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New South Wales

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  • Views in Australia, or New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land – Lycett Facsimile

    Views in Australia, or New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land – Lycett Facsimile

    Delineated, in Fifty Views, with Descriptive Letter Dedicated with Permission to the Right Hon’ble Earl Bathhurst

    This is the only facsimile of the rarely seen Views by Joseph Lycett originally published in London in 1824. A landscape presentation in decorated slipcase (as shown) – fine condition. A heavy item which might require a little more postage … we will try to be helpful.

    Lycett was a convict artist of great distinction – he had been sent out for forgery. He was pardoned and later returned to England where he again went about his forger’s ways – he took his own life in prison.

    His artistry is unique and charming with 50 images of New South Wales mainly in and around Sydney and also many of Tasmania with some beautiful images of Hobart, the Derwent and the surrounding mountains.

    Voyager also has an original Lycett of a Tasmanian view … see our Prints …

    Such beautiful images originally from 1824


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  • A Journal of the Endeavour Voyager – James Magra

    A Journal of the Endeavour Voyager – James Magra

    This is a fine facsimile published by Israel Amsterdam in 1967. Note titles “Cook” by Israel but not the author.

    The original account … A Journal of a Voyage Round the World in His Majesty’s Ship Endeavour, in the Years 1768,1769,1770 and 1771 etc published by Becket and Hondt in the Strand in 1791. Quarto, 130 pages plus 3 pages of vocabulary of the language of Otahitee.

    Published two years before the official Hawkesworth account in 1793 and now generally attributed to James Magra.

    James Magra was a New Yorker and American sympathiser and accordingly to James Cook a man of dubious quality. Almost impossible to find in original form … this was the first published book describing the East Coast of Australia and includes for example reference to Stingray Bay the name given to Botany Bay by James Cook before the latter was adopted sometime before Hawkesworth.

    Magra’s account and essential Cook ingredient


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  • Jenolan Caves (The Underground Wonderland) New South Wales, Australia – H. Phillips –  c1910

    Jenolan Caves (The Underground Wonderland) New South Wales, Australia – H. Phillips – c1910

    Superior period view book of the glorious Jenolan Caves. Photographed, printed and published by H Phillips (1873-1844) of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

    This is a scarce edition with superior illustrated cover and more images than his more standard work on the Jenolan Caves. No date but circa 1910. Not in Trove.

    Landscape presentation … soft covers with exotic gilt title and illustration to front. 30cm by 24cm with title page, 2 page introduction plus 49 pages of plates, 3 of which are double folding with five excellent panoramas. Captioned images include …The Grand arch; Carlotta Arch; Devil’s Coach House and Bridge from Lucas Entrance; Grand Stalactites Imperial Cave; The Giant Shawl; Cleopatra’s Needle; Mons Meg; The Proscenium; Brookes Column; Crystal Palace; The Mystery; The Willows Nettle cave; Gem of the South etc etc

    Beautiful record of the Jenolan Caves by Harry Phillips


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  • First Fleet Journal – An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales etc – David Collins – First Edition 1798

    First Fleet Journal – An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales etc – David Collins – First Edition 1798

    Full title … An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, with Remarks on the Dispositions, Customs, Manners etc of the Native Inhabitants of That Country, to which is Added some Particulars of New Zealand from the MSS of Lieutenant Governor King

    A first edition published by T. Cadell Jnr and W Davies, The Strand, London 1798.

    Quarto, bound in half calf over marbled boards. Gilt title on separate red leather title label, gilt decorations to compartments between five raised bands. 680 pages complete including list of plates at rear which someone has ticked off. Frontispiece chart, 18 copper engraved full page plates (magnificent), a further 4 engraved illustrations within the text and a large folding chart. Very little wear and a very good copy aside from some foxing on pages close to the engravings.

    This account is the last published of the First Fleet Journals. In its content and style it represents the earliest history of Australia as an English Colonial settlement … the others being more personal narratives. This is the first edition published 1798 as a single volume with the fine engravings taken from water colours by Edward Dayes who in turn took them from drawings by convict artist Thomas Watling. A second volume or was later published in 1802 with an update on the intervening period. This second volume is extremely scarce.

    David Collins was Secretary to First Governor Arthur Phillip. At an early age he had joined the Marines and had seen action in the American War of Independence. In 1786 he volunteered for the First Fleet as Deputy Judge Advocate in the Marines. After two years instructions were received that the Marines were to return to England. Collins decided to remain at some personal cost. On Phillip’s departure in 1792 he stayed and helped hold the fort until Hunter arrived in 1795. Collins left the next year and two years later this account was published. From his central role he was in the perfect position to chronicle the events at the Colony as they unfolded.

    Goings on at Norfolk Island are included and the engraving of the township Sydney on Norfolk Island is particularly well done.

    The frontispiece chart comprises the Three Harbours of Botany Bay, Port Jackson and Broken Bay and the cultivated grounds in and around the different settlements, with the Course of the Rivers Hawkesbury and Nepean, and the situation of the wild cattle to the westward.

    The fine full page views include … the Governor’s House at Rose Hill; by Water to Paramatta with a distant view of the Western Mountains; Eastern view of Sydney; Western View of Sydney Cove; Direct South View of Sydney; South East View of Sydney including the Church; North View of Sydney Cove; The Brick Field, or High Road to Parramatta; View of Sydney in Norfolk Island;

    There is also an unusual folding chart of New Zealand drawn by Too-gee.

    Of further interest is Collin’s sympathetic comments regarding the aboriginal people and his lengthy Appendix is a special work in itself … he covers their Government and Religion; Stature and Appearance; Habitations; Mode of Living; Courtship and Marriage; Customs and Manners; Superstitions; Diseases; Property; Dispositions; Funeral Ceremonies and Language. The nine full size engraved plates, detailing the initiation of young men and the custom of the removal of a front tooth, are extra special and represent the very first ethnographically accurate portrayal of the Aboriginal inhabitants of the Sydney region.

    Collins First Fleet Journal – First Edition 1798


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  • Australian Wood Chopping World Championship -1938

    Australian Wood Chopping World Championship -1938

    An original press photo of the 1938 World Wood Chopping Championship held at Sydney.

    The caption on the back reads … “Mighty Axemen – Brawny men of the Australian lumber lands stage the world championship tree-felling contest at the Royal Agricultural Show, Sydney. It’s tough going to chop through an Australian tree, because most of the lumber produced is hardwood” … mmmh

    A sizeable image 27cm x 20cm taken 28th August 1938

    Iconic Aussie Image away from the beach


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  • The Printed Maps of New South Wales (1772-1873) – R.V. Tooley – 1968

    The Printed Maps of New South Wales (1772-1873) – R.V. Tooley – 1968

    Scarce edition of the “Map Collectors Circle” No 44 by R.V. Tolley dedicated to the “Printed maps of New South Wales 1772 – 1873” published by them Chiswell Street, London 1968.

    Small quarto soft cover 49 pages plus 30 pages of full page plates of maps. Very good if not fine condition … best available we would say. Tooley’s preface as an introduction followed by a page of “Chronology”’ simple but informative and a good perspective. 166 maps, atlases and variants described in Tooley’s useful logical style which makes him the cornerstone of rare map reference unlikely to be replaced.

    Special Australian Tooley in Fine Condition


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