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New South Wales

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  • Winners Medal [Fruits in Syrup] – Agricultural Society of New South Wales – 1878

    The Agricultural Society of New South Wales issued these sumptuous medals to class winners. This one was issued for the 1878 show.

    9.0 cm in diameter cast in bronze and makes quite a statement. Made by Hardy Brothers of London and Sydney. A few bumps around the edge and a hint of compression, still beautifully defined and imposing.

    Features the female form depicting “New South Wales” standing and looking forward holding alighted torch and holding the wreath of a victor. Around her are four children representing the four seasons with harvest wheat, grapes and sheep to tend. Below in three small panels the arts, agriculture and industry are represented.

    On the obverse the victor’s wreath circling the engraved winners details under the slogan of the event “Practice with Science”.

    “Sydney Jam Preserving Coy for best Collection of Fruits in Syrup – Sydney 1878”

    A good and early example of this grand Agricultural Winners Medal.


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  • The Convict Settlers of Australia – Robson

    The Convict Settlers of Australia – Robson

    A first edition of this respected book on the subject. Published by the Melbourne University Press in 1965. Octavo, 257 pages, numerous tables of data included as appendices.

    We are encouraged by the author to go through the tables in the appendices first before reading the book which is based up a statistical sample derived by way of the informative tables.

    The body of the book seeks to define what sort of people made up the mass of the convicts transported and what sort of life they led in Australia. Conclusions that cannot be drawn from google search.

    The Australian Convict population analysed and defined.


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  • The Hunter Sketchbook. Birds & Flowers of New South Wales drawn on The Spot in 1788 89 & 90 By captain John Hunter of the First Fleet.

    A really rather beautiful and slightly strangely titled work.

    We say strangely titled because we do not have to read far about the original sketchbook, (once owned by the great Rex Nan Kivell and now housed in the Australian National Library) to find that the sketches include fishes and people … and of New South Wales and also Norfolk and Lord Howe islands. Peeking at the reproductions of the sketches we can also see a kangaroo and a dolphin. What is really surprising is the rarity now of some of the birds he drew e.g. the Swift Parrot and we wonder where he saw that bird …

    Captain Hunter, to be Governor Hunter, known as a skilled sketch artist through the illustrations in his sought after First Fleet journal .. but these images take one’s understanding and admiration to a whole new level.

    No expense spared production limited to 500 copies and with a further 50 sets of unbound plates. Edited by John Calaby with assistance. Published in 1989. Quarto, x, 252 pages with 100 full page colour plates and other illustrations in the lengthy introductions. Bound in quarter calf, raised bands to spine, separate green leather title label, exotic marble paper covered boards, original removable glassine protector, silk ribbon release from original open slip cover. A fine copy.

    A special edition from a unique work of historical significance – an Australian National Treasure.


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  • Australian Eastern Shovelnose Ray –  by Shaw & Nodder – 1791

    Australian Eastern Shovelnose Ray – by Shaw & Nodder – 1791

    Very early copper engraved hand coloured engraving of the Australian Eastern Shovelnose Ray (Aptychoterma Rostrata) which you can find along the coast from Newcastle in NSW to the Far North in Queensland, more prevalent around the Barrier Reef. Very good condition original 18thC colouring.

    A medium sized ray with a long flattened triangular snout, wedge shaped disk and shark like tail. Sexually dimorphic dentition – the males have elongated carps on their anterior teeth that allow them to grip the female during mating … ouch.

    George Shaw oversaw the Natural History Department at the British Museum. Nodder was a natural history artist and worked for Banks on his Florilegium.

    Price unframed $90.00 or $190.00 framed in Voyager Natural History style.

    Very early Australian Fish Engraving


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  • Smugglers and Sailors – The Customs History of Australia 1788-1901 – David Day

    Smugglers and Sailors – The Customs History of Australia 1788-1901 – David Day

    A super fine copy of this substantial book that looks at the development of Australia through the Customs Service.

    The author David Day born in Queensland and went to Melbourne University an later awarded a research Fellowship at Clare College Cambridge. At Clare he write three widely acclaimed works .. Menzies and Churchill at War; The Great Betrayal and Reluctant Nation … books that changed more than just the perspective. So who better to be appointed to write this work sponsored by the Government.

    A quality production, Quarto, 528 pages, illustrated nicely throughout. Published in 1992.

    Covers going on in NSW, Van Diemen’s Land, Port Phillip, Moreton Bay, WA, South Australia .. plenty of smuggling, fancy uniforms, temptation of vice, standard to be challenged and broken .. society in the day.

    Customs a lot more interesting than you might first think!


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  • Sydney Cove – Three Volumes Complete – John Cobley

    Sydney Cove – Three Volumes Complete – John Cobley

    Spanning Vol I – 1788; Vol II 1789-1790; Vol II 1792-1792.

    Volume I is a 1980 issue having been first published in 1962. Vol II is a 1963 First Edition and Vol III is a 1965 First Edition. All published by Angus and Robertson in uniform style.

    Octavo, 296 pages, 353 pages and 406 pages.

    So over a thousand pages about life at the first settlement of Sydney Cove. Written in diary form and compiled from a multitude of journals, diaries, letters, government documents and reports etc.

    No better reading for an understanding of what confronted the First Fleet arrivals, what they did, saw and endured. Meticulous work by John Cobley.

    Life at Sydney Cove 1788-1792 – A Daily Account from true sources.



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