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  • Ghost Towns of Australia – George Farwell

    Ghost Towns of Australia – George Farwell

    Published by Rigby, Adelaide in 1965. Octavo, 247 pages with plates and map end papers. Minor ageing with relevant article glued in at end. A Very good copy.

    Australia has its fair share of towns no longer up to their former glory … indeed many completely gone. That is the nature of pioneering existence whether mineral or agricultural or some other purpose.

    Interesting images of once glorious places


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  • Indian Palmistry – Mrs J.B. Dale – First Edition 1895

    Indian Palmistry – Mrs J.B. Dale – First Edition 1895

    Rare first edition published by the Theosophical Publishing Society, London in 1895. Small octavo 66 pages illustrated for reference purpose. Original cream cloth covered boards with red ink titles and decorative lines, chip to the lower front board but excuse it for its scarcity. The illustration “Reference Hand” has been previously removed and then re-attached … evidence that this book has been used for its designed purpose.

    The author Mrs J.B. Dale was Helena Fenwick Dale (born 1854) who married Sir James Backhouse Dale of Durham hence her choice of nom de palm.

    After a tight introduction and the authors obvious preference for “Chiromancy from the Greek cheiros (the palm) and manteia (to foretell) whence it has been vulgarly called Palmistry” follows a sufficient yet succinct book of instruction. The age of the “science” is determined as older than Buddha by the fact of the marks on Buddha’s feet.

    Palmistry First Edition Scarce – 1895


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  • A Reply to the Objections of Robert Nelson Esq and an Anonymous Author – Dr Samuel Clarke – 1714

    A Reply to the Objections of Robert Nelson Esq and an Anonymous Author – Dr Samuel Clarke – 1714

    Full title continues … “against Dr Clarke’s Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity. Being a Commentary upon Forty Select Texts of Scripture. To which is added, An Answer to the Remarks of the Author of, Some Considerations concerning the Trinity, and the Ways of Managing the Controversy”.

    Original panelled calf binding, raised bands to spine with six compartments, red leather title label. Binding aged and hinges cracked but holding well on strong cords. Despite deficiencies a delightful antiquarian patina. Octavo, 311 pages after preliminaries plus book advertisements and “index of the texts explained in this book”. First page is title so likely missing front end paper. Internally some ageing and staining to pages but overall very good condition for its age.

    Printed for James Knapton, at the Crown in St Paul’s Church Yard 1714.

    A more important historical work than immediately apparent. Samuel Clarke (1675 – 1729) was the major British figure in philosophy between John Locke and George Berkley. Born in Norwich he went to Caius College, Cambridge where his tutor was John Ellis a personal friend of Isaac Newton. Clarke adopted the new physical system of Newton and in 1697 published a book on the superiority of the Newtonian system. Taking holy orders Clarke moved rapidly up the hierarchy and by 1709 he was Rector of St James, Westminster and Chaplain in Ordinary to Queen Anne. At this time, he became in personal contact with Isaac Newton. Just before this period he presented the Boyle Lectures where he presented examples of a physico-theological system. That is that God is self-existent, infinite, omnipresent, having existed from eternity …

    In 1712 Clarke published his treatise “The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity” it was controversial and he was cautioned not to publish … he ignored this advice. There were complaints from the Lower House of Convocation and the Blasphemy Act was threatened and those that published against him included Robert Nelson (1656 – 1715) mentioned strongly in the title to this work and Francis Gastrell who was the “Anonymous Author” also referred to in a robust defence.

    Clarke a controversial intellectual with personal influence from Isaac Newton, Boyle Lecturer and Chaplain to Queen Anne – 1714


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  • Aphrodisiacs and Ant-Aphrodisiacs – John Davenport – Very good First Edition – Privately Printed 1869

    Aphrodisiacs and Ant-Aphrodisiacs – John Davenport – Very good First Edition – Privately Printed 1869

    Aphrodisiacs and Ant-Aphrodisiacs – Three Essays on the Power of Reproduction; with Some account of the Judicial “Congress” as Practiced in France During the Seventeenth Century

    Privately printed, London 1869 by the author John Davenport (1789-1877) pioneering British sexologist. Sheep backed Roxburghe style boards. Very good condition. Small quarto, 154 pages after preliminaries with seven illustrations. Very good if not better. The papered boards a bit rubbed but barely noticeable given the style of the paper. Internally very clean belies its age.

