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Map of the Eastern Hemisphere – Allain Manesson Mallet – 1683

Short Description

An unusual original copper engraved map of the Eastern Hemisphere or “Ancien Continent” by Mallet published in Paris in 1863.

This is an early depiction of the West Coast of Australia and the Southern extremity of Tasmania following the exploratory efforts of the Dutch.

A worn track of the printed area and deficiency way bottom left otherwise a good strong example

A massive hypothetical “Terra Incognues” appears in the south in order to “balance” the world.

Mallet (1630-1706) was a French cartographer and engineer. He started his career as a soldier in the army of Louis XIV became a Sergeant Major and an Inspector of Fortifications. His maps have a beautiful decorative and unique style.

Striking early map of the Eastern Hemisphere

Price: $140.00

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