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Plums of Wodehouse (P.G.)

Short Description

We are not too keen on the Folio Society … sorry about that – they do some great work but its all rather glitzy. We make the exception for Wodehouse who we think would have agreed with our aforementioned remark.

A 2005 edition, it was popular in pristine. All covered in dazzling gold illustrated cloth covered boards. In its slipcase – fine condition.

Plums several times intermingled with short complete ditties. Plums are what one should put to memory and bring out with gusto at any severe dinner party.

“I can’t stand Paris. I hate the place. Full of people talking French, which is a thing I bar. It always seems to me so affected” … sorry again ed.

Wodehouse Plums better than Greengage. .

Price: $25.00

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