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  • The Works of Jonathan Swift [Including Gulliver's Travels] – Published 1760

    The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D., Dean of St Patricks, Dublin, Accurately Revised in Twelve Volumes, Adorned with Copper Plates; with Some account of the Author’s Life, and Notes Historical and Explanatory, by John Hawkesworth

    Twelve octavo volumes in contemporary full leather bindings published London, 1760. Printed by C. Bathurst et al. Complete and in good authentic condition. Various plates including, in particular the plates and maps relating to Gulliver’s Travels.

    Each volume bound in full leather. Raised bands to spines with six compartments those free with gilt decoration. Leather title and volume numbers applied in gilt direct. Red lettered title pages. Some rubbing, and tender hinges, occasional marks, generally clean.

    Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) barely requires introduction. An Anglo-Irish satirist, political pamphleteer for the Whigs and then the Tories, poet and cleric who became the Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. Whilst Gulliver’s Travels is foremost in most minds he also wrote and published here – A Modest Proposal; A Journal to Stella; Drapier’s Letters; The Battle of the Books; A Tale of a Tub etc. the foremost satirist in the English language.

    The presentation of Gulliver’s Travels is very good. Pages are clean and the plates and in particular the maps are well executed. The relevance to Australia may not be understood by all with Lilliput set south of Sumatra and in the vicinity of Christmas Island; and Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) featuring in the south east … Houyhnhnms Land and the Yahoos, as everybody knows, was discovered in 1711 and sits off the coast of South Australia.

    Swift based his understanding of the geography from the accounts of the voyages of William Dampier [As did Defoe re Robinson Crusoe] and the early Dutch voyagers. Dampier visited Christmas Island in 1688. Some early maps showed erroneously two islands instead of one … this may account for Swift’s ‘two island” depiction.

    The “biographer” John Hawkesworth requires mention, a man of distinction not the least in that he wrote up the official account of James Cook’s First Voyage in the Endeavour.

    Swift’s Works all Twelve Volumes in contemporary 18th C bindings – including Gulliver’s Travels – 1760



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  • Travels with My Aunt – Graham Greene – First Edition 1969

    Travels with My Aunt – Graham Greene – First Edition 1969

    Published by the Bodley Head, London a first edition in 1969.

    Octavo, 319 pages, decorative jacket designed by Stephen Russ. Very good condition albeit with a some tiny dust jacket chips around the spine top. Protected in Brodart as are all our dust jackets..

    Surely Graham Greene’s funniest book – as with many of his, the basis of a movie success. Parts of this appeared in Playboy!?

    Aunt Agatha travels with her young lover Wordsworth; Curran from the CIA gets involved; Visconti wanted by Interpol … caught up in all of this is Henry Pulling, a retired bank manager .. well its time they had a bit of fun.

    First Edition – Hilarious – Perfect


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  • Cocktail Time – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition 1958

    Cocktail Time – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition 1958

    First Edition 1958 of a sought-after Wodehouse.

    Published by Herbert Jenkins, London. Octavo, 222 pages. In the preferred slightly chipped dust jacket all in pretty good condition, albeit some spots to page edges.

    Frederick, Fifth Earl of Ickenham has a lot of things on his plate but he gets them (everybody) sorted with much hilarity.

    Sought after Wodehouse – First Edition


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  • Doctor in Love – Richard Gordan – First Edition 1957

    Doctor in Love – Richard Gordan – First Edition 1957

    Anyone who likes Wodehouse will love Richard Gordan and his series of “Doctor” books.

    A first edition, published by Michael Joseph, London in 1957 edition, the fifth in the “Doctor” series.

    Octavo, 188 pages, in very good condition.

    “You can’t go about the country falling in love with girls at your age” … sage advice Grimsdyke gives to his friend Dr Gordon. Another “advisor” observes “the patients don’t like you messing about with their wives unless they know you’ve got one of your own at home”. Taking all this on board matters get complicated and … Dr Gordan finally gets his girl!

    The right girls does turn up for Dr Gordan …


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  • Doctor in the Swim – Richard Gordan – 1962

    Doctor in the Swim – Richard Gordan – 1962

    Anyone who likes Wodehouse will love Richard Gordan and his series of “Doctor” books.

    A first of type, published by the Book Club and Michael Joseph, London in 1962. This one has our favourite dust jacket which gives you a strong hint at the joviality.

    Octavo, 184 pages, in very good condition with a super example of the aforesaid dust jacket.

    Dr Gaston Grimsdyke reflects on his sex life [nothing lewd] that revolves around the coastal goings on of Whortleton-on-Sea. A summer holiday with Anemone and her mother dame Hilda, a famous criminologist ..etc. Hilarious.

    It all goes on at Whortleton …


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  • Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party – Graham Greene – First Edition 1980

    Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party – Graham Greene – First Edition 1980

    A first edition published by The Bodley Head 1980. Octavo, 140 pages, complete dust jacket, a very good copy.

    Seriously hilarious – a shorter tale [Greene would call it an “Entertainment”] about greedy people – Dr Fischer was a naughty man – Greene sees it all!

    The unusual double “choice” title makes sense once read.

    Greene- Bomb’s Going off in Geneva


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