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  • The Chairman’s Guide and Secretary’s Companion – New edition Revised by Frank Shackleton.

    The Chairman’s Guide and Secretary’s Companion – New edition Revised by Frank Shackleton.

    Published by Ward, Lock & Co, London and Melbourne – a popular help book this edition 1957.

    Octavo, 132 pages, a fine copy, unmarked except for a large tick on the page “Duties of the Chairman” obviously reflecting the agreement of some pinstriped owner.

    Modern reporting, views and means of communication may make some of this obsolete you may think. NO SO. Such elements as tenure; impartiality; dilatory motions; defamatory statements; toasts; relationship with Press; status; disorderly conduct etc all seems, in Voyager’s mind, stuff needing some consideration of late.

    A final Chapter on “Typical Speeches” could improve things especially at a Social Dinner, A Bazaar or indeed a Popular Lecture.

    Enlighten and educate your Boardly Friends – what better gift.


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  • Folding Georgian Guinea Scales c1805

    Folding Georgian Guinea Scales c1805

    A good set of early Guinea Scales with contemporary instructions label. Likely by Stephen Houghton who took over from Anthony Wilkinson at Ormskirk, Lancashire. Wilkinson had died in 1804.

    The end pin is bit tight which means the set need to be pulled gently to open.

    Self-erecting and known generally as the Lancashire Gold Balance. The brass beam is rectangular in section and has a hinged “turn and swing” overweight which counter poises the beam for the guinea or half-guinea. This set has an uncommon variation with the weight having two components, clearly designed for additional weighing standards.

    A small rectangular sliding weight on the load arm registers in graduations to show discrepancies in of under-weight coins.

    The collapsing mechanism makes the whole entirely portal in the gentleman’s trouser.

    Functioning Georgian Gold Sovereign Scale


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  • Tasmania – Capital Port – A History of the Marine Board of Hobart 1858-1997

    Tasmania – Capital Port – A History of the Marine Board of Hobart 1858-1997

    A fine copy of a very sold book. Titel seems a bit dull and could have been chosen better. A super history of the docks on the Derwent and Lighthouses in outer reaches – Bruny etc. Some very nice period images illustrate the hard work done by the authors.

    Published in the year 2000 by the Port Authority appropriately addressed at 1 Franklin Wharf. Large octavo format, 461 pages, as new in a like dust jacket. Quality production. A heavy book that would attract an overseas postage supplement.

    An essential component to any Maritime collection – the Port and what a beauty.


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  • Tasmania’s Struggle for Power – A.J. Gillies

    Tasmania’s Struggle for Power – A.J. Gillies

    An unusual little soft cover which for some reason commands higher prices than we would expect on the usual websites. We have not followed that route.

    Published by Michael and Christine Lillas in Burnie in 1984. Octavo, 169 pages plus unpaginated appendix, some illustration, rather old-fashioned typesetting consistent with it effectively self-published style.

    The title may be slightly tongue in cheek as we are talking about electrical power here not political, our preference, rather have the lights than the (insert rhyming slang).

    The first good power in Tasmania arrived 1888 when the proprietor, Hogarth, installed a water driven turbine. The idea had come to him following a trip to Scotland. He only got enough electricity for the lights not the machines, but this was still a first on a number of fronts.

    The bulk of the book is about the establishment of the first serious power generation at the great lakes and the building of dams and infrastructure to create the head of water. And the subsequent development of the zinc smelting industry which could not have arisen without the former.

    The real power behind Tasmania


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  • Coins and Tokens of Tasmania – 1803-1910 – Roger McNiece

    Coins and Tokens of Tasmania – 1803-1910 – Roger McNiece

    The definitive work. We really admire people like McNiece who through their passion for their interest put the hard yards in, the effort, to produce such a useful work. Tooley, Spence, King etc all come to mind.

    Published by Platypus Publication, Hobart in 1969, a first edition. Rather rare. Printed on the Mercury Presses bound by Walch .. how more Tasmanian can you get.

    Octavo, 112 pages, numerous illustrations to help one along. A very good copy in an excellent dust jacket bar a small closed tear to rear.

    Roger McNiece was a founding member of the Tasmanian Numismatics Society.

    And, more than coins and tokens. We start with Specie .. the currency of NSW and the consequences of the Settlement of Van Diemen’s Land. Sorrell and Brisbane’s reforms. Arthur and the Sterling Money Act. The allowance for South American Dollars, Sicca Rupees [we had to encourage gentlemen in service in India to retire in VDL], Mexican Dollars ..

    Then Paper Currency and Police Fund Notes and Treasury Bills. A lengthy chapter on Private Promissory Notes and numerous individual issuers. A chapter on Barter and the use of Rum Therein. Special Bank Issues and then the last third of the book taken up with Trade Tokens – so collectable.

    More than Coins and Tokens – the McNiece Standard


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  • The Brothers Taylor – A Tasmanian Maritime History – Colin Taylor

    The Brothers Taylor – A Tasmanian Maritime History – Colin Taylor

    Hard to find, Colin Taylor’s comprehensive book about his Maritime ancestors. Between 1860 and 1920the Taylor family dominated big shipping in Northern Tasmania, at one time eight brothers held Masters Certificates. A the vessels wow such beautiful ships.

    Published by Navarine in 1998. Part of the Roebuck series No 50. Large squarish octavo, 184 pages, illustrated throughout often from period photographs of the magnificent vessels. Fine condition

    Interested in Maritime History – you need to know about the Taylor Brothers.


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