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Sport – Including Horse Racing, Cricket , Rugby, Game Sports etc

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  • The Southern Cross – Australia’s 1974 Challenge for America’s cup – Hugh Whall

    The Southern Cross – Australia’s 1974 Challenge for America’s cup – Hugh Whall

    Bondy won the Cup for Australia in 1984 … it had been a long haul … this the book about the mighty effort made in 1974.

    Published by Admiralty Publishing, Maryland, USA in 1974, a first edition.

    Octavo, 172 pages, finished with the “Basic 12 metre formula”… learn it by heart. Nicely illustrated throughout from photographs taken along the way. Very nice copy.

    The author a sailor of note, ex Fastnet, Sydney Hobart etc. From Rhode Island where he kept his hand in. Bondy … well we all know about Bondy.

    A super book with good concentration on the design development and the desire to win at all costs.

    The America’s Cup maybe the best thing invented in America..


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  • Saddlery and Harness-Making – Paul Hasluck.

    Saddlery and Harness-Making – Paul Hasluck.

    There are many facsimiles of important hard to find works … this is one of the more unusual ones .. and one we find interesting and curious.

    First published in 1904, this issue published by Allen, London in 1962. Thick pocket book format, 160 pages, heavily illustrated for those that may wish to progress to the manufacture of these leathery items.

    Time to do something real … turn you hand the leather work.


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  • Chasing Liquid Mountains [Adventures of a Solo Yachtsman] David Adams

    Chasing Liquid Mountains [Adventures of a Solo Yachtsman] David Adams

    Only ever in soft cover this edition published by Macmillan in 1997. Octavo, 246 pages, nice illustrations, charts, images from colour photographs etc.

    Australian adventurer, David Adams, was first across the line in the Class 2 of the BOC Challenge around the World single handed yacht race in 1995.

    We love the title and from then on the book only gets better … if you need motivation to get out of bed this is the book for you

    Highly respected liquid mountain chaser.


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  • Hockey – the Game that Grows – Fred Browne.

    Hockey – the Game that Grows – Fred Browne.

    Fred Browne was the Australian Olympic Coach for Hockey at the time of publication in 1960.

    Perfect bound soft cover, 141 pages and some blanks for notes. Illustrated with the odd image from photographs and a multitude of diagrams regarding play and tactics. A very good unmarked copy.

    A super education that stands up well today all down to the knowledge of Coach Browne and his ability to communicate that in writing and drawings.

    Hockey much more than Jolly Hockey Sticks


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  • Illustrated Games of Patience – Lady Adelaide Cadogan – 1880

    Illustrated Games of Patience – Lady Adelaide Cadogan – 1880

    Card games of all sorts were all the rage in Victorian times among all classes. Here we have none other than Lady Cadogan the leading expert on the many many variations of a card game generally known as Patience.

    This is fourth more glamorous edition published by Sampson Low, London in 1880. Quarto, strangely paginated around the description both in narrative and pictorially of each game. The images are truly delightful a feature that is carried over to the decorated green cloth binding. A very good copy of a scarce form.

    The names of the various game forms points to the French derivations .. La Belle Lucie; Le Cadran; La Quinzaine; La Loi Salique; Les Quatre Coins; Le Moulin; Le Shah etc although ending with the rather drearily named “the British Constitution”

    Patience is a blessing .. let’s have more of it!


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  • Unpublished Work – “The Dream and the Reality” – Single Handed Transatlantic Yacht Race 1968 – Brian Cooke.

    A unique item, the typescript account of Brian Cooke relating to his participation in the 1968 Single-handed Trans-Atlantic Race (STAR) east to west from Plymouth to Newport Rhode Island.

    182 pages of foolscap, corrected in manuscript. Having read through it all … it is an exceptional account ready for the press … we are not sure why he did not follow through with the publication.

    Cooke was very much an amateur before this event and he states clearly in his Preface that the book has been written “to indicate the way in which the dream of crossing the Ocean became a reality to me … what is involved for the ordinary person … to know first hand that it is quite a feasible proposition and a very worthwhile challenge …”.

    We like the way the book proper starts … “It was 1949, when I was walking down St James’s Street, London one lunchtime. I looked in a Bookshop window. One of the books on display was by Allcard describing the Atlantic voyage he had made. It was the dust cover that took my eye. On it was a photograph of Allcard, at sea, sailing his yacht single-handed, looking up at his sails, which conveyed to me a most vivid picture of satisfaction and achievement”

    The first sixty eight pages are taken up with establishing and preparing for the dream. First the yacht that had been commissioned to be built by an acquaintance with the wherewithal connected to his work at the Westminster Bank. The first trials, the personal training, the qualifying voyages etc all very interesting. At page sixty nine we have the race start proper. What follows is a very detailed account of the events of the race, nothing tedious in our view. Cooke came in sixth, out of 48, many had to turn back. Those ahead were either trimarans or larger boats, on any handicap system he may have won.

    The appendices are good for perspective and emphasise his comments in the Preface that preparation is key. We have the “sailing instructions” from the Royal Western, Plymouth. The list of yachts by nation, rig, length, hull, and rating where available. Daily records of sailing achievements and sail changes. Provisions of all sorts … we are amused to see Mars Bars, Steak and kidney puddings, HP sauce etc.

    Yachting treasure unpublished major single-handed yacht race


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