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New Guinea and the Pacific

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  • The Story of the Pacific – Van Loon – 1940

    The Story of the Pacific – Van Loon – 1940

    First Edition published by George Harrap, London 1940.

    Octavo, 315 pages, illustrated from the authors sketches (his usual style) and with end paper maps. Gift inscription across front map otherwise a very good unjacketed copy.

    Hendrik Willem Van Loon (1882 -1944) was a prolific Dutch / American writer of historical works. His language is really good and he gets to the point … the publishers of Roget’s Thesaurus specifically honoured him in publications after his death as being the person that most communicated new entries to them… quite an honour.

    Here he is writing about the Polynesians and how they came to be in the Pacific … the places they went to and the places they avoided. Amongst all that is elements relating to the discovery of Australia … an interesting and of overlooked work.

    The Van loon theories regrading the populating of the Pacific.


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  • Map of the World “Mappmondo” –  Zatta – 1790

    Map of the World “Mappmondo” – Zatta – 1790

    An unusual copper engraved map of the world in two hemispheres by Antonio Zatta published in Venice in 1790.

    Map dimensions … 26cm by 18cm to the plate mark, 28.5cm by 22.5cm to the edge. Fold marks as issued, page edges slightly askew.

    For the date, post Cook, the depiction of Australia is very strange. Fictitious lines connect Western Australia with the south coast of Tasmania and, from there north east and out to the Solomon Islands and back around to New Guinea. The Gulf of Carpentaria is connect to New Guinea. Australia is named N Olanda. Other curiosities include a strangely drawn Japan and an unnamed Company’s Land peeps out from the extreme north east, for those that are familiar with this curiosity.

    The map appears at first rather basic but on closer inspection one can see topographical features, major mountain ranges are depicted and a number of the worlds major river systems. Uncoloured as it should be. Showing some age but a good honest map of some scarcity and peculiarity.

    Little is known about Antonio Zatta (1757-1797). Even his year of birth and death, usually quoted as above are challenged in some sources which suggest 1722-1804 … maybe the shorter period reflects his map making activity. We can see that this map is by him as his signature appears in the engraving bottom right … we cannot help feel the plate is based on another map, of smaller scale, usually attributed to Giovanni Rizzi Zannoni, also active in Venice during the period.

    Price $320.00 unframed

    Distinctive and Scarce 18th Century World Map with Curiosity


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  • Report on the New Guinea Exploring Expedition 1885 published 1886 – H. C. Everill

    Report on the New Guinea Exploring Expedition 1885 published 1886 – H. C. Everill

    A rare item, complete 20 page extract from the Journal of the Geographical Society of Australasia 1886 with the scarce folding map of the Fly and Strickland river systems. Very good condition, sugar paper wrappers.

    Henry Charles Everill was the appointed leader of a scientific, collecting and anthropological expedition to New Guinea in 1885. The expedition used the 77 tone steamboat “Bonito” an took with them a whaleboat which they would use beyond the Bonito’s capability.

    The report is a detailed account of goings on and observations during the expedition. Initially they were to explore east of the Fly river but Everill changed the plans because of difficulties encountered traversing the Gulf. They discovered, named and explored the Strickland river which was missed by D’Albertis who had seen an opening but failed to explore further. Whilst the expedition was over in three months they collected a monumental amount of specimens particularly botanical, which would have been down to the skill and energy of botanist Bauerlin.

    Before the returned fake news had been spread that they had been ambushed and massacred by natives. Reprisal boats had already been sent before their actual return. In fact they had encountered hostile activity and were rather lucky in their endeavours.

    Everill was highly praised in Australia for his exploration effort and management. He went on to be a tobacco planter in Sumatra and died in England in 1900.

    Scarce fundamental New Guinea Exploration report and excellent unique map.


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  • Solomon Islands with the Unusual Fictitious Terre de Qvir – Mallet – 1683

    Solomon Islands with the Unusual Fictitious Terre de Qvir – Mallet – 1683

    An unusual and scarce original copper engraved map “Isles de Solomons” by Allain Mallet published in Paris in 1683 as part of his great work on “the Universe”.

    One of the most intriguing Mallet maps. It purports to show that Queiros had a theory that a great land mass existed between the Solomon Islands and New Zealand … here named “Terre de Qvir” … similar to, or as a part, of the supposed great southern continent “Terra Australis”. Decorated with nine sailing ships.

