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  • The Silmarillion – J.R.R. Tolkien.

    The Silmarillion – J.R.R. Tolkien.

    A very good copy of the second printing of the First edition published in George Allen and Unwin, London in 1977.

    Large octavo, 365 pages with tow maps included large folding map, of Belleriand and the Lands to the North, at the rear. Top edge stained blue and blue headband as required by this edition. Super condition.

    Published posthumously, edited by his son, and mostly written between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Seemingly the Publisher thought this selection of tales all too complex for their Hobbit audience … so foolish of them.

    The stories comprise the first 304 pages then we have five pages of family/clan trees … for the House of Finwe and the Noldrin descent of Elrond and Elros; The Descendants of Olwe and Elwe; the House of Beor and the mortal descent of Eltona and Elros etc. Then a useful note on Pronunciation [best to go here first for the full effect]. And a monster index of place name, characters, objects etc.Closing with several pages on “elements of Quenya and Sindarin names” … this in itself is evidence of J.R.R’s undeniable genius.

    Silmarillion by Tolkien simply Special.


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