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  • Storm & Silence – A Portrait [Circumnavigation] of the Tasman Sea – Joe Cannon – First Edition

    Storm & Silence – A Portrait [Circumnavigation] of the Tasman Sea – Joe Cannon – First Edition

    A big book in many ways and a treasure of a tempestuous voyage clockwise around the Tasman Sea.

    Softcover, self published in 2003, a slightly crude sticker proclaims First Edition Book No 27 and signed by Joe Cannon. Largish octavo, format, perfect bound, 408 pages, magnificently illustrated from original photographs, charts etc.

    The route if you figure it in your mind starts in the Hobart Derwent and straight out south and east down to the Aukland Islands, turning north to Snares and Stewart Islands before hitting the coast of South Island New Zealand at the Bluff. Turning up the west coast past Milford Sound up to Wellington, Embarking east and north all the way to Norfolk island , Lord Howe and north from there to Middleton Reef. Directly west to Coffs and a less formidable sail south and return.

    Great intermingled historical detail and the photographic elements … Norfolk, Lord Howe … Balls Pyramid are super. Nicely written narrative.

    A signed copy of Joe Cannon’s adventures around the Tasman Sea – a unique account


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  • Royal Hobart Regatta – Tasman’s Centenary Regatta -1838-1938

    Royal Hobart Regatta – Tasman’s Centenary Regatta -1838-1938

    A little tired but a great piece of Tasmanian ephemera the official souvenir programme of the centenary regatta which doubled as a commemoration of Tasman’s discovery in 1642.

    Such was the importance of the event in those days it was attended by senior representatives of His Majesty’s Australian Squadron, the New Zealand Squadron, the Royal Nederland’s Navy, the French Navy and the Italian Navy.

    As well as the multitude of water events there was also the Aquatic Ball, the presentation of the Centenary Medal, Wood chopping, Illuminations, Fireworks etc

    82 pages, rear cover missing with last page but the delightful front page retained quit nicely. Images of Tasman, Franklin, various current dignitaries, chart of the Derwent with course markers, images of flying boat etc. Good historical narrative and setting.

    The 1938 Centenary Regatta – If only for the cover


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  • Mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle – Jack Loney

    Mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle – Jack Loney

    A first printing 1980 of shipwreck expert Jack Loney’s work on the deadly Bass Strait Triangle.

    Not just the ships lost but also some early aeroplanes disappeared.

    UFO’s are more frequently seen in this area than anywhere else in Australia.

    The photograph of the weird large blobs of light emerging from the water are shivering stuff.

    Softcover, 112 pages, thoroughly researched as expected of the author and well illustrated

    Not to be read on the Ferry!


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  • Encyclopedia of the Antarctic – Edited Beau Riffenburgh- 2 Volumes

    Published by Routledge in 2006 this two-volume set is regarded as the font of all things Antarctica.

    A substantial effort the number of distinguished contributors runs to over a hundred.

    Two quarto volumes, 1,272 pages heavily illustrated with all sorts, high technical level with many maps, charts, explanatory diagrams etc. Very good condition. Weighs in at circa 3.6kgs so not really suitable for Overseas postage.

    The elements relating to the History of Exploration and History of Science are understandably our favourites. Other broader topics include … Atmosphere; Birds; Conservation; Geography; Glaciology; Technology; Oceanography; Physics and astronomy etc.

    It is all here in the Encyclopedia of the Antarctic – more than a winter’s reading


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  • Mawson’s Antarctic Diaries – Edited by Fred and Eleanor Jacka

    Mawson’s Antarctic Diaries – Edited by Fred and Eleanor Jacka

    The 2008, soft cover version, published by Allen & Unwin, Sydney. Small quarto, 414 pages and 60 pages of plates. Very good condition. A substantial and heavy book not really suitable for overseas postage.

    Sir Douglas Mawson made four trips to the Antarctic, the first in 1907-09 with Shackleton’s expedition, then in 1911-14 as leader of the Australian Antarctic Expedition and then twice between 1929 and 1931 as leader of the combined expeditions.

    This book brings together for the first time his writings over all four expeditions.

    It also includes some Frank Hurley photographic images not produced elsewhere.

    Mawson’s Words perfectly presented


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  • The Voyage of the Duff – A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean 1796-1798 – Captain James Wilson

    The Voyage of the Duff – A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean 1796-1798 – Captain James Wilson

    I our opinion one of the best produced facsimiles of one of the great late 18thC voyages to the Pacific. The standard likely because of the publisher Frederick Praeger, New York etc., printed in Austria with that quality.

    The fact that the large folding maps and folding plates have all been reproduced is a production delight most others avoid .. maybe you get one in that form .. here we have them all.

    Small quarto, 420 pages, illustrated as described above the original a masterpiece of cartography and engraving. Very good condition.

    Super informative introduction by Irmgard Moschner of the Vienna Museum.

    If you look elsewhere on our site we have the original issue of this volume for sale .. but not at this price.

    Full title … A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean Performed in the Years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the Ship Duff, Commanded by Captain James Wilson. Compiled from Journals of the Officers and the Missionaries; and Illustrated with Maps, Charts and Views Drawn by Mr William Wilson, and engraved by the most eminent Artists. With a Preliminary Discourse on the Geography and History of the South Sea Islands; and an Appendix, including details never before published, of the Natural and Civil State of Otaheite.

    An early voyage to the Pacific, undertaken for the purpose of establishing a mission in Tahiti, and a settlement of 25 persons was formed. Though the King befriended them, they met with continual difficulties because of civil wars and were finally forced to flee to Australia, though returning some time later in 1815. The work contains many valuable details regarding Tahiti, the Fiji Islands, Tonga, the Marquesas, etc. The discovery of a new group of islands, named the Duff Group among the Santa Cruz Islands. The narrative is full and readable with considerable valuable observation – not at all in the often dry “missionary” style. Stands, in our view, as a key read in the early Pacific Voyages genre.

    The folding “Chart of the Duff’s Track in the Pacific Ocean” was the first map to use the name Australia than New Holland. Other important maps comprise – Feejee Islands; Marquesas Islands; Duff’s Group; Gambier Islands; Island of Otaheite and Island of Tongataboo.

    Views comprise … Harbour of Rio Janeiro; Missionary Settlement at Matavai; View of Tallo Harbour; Great Morai of Oberca; Morai and Ark of the Eatooa at Attahooroo and Fiatookas of Futtasaihe.

    The 18thC Voyage of The Duff up there with the best


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