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  • The Best Of Rumpole – John Mortimer

    The Best Of Rumpole – John Mortimer

    Described as a “personal choice with a new introduction” by the author … good for him.

    Octavo, 275 pages published by BCA in 1993. A very good near fine copy.

    The author had been writing for seventeen years before it dawned on his that he needed a “character” like Maigret or Sherlock Holmes and it was out of this thought that Rumpole emerged … thank heavens for that.

    Undoubtedly the most likeable Barrister of all time … opinions gladly received at Voyager. Here we have his best work, seemingly, with Rumpole … and the Younger Generation; the Showfolk; the Tap End; the Bubble Reputation; on Trial and our favourite …. The Children of the Devil.

    Great night time reading … everyone needs to be Rumpole now and again now where is the claret?

    Rumpole – several of his finest.


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