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Sport – Including Horse Racing, Cricket , Rugby, Game Sports etc

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  • Lake Victoria to Khartoum with Rifle and Camera – Captain F.A. Dickinson [Introduction by Winston Churchill] – First Edition 1910.

    Lake Victoria to Khartoum with Rifle and Camera – Captain F.A. Dickinson [Introduction by Winston Churchill] – First Edition 1910.

    A rare book and one of the rarest books in the Churchill cannon. If you have a first edition of Churchill’s “My African Journey” then you are lucky and you will appreciate that this book by the guide of that event would make the perfect companion.

    Published by John Lane (Bodley Head), London, 1910.. in the days when you spoke to John Lane. Thick octavo, 334 pages after preliminaries and before publishers catalogue. Well over a hundred illustrations from photographs [not included in the pagination]. Bound in unusual orange/ red cloth covered boards, gilt titles and embellishment, decorative lines. The covers are quite well faded especially to the spine and the odd mark, this is common for this binding. Otherwise internally very clean indeed, just a couple of light spots on the title.

    Churchill in his introduction lavishes praise on Ricketts as a guide and organiser. The party walked/ travelled the whole Uganda and more, some 1,500 miles. Churchill did some of it on bicycle. A lot of bagging went on along the way – all very jolly. Churchill took them to Khartoum and enlivened the conversation with his first hand account of encounters during his various African military skirmishes.

    Churchill in Africa – mutual admiration – Ricketts


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  • First Class Polo – Tactics & Match Play – Brigadier-General R. L. Ricketts.

    First Class Polo – Tactics & Match Play – Brigadier-General R. L. Ricketts.

    For those that have always wanted to understand polo beyond the general idea of horses, a mallet and a bamboo ball (well plastic now) this is the book. Get ahead become an expert and make the right calls at these posh events.

    A fine copy of a super scarce book outlining the secrets of good polo play. Second edition, effectively self-published through Gale & Polden of Aldershot [British Military town] and London et, 1938.

    Octavo, 48 pages and IX full pages plates of tactics guaranteed to win the play.

    Ricketts played for the Alwar team in India circa 1900 and they won trophy after trophy – see the image of the frontispiece. They won the Indian Polo association Championship for several years and the Delhi Durbar without a single defeat scoring 117 goals against only 15.

    Ricketts describes the “merciless hitting of the ordinary easy ball by the Maharajah, and the advantages of the golf drive trajectory which he imparted to it etc”.

    Rickett’s motivation for the book is the fact that the Americans had more recently dominated the sport and to win back the advantage a quicker harder form of polo must be played. Bit like Bazball if you get that ..

    Ricketts on Polo everything you need to know to beat the Yankees


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  • Collection of Vintage Fishing Floats

    Collection of Vintage Fishing Floats

    A super collection of vintage fishing floats an number hand made. Some quite well used but float collecting is not like stamps – a mint float is unromantic.

    Thirty or so in all – would make an interesting display or just to have would be good.

    What floats your boat?


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  • Thirty-Seven Years of Big Game Shooting in Cooch Behar, the Suras and Assam – The Maharajah of Cooch Behar.

    A facsimile of this scarce book originally published in Bombay in 1908. This edition by Wolfe Publishing of Prescott, Arizona published in 1993. Described as a “quality limited edition”.

    Thick large “Royal” octavo, 461 pages, illustrated as the original, large folding map of the region at rear. Bound nicely in faux burgundy morocco, gilt embellishments and title, all edges richly gilt, headbands and silk page marker. A nice production in “as new” condition.

    Described as a “rough diary” covering the period from 1871 to 1907. Set out in XXIX chapters, each dealing with specific expedition or encounters. Precise records of prizes bagged, and the various blunt instruments used carefully listed near the rear.

    Nowadays, not everyone’s “cup of tea” but we consider an important relic of the era and a super travel account of the region.

    For those geographically limited Cook Behar is in the North of West Bengal in the foothills of the Eastern Himalaya.

    The sport of the Maharajah of Cooch Behar.


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  • Hunting and Shooting in Ceylon – Harry Storey

    Hunting and Shooting in Ceylon – Harry Storey

    A facsimile of another colonial hunting book – not for the faint-hearted.

    Originally published by Longmans, London in 1907; this by Asian Educational of Delhi etc in 1998.

    Octavo, 366 pages, illustrations as in the original. Faux leather binding, gilt embellishment, some occasional marks, still a pretty good copy.

    Lots of contributions from his gunpowder loving friends and the whole gambit of Ceylonese wildlife put at risk. Forgive our implied – actually a very good book of its type – honest and fulsome. Nicely written with an “in the moment” narrative and images couldn’t be better chosen – some coverage of ancient ruins – such as the impressive Polonnaruwa.

    Banging on in Ceylon with Harry.


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  • Peaks and High Places [Tasmania] – Ian Boss-Walker

    Peaks and High Places [Tasmania] – Ian Boss-Walker

    Well it had to be a “Walker” to put together such an amazing book.

    Published in 1950 by the “Scenery Preservation Board” in 1950. Soft cover with a striking period style front cover, internally many charts of tracks and images from period photographs of the mountain scenes along the way.

    For anyone planning a nowadays hike this would make an interesting reference to support you iphone or whatever. We particularly like when the mountain huts are listed we are given information on who built, them when and why …

    Hiking in among the Tasmanian Peaks


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