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South America

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  • The “Ramusio” Map of 1534 – Holzheimer and Buisseret

    The “Ramusio” Map of 1534 – Holzheimer and Buisseret

    This work is Occasional Publication No6, from the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography, the Newberry Library, Chicago published in 1992

    In 1987, Arthur Holzheimer (co-author) map collector and long -time volunteer at the Newberry acquired a copy of the “Ramusio Map” originally published at Venice in 1534. Over time he studied the map and the few-remaining originals (including spectroscopy of 16thC watermarks – see image) and identified the importance of this map in the history of cartography.

    Quarto, card covers, 33 pages with nine full page illustrations. An extremely interesting story and superb cartographic detective work. Ramusio refers to Giovanni Battista Ramusio (1485-1557) who published Summario de la Generale Historia de l’Indie Occidentali, and the map I thought to have accompanied this work … but not copies of the book have been found with it and only three original copies of the map exist.

    Very good condition.

    The map is regarded as elegant in its simplicity. It is interesting that whilst it pre-dates the Abraham Ortelius map by fifty years … its geographical form is superior.

    A striking beautiful map from 1534 for the Ramusio … but was it?


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  • South American Aguti and Paca – 1820

    South American Aguti and Paca – 1820

    An original hand coloured engraving using the stipple technique published as part of the “Dictionniare des Sciences Naturelles” by Dumont de Saint-Croix published in Paris c1820’s. Engraved by Stranhi after an image by Pretre.

    At the time the Aguti (Agouti) and Paca were thought to be of the same family group … not so now .. they have different toe arrangements etc.

    They are however, both herbivorous rodents and among the largest in the world.

    The Paca can achieve a weight of 14kg on a good diet and is the more attractive with its sides patterned with spots and stripes. There are two distinct types … the lowland variety cab be found all the way from Northern Argentina to Mexico. A smaller Paca lives in the northern Andes and the Paramo grasslands.

    The Agouti is generally a smaller animal weighing in around 4 kgs. They are pretty shy compared with the Paca and pretty scared of humanoids. They prevail over much of the middle and north of South America and in the West Indies.

    Price $160.00 framed in Voyager Natural History style ….

    South American Rodents – rather cute – and large


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  • The Amazon Provinces of Peru –  H Guillaume F.R.G.S. – First Edition1888

    The Amazon Provinces of Peru – H Guillaume F.R.G.S. – First Edition1888

    Title continues … As a Field for European Emigration. A Statistical and Geographical Review of The Country and its Resources, including the Gold and Silver Mines together with a mass of useful and Valuable Information.

    The author was the Consul-General of Peru in England when he produced this book …. based in Southampton.

    A first edition published by Wyman & Sons, Lincoln’s-Inn Fields, London 1888. Octavo, 309 pages after the preliminaries. The original cloth bindings of this book are usually distressed beyond acceptable as was the case with this one. We decided to have it handsomely bound in full green calf by Roger Perry. Five raised bands to spine with separate red leather title and author labels to compartments 2 and 4. Gilt lines and devices and gilt lines to front and rear boards. New marbled endpapers. A top quality binding. Page edges show some age and internally the odd bit of foxing, photographic frontispiece re-laid. Nicely illustrated with the real photograph of the Peruvian President as a frontispiece and another real photograph of “A party of Ladies and Gentlemen giving a Concert at Lima”. A further four maps and 26 plates some folding.

    Contents includes a general description including climate and history and a focus on the Amazon Provinces or Montana, the gold found there and the Cahuapana, Chachapoyas and Moyabamba. The products of the area, fruits, drugs. Dyes, palms orchids etc and some interesting comments on the usefulness of cocaine. A substantial part, over 100 pages devoted to more specific detail on Gold and Silver and other minerals. Political analysis and review of trade between Peru and England.

    Whilst only covering 23 pages the “Reports of Scientific Travellers” is interesting including those of Olivier Ordinaire (Not ordinary at all), Professor Orton, J.D. Osmers and A. Wertheman who suffered from being abandoned by his guides on multiple occasions.

    Rare South American Account now in a Superior Full Leather Binding


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  • Map of the Pacific Ocean – 1747 Cartographer – Bellin

    Map of the Pacific Ocean – 1747 Cartographer – Bellin

    A nice early map of the Pacific (“La Grande Mer du Sud”) engraved in copper by Cosmant from the cartographer Bellin strictly after a map by Herman Moll for Dampier.

    Tropical trade winds are shown based on Halley’s 17th century wind map.

    One can see why his work became an essential reference for future explorers – Cook included. Interesting features such as the pre-Cook form of New Holland, California shown as an island and in the bottom right the Isles of Juan Fernando where Dampier was to maroon Alexander Selkirk of Robinson Crusoe fame.

    Price framed in a charcoal black frame and a cream mat board with black core. Please ask if you would like this item unframed.

    1747 Century Map of the Pacific – Fine condition … Click on me to see the full map!


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  • Rondoy – An Expedition in the Peruvian Andes – David Wall – First 1965

    Rondoy – An Expedition in the Peruvian Andes – David Wall – First 1965

    Published by John Murray, London. A very good copy of a special climbing book.

    The LSE expedition to climb 19,300 foot Rondoy in the Peruvian Andes in 1963. Bebbington (the leader) and Sadler lost their lives. A well told and emotional story with special photographs of the breath-taking Mountain scenery.

    Exceptional Climb


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  • Cayenne Owl by Shaw & Nodder – c1790

    Cayenne Owl by Shaw & Nodder – c1790

    A rare and striking hand coloured copper engraving of the Cayenne Owl (Cayennennsis Strix) by Shaw & Nodder published in London c1790

    Described then as with a “Body streaked with reddish and transversely waved with brown the irids are yellow. It inhabits Cayenne, and is the size of the Screech Owl. The bill is horny, claws blac”

    George Shaw was in charge of the Natural History Department at the British Museum. Nodder was a natural history artist and worked for Banks on his Florilegium.

    Framed in gilt within cream mat board dimensions 36cms x 30cms.

    “You looking at me … looking at me wooo woooo” Click on me to see me all …


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