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O’Harris Pixie

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  • Princess of China – Pixie O’Harris – Scarce First Edition c1946

    Princess of China – Pixie O’Harris – Scarce First Edition c1946

    Extremely rare little book by Pixie O’Harris published by Currawong Press undated but believed 1946. Reference bibliography Muir 5509.

    Landscape soft cover illustrated wrappers with a stunning colourful design. Staple bound, 48 pages with eight line drawings typical of Pixie O’Harris.

    Some signs of age and two of the illustrations have received some light colouring from some happy previous owner. Generally pretty good condition.

    A really beautiful story which ends on a special high. The beginning … “Small Honeysuckle was a little Chinese Princess, who lived thousands of years ago. She was as slight as a reed; and her face was as fair as a moon flower; her teeth were like the small white seeds of the melon; her hair was a cloud of dark mist about her head; her lips were as red as a rose in flame; her eyebrows were thin and arched and her lovely eyes were black as night and sparkled with laughter when she smiled. In her hair she wore the shining blue and green feathers of the kingfisher and ornaments of pearl”.

    Collectable Pixie O’Harris.


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