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  • The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway – 1967 Edition

    The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway – 1967 Edition

    Should be everyone’s favourite short read. Nobel citation – “his powerful style-forming mastery of the art of modern narration, as most lately revealed in his novel The Old Man and the Sea”.

    A later edition published by Jonathan Cape in 1967.

    Octavo, 127 pages. With the colourful wrap around jacket by Hans Tisdall. The jacket in very good condition bar a nibble on the back leading fold. The pages are pretty clean, generally a very good copy.

    Much debate among critics regarding this book … the anti-Hemingway brigade miss the point by a nautical mile. No better metaphor for Hemingway’s life than these words. Could the ending be more poignant?

    Hans Tisdall was the designer of the Hemingway Cape dust jackets. You can see why we like them at Voyager … they have Universal attraction. Tisdall (1910-1971) born in Germany was originally a textile designer and made his name at Edinburgh Weavers. Later in life he won awards for the design of the entryway to the Battersea Fun Park and was commissioned to produce dust jacket artwork for which he designed these distinctive brushstroke cursive fonts. Michael Harvey subsequently produced a new typeface base on this style named Tisdall Script.

    Nobel Classic – Ernest Hemingway


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