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  • Australian Bird Maps – Robert Hall [Self Published Hobart 1922]

    Australian Bird Maps – Robert Hall [Self Published Hobart 1922]

    A very scarce, unusual and informative book, self published by the author at Hobart in 1922.

    This copy presented with the authors compliments. Soft cover with sugar paper jacket, perfect bound 220 pages plus errata. Original paper label to front and spine. A delightful item.

    Illustrated throughout with sketch maps showing the distribution and migration patterns of Australian bird life. Exactly 100 years one so it would be a worthwhile source to compare with current data for the enthusiast or expert.

    The author eminently qualified being the Past President of the Royal Australian Ornithological Union … profits from the book were donated to the Scouts and Guides.

    The books is arranged by State … Queensland and the Northern Territory together and South Australia with the short lived Central Australia [of which few are aware]

    Super scarce bird book with some interesting facts some maybe not found elsewhere.


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  • Mount Morgan – Centenary of First Gold Discovery in 1882 – Rockhampton 1982

    Mount Morgan – Centenary of First Gold Discovery in 1882 – Rockhampton 1982

    A nice example of the interesting medal struck by the Rockhampton Coin Club and made in Brisbane by A.J. Parkes in 1982.

    An uncirculated commemorative, 40 mm diameter, 40gms in copper alloy. Strong relief and a super example.

    The obverse carries a design by artists Don Taylor of a miner / prospector on his knee observing his gold pan with some intensity, other mining accoutrements in the background. On the reverse we have an image taken from a 1908 photograph of the working mine … an image all too familiar to Voyager.

    Mighty Mount Morgan commemorated in medal form, and it deserves it!


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  • Triumph in the Tropics (Queensland) – Cilento and Lack – 1959

    Triumph in the Tropics (Queensland) – Cilento and Lack – 1959

    This substantial book was produced for the Centenary Celebrations of Queensland published 1959 effectively by the Historical Committee of the State Government. It is free from government style and influence and jam packed with facts in a naturally chronological order.

    Thick octavo, 446 pages plus index. Illustrated throughout, including charts, coloured frontispiece of the Cooktown Orchid (quite beautiful but we find a slightly strange choice). Facsimile signatures on endpapers and a pretty good example of the decorative period dust jacket. Very clean.

    Starts with very early explorers (the reference to first nation people comes later) .. Cook, Flinders, Oxley, Convict establishments, foray into the interior, self Government. Then the development of the “Modern Queensland” … pastoral, maritime and mining (more about Mount Morgan).

    It is the depth of information that impresses us most about this book, whilst the content concerning aboriginal people would not meet today’s standards, it is hard to find a book anywhere that addresses progress in Queensland better than this account. Not surprising given the authors [note their humble reference to mere editors] Cilento and Lack.

    A Triumph it is … Queensland!


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  • Here’s a Villian [Concerning Brisbane Boys Grammar] – George Carson Cooling – First Edition Scarce 1949

    Here’s a Villian [Concerning Brisbane Boys Grammar] – George Carson Cooling – First Edition Scarce 1949

    A rare book published by Watson and Ferguson, Brisbane in 1949. George Cooling was a pupil and later Master at the illustrious Brisbane Boys Grammar. Written with a hint of Wodehouse; he may certainly qualify as a “Villian”… with his frank expose of goings on … with often tongue planted firmly in cheek. The story of the teaching of sex education and the parents attempts with the birds and the bees is very funny … young boy at Church wedding of his elder sister shouts out to his mother … “When is he going to give her his pollen?” .. priceless.

    Octavo, 254 pages, a trifle cocked as with all W & F books, very clean and with a very good dust jacket. The odd cartoon illustration by McClure.

    The art on the dust jacket is really super and makes the book. For those that know the history of Pink Floyd, think of the Cartoon images drawn by the great Gerald Scarfe to accompany “One More Brick in the Wall” … was this the inspiration? Doubt it, but what a coincidence. “Hey Teacher Leave us Kids Alone”.

    Essential Grammar related book … but any Brisbanite will love and cherish it.


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  • The Opium Smugglers – Ion Idriess – First edition 1948

    The Opium Smugglers – Ion Idriess – First edition 1948

    Idriess back in Cook’s Passage and the Lizard Island. A tale written for boys and now grown up boys. Somewhat of a rarity.

    A first edition published by Angus and Robertson, Sydney in 1948. Without the jacket, octavo, 273 pages, original tanned cloth covered boards with shell design to front. End paper maps, ownership signature on front ends. A pretty good copy.

    The Lizard and opium


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  • Cruising the Coral Sea – Alan Lucas

    Cruising the Coral Sea – Alan Lucas

    This is the third edition nicely updated with aerial images and some extra anchorages. A really super book about the tropical coast of Queensland and the Ocean and Islands. The kind of book that is probably difficult to continue to produce spoilt by the accessibility of the internet. But nowhere is so much useful and interesting information presented in an orderly and balanced fashion.

    Published by Horwitz in 1976, large octavo, 336 pages with a multitude of maps, sketches, the aforesaid photographic images etc.

    After a useful introduction we have a description of the reefs , the islands past present and notes on conservation. Then a handy chapter on catching and cooking your own food .. and the number of poisonous creatures encountered. Safety in the waster … not just sharks but the stingers even the small ones that can kill. Then into the detail of the approaches and anchorages and what a good anchorage looks like …

    A special book on Queensland and only dated where it is interesting …


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