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Natural History

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  • Tasmanian Tiger – A Lesson to be Learnt … Eric Guiler and Philippe Goddard

    Tasmanian Tiger – A Lesson to be Learnt … Eric Guiler and Philippe Goddard

    Irish born Dr Eric Rowland Guiler died in 2008. He was to that date the leading zoologist with the passion to find a living Thylacine.

    Guiler wrote a number of the most desired books on the subject … this is certainly the biggest of them.

    Heavy papered quarto, 256 pages, illustrated magnificently throughout. A super fine copy including the dust jacket. Published in 1998 by the distinguished Abrolhos Press of Perth, WA.

    As we say “heavy” so if going Overseas it will require a postage supplement.

    Tasmanian Tiger given the full royal treatment by Guiler.



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  • A Monograph of Nototherium Tasmanicum – H. H. Scott – 1915

    A Monograph of Nototherium Tasmanicum – H. H. Scott – 1915

    Published in 1915 in Tasmania researched and written by H.H. Scott Curator of the Museum at Launceston.

    Published by the Department of Mines as part of the Geological Survey Record No 4. A fine copy, 47 pages plus 22 full page plates in super condition. Cloth backed boards as published.

    The Author acknowledges the early assistance of the great Professor T.W. Edgeworth David of Antarctic fame.

    The discovery of a large extinct marsupial

    Superb copy and rare and unusual


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  • Green Mountains and Cullenbenbong – Bernard O’Reilly – Signed Copy

    Green Mountains and Cullenbenbong – Bernard O’Reilly – Signed Copy

    A fine copy of the 1950’scombination of Bernard O’Reilly’s two works on the rain forest Lamington Range on the border of Queensland and N.S.W.

    Signed nicely by the author. Published by Smith and Paterson, Brisbane, no date but 1950’s. Octavo, 322 pages plus index. Nicely illustrated from period photographs most by the family.

    Famous for the fining of the Stimpson aircraft (If not aware you should understand this story). His parents retreated to the cool climate of the elevated Lamington Range (now National Park). This is Bernard’s story of his family, their pioneering endeavours and most of all the tranquillity and mesmerising beauty of the forest that cover the region.

    If you have never been there you must go to the family lodge … best in Australia.

    Signed fine Bernard O’Reilly -more than the Stimpson.


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  • The Passenger Pigeon – by Joseph Quinn.

    The Passenger Pigeon – by Joseph Quinn.

    No date comb bound copied item published circa 1990, see below. This was its original form – self published by the author.

    Subtitled “A Boys Story” but not a story for Boys, in fact a compilation of the writings of the author, many of them, published in Bird World … and all about the demise of the Passenger Pigeon.

    We learn that the last pigeon a female was given the name of Martha, after George Washington’s wife … the second last Passenger Pigeon, her brother, named George … naturally. We like this unusual work not just for its obvious rarity but the love of the writer for his subject. The Boys story is a reference to him finding his childhood scribbles about the subject matter.

    96 pages in all, some images from the magazine that have not copied too well. Cream card covers.

    A total of 20 separate articles, all of some length, published variously between 1982 and 1987.

    Inserted on posh faux vellum paper is a poem written by the author in honour of the sadly retired bird; rather well penned and definitely moving.

    Joseph Quinn – his life’s work on the Passenger Pigeon all in one place.


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  • Black Widow – America’s Most poisonous Spider – Thorp and Woodson

    Black Widow – America’s Most poisonous Spider – Thorp and Woodson

    What a super subject for a standalone book.

    First edition published by The University of Morth Carolina Press in 1945.

    Octavo, 222 pages, illustrated with spidery goodness. A very good copy and very clean and well produced given the end of WWII publishing date.

    All about the Widow as one would expect. Comparison’s with other spider devils, experiments on people .. the life cycle and habits of this avoidable octopod.

    Would make a great gift for someone who has it all …


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  • The Living Sea – John Crompton

    The Living Sea – John Crompton

    A first edition of this interesting easy to read book about the natural history of the oceans. Quite broad in content … starts with prehistory and then moves into Whales (nice content), Manatee, Sharks, Rays back to Caelacanth .. all the good stuff.

    Published by Collins, London in 1957. Octavo, 256 pages, some sketch like illustrations. And the dust jacket … we had to have it just for

    Good period all rounder dressed to impress.


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