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Mining and Geology

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  • Stone of Destiny [Diamonds] – Ion Idriess

    Stone of Destiny [Diamonds] – Ion Idriess

    Ion Idriess found this his hardest book to write yet it is another masterpiece of yarn and knowledge all revolving around the elusive diamond

    Published by Angus and Robertson, a 1957 edition. Large octavo, 344 pages, decorative “woodcut style” illustrations at most chapter headings. A very good, clean copy.

    Diamonds for men – Nice copy


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  • A History of Railways and Tramways on Tasmania’s West Coast – Lou Rae

    A History of Railways and Tramways on Tasmania’s West Coast – Lou Rae

    A second printing of Rae’s sought after book on the Tasmanian West Coast railways. These railways stimulated at the end of the 19thC and beginning of the 20thC by the huge development of mining activity in the region.

    So, this is more than a book about trains as the railways were a fundamental requirement of the success of the region. And, the timing of it brought some of the most interesting steam engines ever constructed … the authors adoration of the Beyer Garratts is justified.

    Large format, card covered, 212 pages and hundreds of images from period photographs. These images alone make the book special.

    Western Tasmania and pioneering railway activity – as good as anywhere.


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  • My Adventures on the Australian Goldfields – William Craig – First Edition 1903

    My Adventures on the Australian Goldfields – William Craig – First Edition 1903

    A first edition rarity of this important highly readable book about the Australian goldfields of the 19th century. Much about personal associations with bushrangers.

    Octavo, 340 pages, plus a useful index and a lengthy publisher’s period catalogue. Published by Cassell, London, Melbourne etc. A near to very good copy.

    Craig arrived in Australia from New Zealand to make his fortune and, after all, it’s better here. He recounts his arrival and first days and then he is off to the Upper Wimmera. He joins a survey party and an adventure in the Bullarook Forest. His first search for Gold and the meeting of bushrangers (Melville) who when time was lean tended to procure their gold without a shovel. Dan Burns features – a man to keep on the right side of and then there is Black Harry … more gold including a horse shod in the gleaming metal (a yarn). The gold at Bendigo never stops, the Eureka Stockade and the strange “Mongolian Irruption”.

    Written in a fulsome readable style with true first hand information of the goings on in an important aspect of Australian history.

    Australian Goldfields and Bushrangers first hand from the second half of the 19thC.


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  • Tasmania – Geology of the Dundas – Mt Lindsay and Mt Youngbuck Region. Geological Survey Bulletin 62 [Four Large Maps]

    Tasmania – Geology of the Dundas – Mt Lindsay and Mt Youngbuck Region. Geological Survey Bulletin 62 [Four Large Maps]

    A.V. Brown, published by the Tasmanian Department of Mines in 1986.

    Large octavo, soft covers. Perfect bound. A new condition. First Edition. Perfect bound, 222 pages. Illustrated with black and white photos, diagrams. Comes with a fine collection of four geological maps all printed on thick quality paper, coloured maps impressive and strongly coloured.

    Colour map – Regional geology of the Dundas – Mt. Lindsay – Mt. Ramsay Area 90cm by 75cm.

    Colour locality map showing area covered on Corinna and Zeehan 90cm x 75cm.

    Black and white map 100cm x 60cm, Regional Geology of the Mt. Youngbuck – Magnet area by Brown 1984.

    Black and white map 70cm x 60 cm Geololgical compilation of the Zeehan-Waratah area – Dundas Trough Brown 1984.

    Everything nicely preserved in original clear wallet.

    Superior Geological Report of this important mineral area in Western Tasmania


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  • Australia – Magic Lantern Slide Set – c1905.

    Australia – Magic Lantern Slide Set – c1905.

    Produced by W. Butcher & sons, London (1870-1906) under the brand name Primus. Sold as a set of eight in cardboard box with Lantern Lecture Reading notes. Complete.

    Standard magic lantern glass size 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch. All images square with rounded corners, original black mounting tape along edges. Very bright colouring, super condition apart from a crack in one slide.

    The slides comprise

    Government House Melbourne
    Sydney Harbour – Well before the bridge and heavily treed.
    Gold Mining Past and Present
    Sheep Shearing
    Richmond River [Northern NSW]
    In the Bush
    A Kangaroo Hunt
    Australian Aborigines

    There is much more about these images than observed at first glance.

    The image of aborigines includes an inset of a proud Murray River Warrior which is clearly derived from a photograph taken in 1880 by Samuel White Sweet. Resplendent in a possum skin coat holding a fighting waddy and decorated malcarra (shield) and string bag the subject cuts a proud figure. Maggs are currently selling a collection including the photograph – eye watering $.

    The kangaroo hunt is rather gruesome particularly the practice of cutting the tendon.

    The gold mining slide is super albeit cracked with an inset image of the old time cradle against the powerful mechanised image of Ballarat mines.

    The accompanying words are fairly comprehensive and interesting but of the period so anti C’s beware.

    Australia as it was seen over 100 years ago.


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  • Beaconsfield Gold [Tasmania] – Janet Kerrison – First Edition 1963

    Beaconsfield Gold [Tasmania] – Janet Kerrison – First Edition 1963

    Published a few time by the local community Rotarians. First edition 1963. Card covers, unpaginated but 45 pages, illustrated nicely from historic images. We have a copy of a later printing …

    Set before the re-opening of the mine and the later terrible accident which culminated in maybe the greatest Australian mine survival story.

    Starting with the gold rush in 1877 to the delightfully named Brandy Creek … by the 1890’s a substantial mine was in operation, with its enormous 180 foot chimney stack. The mining technology in place by the turn of the century was second to none.

    As with many mines, reserves became depleted and the mine was wound down during WWI. Locals rumours abounded for years that there was a high grade parallel lode. So true that after this publication the mine was re-opened as mentioned above … and then again.

    Mailing costs will be reduced on this item

    Beaconsfield Gold – the back history and it’s significant – First printing


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