    In 1567 Alvarode Mendana de Neira (Mendana) set out from Lima to fine gold in the Pacific. Legend had it that the Biblical Ophir which had provided the gold for Solomon’s Temple lay somewhere out there. They sailed for over eighty days and 6,000 miles before the reached land … and here marked Isle St Isabelle. It was almost thirty years later in 1895 that Mendana set off on a voyage to colonise the Solomon’s, following Drake’s plundering of the Spanish interest on the west coast of South America . His Chief Pilot was Pedro Fernandes de Queiros and they set sail with four vessels and 378 individuals (including family, criminals, prostitutes etc). First, the discovered the Marquesas and treated the native people very badly, many of whom were killed as if for sport. They then went on to find the Santa Cruz Islands … but failed to find the Solomon Islands. They headed for Manilla and only 100 survived the dangerous adventure. Mendana died on the voyage.

    Allain Manesson Mallet (1630-1706) was a French cartographer and engineer. He started his career as a soldier in the army of Louis XIV and became a Sergeant Major and an Inspector of Fortifications a role which afforded him the resources required to produce this treasure.

    Price $190.00 unframed or $320.00 framed in Voyager style … enquire if you wish

    Historical important mallet Map for the Pacific region from the Solomon Islands to New Zealand


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  • Queensland Branch of the Royal Geographical Society – Proceedings 1887 – Interesting Papuan Expedition, Queensland Mountains etc

    Queensland Branch of the Royal Geographical Society – Proceedings 1887 – Interesting Papuan Expedition, Queensland Mountains etc

    Vol II part 2 of the 1886-8 Proceedings and Transactions of the Society. Extremely scarce.

    Octavo. Printed paper wrappers as issued pages 76-126 after preliminaries, notices etc. Interesting to see Tenison-Woods in attendance at the Meeting. Printed by Watson, Ferguson $ Co of Queens Street, Brisbane. Still surviving Watson Ferguson commenced in 1871 and are Queensland oldest printing business.

    A few edge chips and a reference label top front left otherwise very good condition

    The journal contains some interesting reports including C.T. Bedford surveying trip from Boulia to the South Australian Border, the Mountains of Queensland by N. Bartley (author of Opals and Agates and his Reminiscences).

    The highlight though is the Journal of Mr George Hunter on an Expedition from Kappa Kappa to the Heads of the Kemp Welch River, British New Guinea with a good folding map illustration the journey. Anyone who has been to this part of Papua will remember the beautiful beaches around the Kappa Kappa area.

    Early Queensland Geographical Society Publication – Interesting Explorations and Observations on the People of Papua and the Kappa Kappa / Rigo Region


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  • Plan of Port Hunter (with View of Engagement with Native Canoes) –  William Bradley – 1794

    Plan of Port Hunter (with View of Engagement with Native Canoes) – William Bradley – 1794

    A scarce item in fine condition. Plan of Port Hunter surveyed by Lt W Bradley engraved by J Walker. Published (London) by A Dalrymple September 5th 1794.

    With inset map showing part of Duke of York Islands and part of a the coast of New Britain. With an ancillary view of Port Hunter showing the ship firing on native canoes, and natives with spears on the beach. This view being a bellicose version of a watercolour painting by midshipman George Raper.

    Printed on heavy paper, strong plate mark, image 22cm by 16.5cm with wide borders. Very good near fine condition.

    William Bradley was 1st Lieutenant of HMS Sirius which foundered off Norfolk Island, Captain Hunter in Command. The ships crew were carried back to England in the hired Dutch transport ship Waaksamhey’d. On that voyage they anchored at to be named Port Hunter and were attacked by natives in canoes as depicted.

    An interesting Plan showing depth soundings and anchorages. Pt Maule; Pt Mitchell; Ball’s Point and Bradley’s Island are identified. North is orientated to the foot. A “watering place” is identified and the intensity of the palm trees along the shore is clear. The myriad of inner coral fringes is suggested along with comments re bottom condition … rocky, mud and loose coral and sand and mud.

    Published as part of the East India Pilot by A. Dalrymple (1762-1801) where it was plate 491. This version sold separately, priced sixpence under the Hydrographical Office Seal in the top left. As such could be a very scarce example.

    Price $290.00 unframed. ask if you wish framing option …

    Unusual and scarce chart with image of engagement with native canoes . Bradley, First Fleet Lieutenant and published by Dalrymple.


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