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  • IMAGO MVUNDI (MUNDI) The Journal of The International Society for the History of Cartography – Vol 38 – 1986

    IMAGO MVUNDI (MUNDI) The Journal of The International Society for the History of Cartography – Vol 38 – 1986

    Published by Imago Mundi, Kings College London in 1986. Folio hardback, 134 pages plus advertisements. Illustrated with maps, charts and diagrams. original blue cloth covered boards with gilt titling and device. Very good condition.

    An annual publication and the pinnacle of cartographic research. Superbly presented.

    The concentration in this issue is with North America. Three paper – First, Indicators of Unacknowledged Assimilations from Amerindian Maps on Euro-American Maps of North America: Some General Principles Arising from a Study of La Verendrye’s Composite Map, 1728-29. Secondly, Maps in Colonial Promotion: James Edward Oglethorpe’s Use of Maps in “Selling” the Georgia Scheme. Thirdly, The Rise of Maps Use by Elite Newspapers in England, Canada and the United States.

    Other articles include “the Turning Point in German Cartography” and a thorough “Census” of Pre-Sixteenth Century Portlan Charts.

    Extensive book reviews provided an excellent bibliography for cartography enthusiasts.

    Imago Mundi cannot be improved


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  • The West Point Atlas of War – World War II : The Pacific – Brigadier General Espirito.

    The West Point Atlas of War – World War II : The Pacific – Brigadier General Espirito.

    Quite scarce, edited by Brigadier General Vincent Esposito. Originally published under another title in two parts in 1959.

    large landscape production. Soft covers, 128 pages, with 38 quality maps and further photographic illustrations. Fine condition. We really rate this item for anyone with an interest in the Pacific War.

    An incredible piece of War history in maps and charts. Starting with the Japanese Advances of 1938 and 1939 and including … The Attack on Pearl harbour; the Hong Kong, Malayan and Philippine Campaigns; invasion of Burma; Guadalcanal; New Guinea;; Solomon Islands; landings in the Gilbert islands; Leyte Campaign; China-Burma Theatre; the Philippines; the Battle for Iwo Jima and the rest

    Special maps for those interested in WWII Pacific


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  • Mappe Monde – Buffier – 1760

    Mappe Monde – Buffier – 1760

    An original copper engraved map of the world by cartographer Claude Buffier engraved by Faure published in Paris around 1760.

    Recognised as a simple sketch yet attractive depiction of the known world at the time. Australia is represented in the Dutch form with Western and Northern Australia outlined and a hint of the west coast of the Cape. In the south we see the Southernmost part of Tasmania. The suggestion of the Solomons is far too far east in the Pacific and the map shows California as an island which was the belief for a period in the early 18th century. A large unknown land looms towards the south pole.

    Engraved area 18cm by 14cm all in very good condition, lightly coloured as it should be.

    Price framed in Voyager rare map style $320.00 … beautiful ready to hang … perfect as a gift.

    Interesting understanding of the World by Buffier


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  • Eastern Hemisphere – “Ancien Continent” – Allain Manesson Mallet -1683

    Eastern Hemisphere – “Ancien Continent” – Allain Manesson Mallet -1683

    A beautiful original copper engraved map of the Eastern Hemisphere or “Ancien Continent” by Mallet published in Paris in 1863. Very nicely engraved and coloured … this is the superior version of Mallet’s map with the square riggers added for decoration.

    This is an early depiction of the West Coast of Australia and the Southern extremity of Tasmania following the exploratory efforts of the Dutch. A massive hypothetical “Terra Incognues” is shown in the south in order to “balance” the world.

    Mallet (1630-1706) was a French cartographer and engineer. He started his career as a soldier in the army of Louis XIV became a Sergeant Major and an Inspector of Fortifications. His maps have a beautiful decorative and unique style.

    Price $360.00 framed in Voyager miniature map style .. enquire if you would like this item unframed

    Striking early map of the Eastern Hemisphere


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  • Map of Ningbo Zhejiang China – Bellin after Thornton -1746

    Map of Ningbo Zhejiang China – Bellin after Thornton -1746

    An original copper engraved map titled “Carte de l’Isle de Che-chan ou Isle de Chusan de la Province de Che-kiang avec les Costes et Isles voisines”. Engraved by J van Schley for Jaques Nicolas Bellin Cartographer to the French Navy. It was published in Paris in 1746 as part of Prevost’s History of Voyages. The underlying charting ahd been completed by the Englishman Thornton.

    The great city of Ningbo near Shanghai is seen just off the map at the top named them Ning-po .. with a note that it is known by Europeans as Liampo. The Che Kian Province now known as Zhejiang.

    The map is 32cm by 21 cm to the border of the printed image. Folds as original. In pretty good condition with nice colouring and a nice compass rose. Now a very busy harbour its interesting to see so many depth measurements marked.

    Price $120.00 unframed

    Interesting chart of the coastal area around Ningbo


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  • The Printed Maps of Tasmania – Tooley – 1963

    The Printed Maps of Tasmania – Tooley – 1963

    From the Map collectors Series published by the Map Collectors’ Circle, London in 1963. Small quarto, buff coloured card covers, 35 pages plus index to cartographers then 14 full page plates of maps.

    Of course described by the map guru himself R.V. Tooley and the basis of the larger book and authority on the subject.

    A chronological List from 1777-1900 with an alphabetical index and some examples. Starts with the Furneaux map from Cook’s Second Voyage – a map that we try to always have in our inventory. The final map, no 227, is the whole of Tasmania by the Hobart Survey Office published in 1897.

    An essential piece for any Tasmanian Map collector or those with an interest.


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