    Essay I – Ancient Phallic Worship (India, America, Ireland, Wales, Germany etc.), the holy vinegar, Lampsacus, Godfrey de Douillon and Sir W Hamilton’s account of the Worship paid to Saints Cosmo and Damianus etc.

    Essay II – Impotency causes proper to Man and Woman, Moragagni quoted (see our medical section) Point-Tying and Montiagne’s curious story, Judicial congress and the advice of Dr Willicks upon the Sexual Intercourse etc.

    Essay III – Aphrodisiacs, The Mandarke or Dudaim, Rachel and Leah, the Knights Templar accused, Love potions and Venetian law against them, Richard II and Lady Grey and witchcraft, Aphrodisiacs used by the Amazons, Philters or love potions used by the ancients, Indian bang, Flagellation – Graham’s Celestial Bed etc.

    Very good condition 1868 pioneering book on many matters sexual – and the Celestial Bed!


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  • Ethnology of the Sixth Sense, Studies and Researches into its Abuses, Perversions, Follies, Anomolies, and Crimes  – Dr Jacobus X – 1899

    Ethnology of the Sixth Sense, Studies and Researches into its Abuses, Perversions, Follies, Anomolies, and Crimes – Dr Jacobus X – 1899

    By Jacobus X [Louis Jacolliot] published by Charles Carrington, Paris based bookseller and publisher of erotica in 1899. A limited first edition of 1000. Original blue cloth binding, 422 pages all in fine condition.

    The “Sixth Sense” not the psychic sense but the genital sense which is explored in its active phase.

    Includes, among many topics, clinical accounts of deformities of the sexual organs, such as “profound despondency of the unfortunate persons who have lost their penis”, “penis found in stomach of dog” etc.

    Interestingly the preamble says “this work, printed for a small number of Subscribers – Medical Men – Experts and Specialists in Nervous Diseases – Lawyers etc.” The limitation page suggests 1000 copies but is unnumbered as with other copies we have seen.

    You need to be over 18 and eccentric to buy this book – proof required


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  • The Great Pyramid Witness and Near Eastern Nations in the Light of Christ’s Second Coming – Rev Lamb (Sydney) 1928

    The Great Pyramid Witness and Near Eastern Nations in the Light of Christ’s Second Coming – Rev Lamb (Sydney) 1928

    A rather special soft covered second edition of Rev lamb’s book on the second coming and the link to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Self-published in Sydney in 1928.

    Lamb a rather eccentric Reverend with a keen eye for Marketing. His list of five titles could be got at the discounted price of 7/6 if the money was sent directly. His first edition was sold out and given that the second coming would have severe personal consequences it was essential that this book was purchased if you missed the first printing!

    His forward is direct “This book, over which I have earnestly prayed for many days, is now finished. Its message, as in everything else I have previously written, is to convince all who read it that the coming of God’s Son to this world is now right at hand. The intention all through its pages is to make its every reader feel that their chief business now should be that they “May be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” … I shall now pray every day that its mission may in this way be fully realised”

    Lamb, not too keen on this modern theory of Evolution, correctly points out how clever the early Egyptian were any Greek civilisation having been founded on Egyptian intelligent. The destruction of the great library at Alexandria still stands as the worst act of vandalism against culture. The books kept the fires in the bakeries and hot baths etc. going for many months. His references to the Pyramids and the Great pyramid of Giza are a very special account. He recounts the scale, accuracy and quality of construction which is always bewildering to read, how was it really done? And the alignment with the stars. Early views of Sir John Herschel and then, Voyager favourite Piazzi Smyth who calculated the date of construction as 2,170 BC given the backward calculation of the position of Draconis, the Pole Star, being directly aligned with the extraordinary passage at midnight that year. This vent will happen 25,817 years later when the stars will be similarly aligned.

    The book contains more than this of course and his view of the likely consequences of the rise in fascism throughout the world … well we all know what happened.


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