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  • The Tasman Map of 1644 – Mitchell Library – 1948

    The Tasman Map of 1644 – Mitchell Library – 1948

    A staple bound booklet of 31 pages produced by the Mitchell Library in 1948 .. a historical note and description of the manuscript map held in the Mitchell.

    Textured cream soft wrappers, 31 pages, with 3 reproductions of or pertaining to the map one in colour.

    Excellent notes and the striking “comparison map” drawn by Geoffrey Ingleton from details provided by J Emery. A brief description of Tasman’s ships and a good write up on the map itself with excellent further references and selected bibliography at the time.

    Tasman’s Map in Summary



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  • Voyages that Changed the World  – Peter Aughton

    Voyages that Changed the World – Peter Aughton

    A very good copy of the first hardback edition of Aughton’s interesting book.

    Published by Quercus, London, Small folio, 208 pages, decorated boards, heavily illustrated. Bookplate on front paste down.

    Comprehensive chronology starting with the Phoenicians and Polynesians; Saint Brendan’s miraculous voyage; Erik the Red and Leif Erikson in America well before Columbus; Madoc ab Owen Gwynedd’s voyage across the Atlantic … and some other obscure to Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama, Columbus, Cabot, Magellan, Drake, Tasman and the discovery of Tasmania, Roggeveen and Easter Island, Bougainville, Cook … Harrison and the Longitude .. right to the Polar expeditions and submarine activity. We like it

    Broadly based, informative and intriguing maritime ..


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  • Java (Iava Maior) – Barent Langenes, Cornelis Claesz – engraved by Benjamin Wright – c1600

    Java (Iava Maior) – Barent Langenes, Cornelis Claesz – engraved by Benjamin Wright – c1600

    A very early state of this classic miniature map of Java. Plate engraved by Benjamin Wright are scarce and it is particularly interesting to see his engraved signature in the cartouche.

    Printed map area 12.5cm by 8.8cm, strong black image, very good condition. Latin text on reverse. Uncoloured as it should be.

    Wright originally worked in London and then found employment on the continent. While in Amsterdam he worked for Cornelis Claesz on new plates for Caert-thresoor effectively a joint venture with Middleburg printer Barent Langenes; Java (this one), Madagascar, St Helena and Sumatra. The first printing was in 1598. The text was edited by Petrus Bertius and Jacobus Viverius.

    Accepted authority on Miniature Antique Maps, Geoffrey King writes bot this history, an example of the Benjamin Wright engraving is given at page 85. His text on the subject cross refers several pages and in its entirety is confusing and possibly contradictory. Our conclusion is to reference this important map as Wright/ Claesz/ Langes/ Bertius c1600.

    Price $390.00 unframed

    Early map of Java – Benjamin Wright signature in plate.


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  • Systemes Geographiques de Ptoloemee, de Strabon et d’Eratosthene – Malte Brun c1826

    Systemes Geographiques de Ptoloemee, de Strabon et d’Eratosthene – Malte Brun c1826

    Original engraved map from Malte Brun’s Atlas of the Ancient Greek geographers Ptolemy, Strabo and Eratosthenes. The then known World.

    32cm by 24cm partially coloured in outline. A good example on strong wove paper, the odd mark around the bottom border, generally clean and bright.

    Conrad Malte Brun (1755-1826) a major Danish born cartographer who worked out of France during his professional life. This example was drawn by Bovinel Giraldon and engrave by Jean Baptiste Marie Chamouin, individuals who worked for Malte Brun early in the 19th Century. After his death his son went on publishing the maps for a number of years making the precise year in which the map was made difficult to determine.

    The Ptolemy map takes pride of place, being regarded as more accurate and informative. We particularly like the naming of Sri Lanka as Taprobana a matter that has been disputed in some cartographic quarters.

    The island of Thule appears on the Eratosthenes map … an unsolved mystery. Some think it was Ireland or the Shetlands or an island off Norway. Unfortunately the Nazi’s spoilt the mystery somewhat by claiming it was the birthplace of their superior race.

    Price $125.00 unframed ….

    The World as it was thought to be by the Greek scholars.


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  • IMAGO MVUNDI (MUNDI) – Vol II –  A Periodical Review of Early Cartography – 1937 Review Copy

    IMAGO MVUNDI (MUNDI) – Vol II – A Periodical Review of Early Cartography – 1937 Review Copy

    The first volume of Imago Mundi had been published in Berlin in 1935. The founders were Leo Bagrow and Hans Wertheim. That year Wertheim left Germany escaping the horrible practices introduced against the Jews.

    Bagrow continued, finding a publisher in England, Henry Stevens and an English editor Edward Lynam. So was the beginning of the greatest journal on cartography.

    A scarce issue, more so a review copy with the charm of having many of the intended plates tipped into the document.

    Folio, softcover, 115 pages plus adverts. Eleven full page plates, three large and folding and many other plates images throughout the text. Covers browned somewhat, internally clean … a very good copy.

    Contents includes … From the Cosmos Picture to the World Map; Time Charts of Historical Cartography; The Evolution of Cartography in Japan; The “De Ventis” of Matthew Paris; Atlas by Vesconte Maggiolo 1518; The Booke of the Sea Carte; Kirlov the first Russian Atlas 1689-1737 etc. Numerous shorter articles including The Peking Map Collection; A Treasure Map etc

    Imago Mundi at the beginning – already the highest quality and curiosity


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  • How to Identify Old Maps and Globes – Raymond Lister

    How to Identify Old Maps and Globes – Raymond Lister

    To a collector this title might seem a bit glib … but the book is much more than that an in particular is a special refence for watermarks and cartographers.

    Small quarto, 265 pages first edition published by Bell, London in 1965. 59 plates. Still extremely relevant. Very good condition.

    Starts with an “Outline of the History of Maps and Charts”; Celestial Maps; Methods of Maps Production; Decoration and Conventional Signs; Terrestrial and Celestial Globes and Armillary Spheres. And then a lengthy appendix (22 pages) on The Use of Watermarks in dating Old Maps and Documents – nicely illustrated; a Bibliography (8 pages); List of Cartographers etc 1500 to 1850 (34 pages) and Index to whole.

    Identification – takes you further than expected.


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