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New Guinea and the Pacific

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  • Plan of Port Hunter (with View of Engagement with Native Canoes) –  William Bradley – 1794

    Plan of Port Hunter (with View of Engagement with Native Canoes) – William Bradley – 1794

    A scarce item in fine condition. Plan of Port Hunter surveyed by Lt W Bradley engraved by J Walker. Published (London) by A Dalrymple September 5th 1794.

    With inset map showing part of Duke of York Islands and part of a the coast of New Britain. With an ancillary view of Port Hunter showing the ship firing on native canoes, and natives with spears on the beach. This view being a bellicose version of a watercolour painting by midshipman George Raper.

    Printed on heavy paper, strong plate mark, image 22cm by 16.5cm with wide borders. Very good near fine condition.

    William Bradley was 1st Lieutenant of HMS Sirius which foundered off Norfolk Island, Captain Hunter in Command. The ships crew were carried back to England in the hired Dutch transport ship Waaksamhey’d. On that voyage they anchored at to be named Port Hunter and were attacked by natives in canoes as depicted.

    An interesting Plan showing depth soundings and anchorages. Pt Maule; Pt Mitchell; Ball’s Point and Bradley’s Island are identified. North is orientated to the foot. A “watering place” is identified and the intensity of the palm trees along the shore is clear. The myriad of inner coral fringes is suggested along with comments re bottom condition … rocky, mud and loose coral and sand and mud.

    Published as part of the East India Pilot by A. Dalrymple (1762-1801) where it was plate 491. This version sold separately, priced sixpence under the Hydrographical Office Seal in the top left. As such could be a very scarce example.

    Price $290.00 unframed. ask if you wish framing option …

    Unusual and scarce chart with image of engagement with native canoes . Bradley, First Fleet Lieutenant and published by Dalrymple.


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  • The 1937 Eruption of Matupi Volcano, Rabaul – Original Photographic Record

    The 1937 Eruption of Matupi Volcano, Rabaul – Original Photographic Record

    A collection of 14 original photographs witnessing the commencement and aftermath of the eruption of Matupi in 1937.

    Six photographs 10 x 7.5 cm by Roger Davies and carrying his stamp on the reverse and eight photographs 5.5 cm square. Each photograph nicely captioned on reverse in the same clear hand.

    Examples of captions include ..

    Just after the explosion the black-out approaching the shore;

    the black-out – when it struck out one could not see his hand before his face;

    less than an hour after the first explosion – clouds and pumice going hundreds of feet in the air. It started as 4.30pm by 7pm the clouds of pumice are 20,000 ft high;

    the volcano at night;

    the old crater Matupi about a mile or so on the opposite side of the harbour from the new volcano. This is a picture just as it blew up. A number of is looking at the new volcano when there was a sudden roar and clouds twisting up from Matupi;

    a car blocked up with pumice or mud – the destruction of vegetation behind;

    Mango Avenue – the main street in Rabaul formerly a very shady avenue.

    Roger Davies was working in a hospital at Rabaul at the time. His image of lightening over the volcano at night ahs been used in technical works about that phenomena.

    Rare real time record of Matupi eruption.


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  • Easter Island Monuments – Cook’s Second Voyage – Benard Paris 1785

    Easter Island Monuments – Cook’s Second Voyage – Benard Paris 1785

    An original copper engraving from 1785 of the monuments at Easter Island. Engraved by Benard and published in Paris as part of the French version of Cook’s Second Voyage.

    “Moumens dans l’isle de Paques” a deep and dramatic depiction. Classical overtones and yet in a modern sense even “Daliesque” … we really admire the structure.

    Printed area 36cm by 21cm with near invisible central fold as issued. Strong thick paper and a strong dark ink image.

    Would frame nicely in Voyager uncoloured map style in cream mat with black core and charcoal frame. Here priced unframed at $190.00. Just enquire if you wish the framing option.

    Striking Image for the Easter island Curios


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  • Cases de Naturels a Nouka-Hiva  (Baie Anna Maria) – Louis LeBreton (Dumont d’Urville Expedition) – 1846

    Cases de Naturels a Nouka-Hiva (Baie Anna Maria) – Louis LeBreton (Dumont d’Urville Expedition) – 1846

    A natural image of the native people of Nouka-Hiva (now Nuka Hiva) the third largest island in the Marquesas.

    An original lithograph from a drawing by Louis LeBreton (1818-1866) published as part of the great “Atlas Pittoresque” to accompany “Voyage au Pole Sud et dans l’Oceanie sur les corvettes l’Astrolabe et la Zelee … sous commandement de M.J. Dumont d’Urville”.

    Lithographed by Bichebois and produced by Lemercier Benard, Paris 1846. A sizeable image on sturdy paper – 37cms x 28cms to the edge of the printed area bright and clean, with very wide boarders with the odd mark from handling but well away from the image. Overall in very good condition. The quality and intensity of the artwork can be seen in the close up images.

    Louis LeBreton replaced Goupil as the official artist (he died at Hobart on the outward voyage) on Dumont d’Urville’s third circumnavigation of 1837-40.

    Incidentally, Herman Melville and Robert Louis Stephenson were both to visit and take inspiration from Nouka-Hiva

    Fine Polynesian image by Louis LeBreton


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  • Nouvelle Guinea et Carpentarie Allain Mallet – 1683

    Nouvelle Guinea et Carpentarie Allain Mallet – 1683

    An original copper engraved map by Allain Manesson mallet (1630-1706) representing the Dutch discoveries in what in Queensland and New Guinea. The western side of the Cape York Peninsula was discovered by Jan Cartensz in the Pera (accompanied by the Arnhem) in April 1623. The land discovered was named Carpentarie after the then governor general of the VOC Pieter Carpentier and hence later Carpentaria being applied to the gulf area. Cartensz also named the Coen River (now Archer River) near Weipa.

    This is the first state of this map published in Paris in c 1683. A second version was printed in Frankfurt circa 1719.

    Allain Manesson Mallet (1630-1706) was a French cartographer and engineer. He started his career as a soldier in the army of Louis XIV and became a Sergeant Major and an Inspector of Fortifications.

    Price $340.00 framed in Voyager miniature map style within gilt fillet and beaded gilt frame.

    Rare early map part Queensland


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  • Curious Map of the Eastern Hemisphere – Calmet 1728 – Early Australia Outline

    Curious Map of the Eastern Hemisphere – Calmet 1728 – Early Australia Outline

    An original special and unusual copper engraved map by Antoine Calmet (1672-1757) published in 1728 for his work on the Creation of the World. Below the map of the Old World is a sphere representing the creation of the Universe with the Earth at its centre. Very good condition un-coloured as it should be with a strong plate impression. 33cms by 22cms in plate impression.

    Whilst the map highlights Africa, Europa and Asia the strong depiction of those parts of Australia discovered and mapped by the Dutch is charming with the Gulf of Carpentaria connected to New Guinea as was thought then.

    Calmet was a French Benedictine monk and scholar born in Lorraine. He became very learned and out of humility refused honours from the Pope. The map is believed to have been engraved by Strackman (1680-1730) who worked with distinguished cartographers De Fer and De L’ilsle

    Price $290.00 framed in stylish charcoal frame in cream mat with black core … a combination that works well with early uncoloured maps … enquire if you wish this map unframed or an alternative.

    Unusual early 18thC map with good Australian relevance


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