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Medical, Medical History and Medical Science

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  • Hanji Mahomet Allum – Afghan Camel-Driver, Herbalist and Healer in Australia – Madelaine Brunato – Very Rare

    Hanji Mahomet Allum – Afghan Camel-Driver, Herbalist and Healer in Australia – Madelaine Brunato – Very Rare

    A scarce book published by Investigator Press of Leabrook in 1972; effectively self published. Octavo, 80 pages, illustrated throughout.

    Mahomet Allum was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan about 1857. He came to Australia in the 1880’s as a camel driver, working in Western Australia mainly in and around the gold-fields. He was a true transport pioneer, carrying mail and supplies thousands of miles into the most isolated of areas. Over time he built up a reputation as a herbalist and healer. In his later years he settled in South Australia … a well known and liked colourful and controversial figure … people flocked to receive his cures. He lived until he was 106 … no wonder he became known as the “Wonder Man”

    Pasted at the front is a note on the author Madeleine Brunato who had spent time among the Mahommedan tribes of Quetta. The note is signed and annotated by the author.

    Camel driving in the Western Deserts or was it the herbs that kept him alive so long …


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  • Antique French Field or Students Microscope – Triple compound objective

    Antique French Field or Students Microscope – Triple compound objective

    A late Victorian possibly Edwardian student’s or field drum microscope of the French variety. Comes with a “Nachet” style triple compounding objective which gives a number of magnifications when combined.

    A functioning microscope in very good barely used condition … good clean mirror. Case in very good condition.

    Nice triple objective field microscope


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  • Elements of Medical Logick, illustrated by Practical Proofs and Examples – Sir Gilbert Blane – 1821

    Elements of Medical Logick, illustrated by Practical Proofs and Examples – Sir Gilbert Blane – 1821

    Published by Thomas and George Underwood, London in 1821. This is the second edition .. with Large Additions, Particularly in the Practical Part. Extremely scarce regardless.

    The “Windsor Copy” meaning from the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, cancelled in the 1948 cull performed by the then merciless Royal Librarian.

    Octavo, 280 pages, inscribed on the end paper “from the Author” i.e. a gift to the then George IV’s Library. There is an additional note of recognition “with thanks acknowledges the Rect of this book. J.G. LT, Oct 2nd 1821”. Rebound beautifully in half calf by Roger Perry, separate red leather title label characteristically hand tooled not blocked.

    An interesting read … an unusual index which provides brief explanations assists e.g. … Alexander the Great his method of dispelling sleep; Artificial ills to be corrected by artificial remedies; Aristotle a great observer of nature; Banks, Sir Joseph found colchiucum remedy for gout; Boyle his recommendation of a fantastick remedy; Cadiz the yellow fever more frequently there, than any where in Europe; Exceptions the danger in erecting them into rules; Exercise necessary to the soundness and perfections of the vital organs; Lymphatik system no sound nor available physiology before its discovery; Opium of essential benefit in the cure of gravel; Sensation can be excited by the imagination; Galvanism not identical with the nervous power but an exciter of it … and probably more relevant examples.

    Sir George Blane was a celebrated medic of the time. He was a Fellow of the Royal Societies of London, Edinburgh and Gottingen, a Member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences at St Petersburgh and the appointed Physician to the King. An important history of medical work.

    Royal Library Pedigree of an Important Medical Reference.


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  • Classical Medical Print [Pochoir] – Hippocrates – Kuhn Regneir – 1932

    Classical Medical Print [Pochoir] – Hippocrates – Kuhn Regneir – 1932

    A striking hand beautifully coloured risqué “Pochoir” produced in 1932 by Joseph Kuhn-Regneir (1873-1940). Hippocrates of course had died some time earlier!

    Medical Consultation at its most informal.

    Beautifully framed …

    Price $190.00 – Or a set of four for $690.00


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  • The Seats and Causes of Diseases Investigated by Anatomy – Giovanni Battista Morgagni – 3 Fine Volumes

    Reproduces the 1769 edition for the “Classics of Medicine” – these volumes published 1983.

    Three large volumes thick royal octavo 868, 770 and 604 pages after preliminaries and before indexes. Bound in jet black leather, marbled endpapers, gilt page edges, gilt design to covers, silk page markers. They make quite a statement. Circa 5kgs in weight so postage will vary dependent on customer location – please enquire. Nice presentation and a very good set.

    Morgagni (1682-1771) regarded as the “Father of the Anatomical Concept”.

    The origins and causes of diseases anatomically investigated, contains reports on an extensive series of postmortems performed by himself, his teacher, Valsalva, and other members of his circle. By comparing the clinical symptoms with the postmortem findings Morgagni laid the foundation of pathological anatomy. It is hard to find an area of the human body without something named after him.

    Morgagni – Medical Classic – 3 Volumes


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  • The Life and Times of Gaspare Tagliacozzo – Surgeon of Bologna (1545-1599)

    The Life and Times of Gaspare Tagliacozzo – Surgeon of Bologna (1545-1599)

    A beautiful and substantial book from the Classics of Medicine Series. Large octavo, 538 pages bound in full black leather with lavish gilt work. Page edges richly gilt, marbled endpapers, silk marker ribbon intact. Co-written by Martha Teach Gnudi and Jerome Pierce Webster. Initially published by Herbert Reichner, New York … this special edition published in 1989. A very good copy. A heavy book that will require an Overseas postal supplement.

    Gaspare Tagliacozzi was an Italian surgeon and pioneer of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He was born and died in Bologna, where he studied at the University commencing in 1565. After obtaining his medical qualifications he was appointed professor of surgery and then later also anatomy. He practiced at the Hospital of Death and through this has access to bodies of executed prisoners for use in dissection. He improved on the work of Sicilian surgeon Branca and developed his own method of nasal reconstruction . One of his main publications was De Curtorum Chirurgia per Institionem (On the Surgery of Mutilation by Grafting) and its is from this work that he primarily receives the honour of being one of the first plastic surgeons.

    Surgical reconstruction in the 16th Century.


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