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  • Biggles Takes a Hand – Captain W.E. Johns – First Edition 1963

    Biggles Takes a Hand – Captain W.E. Johns – First Edition 1963

    A very good copy of this scarce first edition Biggles.

    Published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1963. Octavo, 160 pages with the odd illustration. Very good unclipped dust jacket the odd chip.

    Biggles receives a message … “If you will go to the Adlon Restaurant in Bank Street, Kensington, today, at a quarter to one precisely, and sit at table number two, you will be joined by someone who will give you information you should be glad to have – A Well-wisher”

    And, so it starts … great stuff and excellent use of commas.

    Scarce Biggles First


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  • Biggles Air Detective – Captin W.E. Johns

    Biggles Air Detective – Captin W.E. Johns

    Stolen Aircraft, “Black Sheep”, the case of the Wounded Agent .. a Biggles shorter story delight, seven in all.

    Published by Dean & Son a 1960’s reissue of an early Biggles collection. Octavo, 151 pages, toned evenly, crease to jacket still a good copy.

    Biggles packed with thrills


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  • The Black Bar – George Manville Fenn

    The Black Bar – George Manville Fenn

    A very nice copy of prolific writer George Manville Fenn’s “The Black Bar” a story of the British ship Nautilus patrolling the coast of West Africa deterring American slave ships.

    Published by Sampson Low, London, octavo, 312 pages with the odd illustration. No date, a prize label at front suggests 1930’s – at the rear we have a Jules Verne promotion that suggest before 1928. The prized was given in Battery Point – maybe an indicator as to how long it took books to arrive at these distant parts.

    Beautifully written as expected from Fenn. The story not at all uncivilised and a reminder of things that go on in the world – to this day.

    The Nautilus off the Coast of Africa doing good work ..


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  • Admiral of the Ocean-Sea (Columbus) – Mary Johnston – 1927

    Admiral of the Ocean-Sea (Columbus) – Mary Johnston – 1927

    A very good copy of the 1927 edition published by Butterworth, London. Rare with the dust jacket.

    A novelisation of the adventures and achievements of Columbus. Octavo, 319 pages, red cloth covered boards protected by a pretty good dust jacket – as we say a scarcity. Double page chart of the voyages near the front. Some age to page edges otherwise super.

    The discovery of America funded by Isabella of Spain. Told through the eyes of Jayme de Marchena a common seaman who rises to be ship’s physician and Columbus’s trusted friend and adviser.

    Columbus and his adventures and discoveries.


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  • The Amber Spyglass – Philip Pullman – First Edition Signed by the Author

    Published by Knopf, New York in 2000. A true first edition, the USA preceding the UK first.

    Thick octavo, 518 pages. Super fine condition, signed nicely mid title page above the author’s name.

    The third and final book in “His Dark Materials” series which included The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife.

    Lyra has been hidden away by her Mother and Will is determined to find her. The pair on a pilgrimage to a realm devoid of all light and hope, embroiled in battles between forces of good and evil – the destiny of the Cosmos is at stake.

    Winner of the 2001 Whitbread Book of the Year award and more. Sixth in the Guardian’s best 100 books since 2000.

    Special book nicely presented and signed


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  • Biggles Secret Agent – Captain W.E. Johns

    Biggles Secret Agent – Captain W.E. Johns

    Published in 1974 by White Lion. A reissue of an early Biggles, originally first published in 1940 by Brockhampton Press.

    Octavo, 184 pages, ever so slightly evenly toned, couple of little closed nicks to the dust jacket. A very good copy by Biggles standards … they were well read.

    Biggles and his side-kick Ginger parachute into Lucrania in search of the missing Professor Beklinder. Usual exciting and hazardous events enuse.

    Biggles plays his “Trump Card” in Lucrania.


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