fiona Macleod .. well Sharp really


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