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  • T.E. Lawrence by his friends – Edited A.W.Lawrence 1938

    T.E. Lawrence by his friends – Edited A.W.Lawrence 1938

    “I deem him one of the greatest beings alive in our time. I do not see his like elsewhere. I fear whatever our need we shall never see his like again” – Churchill.

    An important book in the Lawrence cannon. Published in January1938 a fourth impression, seven months after the first. Large thick octavo, 595 pages, with illustrations. No jacket (scarce) but a pretty clean and solid copy.

    Contributors include numerous historical figures – Churchill, Allenby, Bernard Shaw, Kennington, Robert Graves, E.M. Forster, Ronald Storrs.

    We also very much like … at the front “Dates in the life of T.E. Lawrence” the Chapter by Jonathan Cape – his Publisher and near the back “Books at Clouds Hill” a complete descriptive list and following that ”Gramophone Records at Clouds Hill”.

    Voyager has fantasised about getting a copy of all the Clouds Hill books – unfortunately a number e.g. the early Morris books are out of Voyager’s pocket size.

    Lawrence by his special Friends few could compete.


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  • Early Image of the Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre at Giza

    Early Image of the Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre at Giza

    An original magic lantern slide c1890 of the Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre (or Chephren) at Giza – the second largest pyramid.

    Standard British magic Lantern slide by an unknown maker. Some age as can be seen but excuse it for the rarity of the image.

    A striking image of Kharfe with the Sphinx in the foreground. Compare the image with a modern image taken from pretty much the same position. The Pyramid is in a remarkably similar state of condition retaining the same amount of polished coping stone near to top – Kharfe the only pyramid to retain any – they were raided to build later structures.

    However, the Sphinx is quite different and the modern image by comparison shows just how much reconstruction has been carried out in the intervening 130 years.

    Khafre ruled Egypt in the Fourth Dynasty between 2558 and 2553 years BC … unfortunately the tombs were robbed of anything valuable likely early on.

    Khafre as it is and the Sphinx as it was.


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  • An Egyptian Journal – William Golding

    An Egyptian Journal – William Golding

    A first US edition by Nobel Prize winning William Golding, published by Faber and Faber in 1985.

    Golding’s first novel “Lord of the Flies” a Voyager favourite … strange because originally rejected by Faber and, despite his first, surely significantly .behind his Nobel award … which arrived in 1983 just before the publication of this adventure in Egypt. Aussies will know his Rites of Passage and the other parts of what was a superb trilogy … made into a classic screenplay with Benedict Cumberbatch as the protagonist.

    An unusual and interesting book, a no nonsense account … Golding only needed to please one person … himself. So we quite like his honest views of everything Egyptian on the tour … not done in grand style but in the fashion of any honest adventurer.

    Larger octavo, 207 pages, illustrated with interesting titling .. a very good copy.

    A very different Egypt travel account by the talented irascible sarcastic observant Golding


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  • Roman Ehnasya (Herakleopoli Magna) Plates and Text Supplementary to Ehnasya – Flinders Petrie – 1904

    Roman Ehnasya (Herakleopoli Magna) Plates and Text Supplementary to Ehnasya – Flinders Petrie – 1904

    Roman Ehnasya (Herakleopoli Magna) Plates and Text Supplementary to Ehnasya – Flinders Petrie – 1904

    A Special Extra Publication of The Egypt Exploration Fund … published by order of the Committee, London 1905.

    Quarto, hardbound in original cloth covered boards, gilt title to spine. Title, list of plates, narrative to page 15, 28 full page plates of multiple items followed by 3 full pages of Potters Marks. Previous owners stamp to front free end paper. Very good condition and a very rare item

    A large quantity of figures were found in houses and could be dated by coins found along with them. Consequently, serving as a scale by which to date late examples of classical work. Here we have literally hundreds of photographic images of the items found carefully classified … such as … Classical figures (Roman); Serapis, Iris, Horus (Roman); Harpocrates (Roman); Egyptian Gods (Roman); Roman Heads; Roma Lamps … and Potters Marks (many of them). Narrative chapters on the Terracotta Figures; The Lamps (extensive) an the Architecture

    Together Price $270.00

    Flinders Petrie at Ehnasya with the scarce illustrated Supplement



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  • Modern Egypt [1877-1907] – Evelyn Baring – the Earl Cromer – 2 Volumes First Editions 1908

    Modern Egypt [1877-1907] – Evelyn Baring – the Earl Cromer – 2 Volumes First Editions 1908

    First edition published by Macmillan, London in 1908. Two thick volumes, 595 pages and 600 pages, folding map at rear of Anglo-Soudan, frontispiece portrait of the author. Covers in very good condition, some light foxing at the front (because of the frontispiece tissue guard) and the map otherwise very clean throughout. Very good copies. Total weight 2.5 kgs

    Ismail Pasha had borrowed heavily for the Suez Canal. Too much, and the debt was based on the cotton crop. Prices of cotton had been high during the American Civil War, but when this was over the cotton price collapsed. Egypt was effectively bankrupt by 1876. By agreement the French and the British too charge of Egypt’s financial affairs.

    Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl Comer was appointed the British Controller General and took the lead hand. After the Ahmed Urabi Revolt the British effectively absorbed Egypt into the Empire and Cromer became Consul General. Lord Dufferin conducted an investigation and prepared and influential report. In May 1882 a skirmish broke out and massacres took place in Alexandria, panic spread through Egypt, Alexandria was bombarded, abandoned and burnt. Baring continues with his history, incorporating the Sudan and the exploits of Gordan. Given his position and access to all documents relating to Egyptian affairs both in Egypt and London no more comprehensive account could have been written.

    Cromer in charge Egypt 1877-1907


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  • Deshasheh – Flinders Petrie – 1889

    Deshasheh – Flinders Petrie – 1889

    The Fifteenth Memoir of The Egypt Exploration Fund.

    Hardback published by order of the Committee and sold by them at Great Russell Street and Kegan Paul and Quaritch.

    Large quarto, 51 pages plus 37 pages of plates a few of which are folding. Very good condition. A heavy item that may require an Overseas postage supplement.

    The great Flinders Petrie by this time has spent many years in Egypt, accomplished many great find and produced numerous memoirs in this form. The work here he describes as more varied than usual, and has fulfilled more the character of exploration than in previous years. One of the least known parts of Egypt, the western side form Faynum to Minieh, was completely traversed and examined; and two site within that area excavated.

    We explore the Cemetery of Deshasheh and the Tomb of Anta, the Tomb of Shedu, the Tombs of Nenkheftka and Son.

    The drawings and photographs of the findings are simply superb as usual.

    Flinders Petrie – Egyptology – Highest Standard


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