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  • Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyev in An Evening with the Royal Ballet

    Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyev in An Evening with the Royal Ballet

    An original promotion poster produced in 1963 for the Documentary Film staring the great Fonteyn and Nureyev. This was incidentally one year before their highly charged successful performances in Melbourne and Sydney.

    The film was produced by Anthony Havelock- Allen and Anthony Asquith and was filmed at the Royal Opera House, London. Dances performed by the famous couple included from Les Syphides; Le Corsaire; La Vaise and Aurora’s the last segment from the third act of The Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky.

    Printed by Robert Burton, Sydney for local release 100cm by 70cm and in very good condition with bright colours.

    Fonteyn and Nureyev were at first seen as an unusual if not unlikely pairing … Fonteyn the epitome of English poise and grace whilst Nureyev rather wild and a bit of a rascal. This unusual recipe gave rise to surely the best dance pairing ever … Nureyev said … “when we dance, we are one body … one soul”

    Fonteyn and Nureyev for inspiration ……


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  • Sei Whale (Balaena Borealis) – Lesson – 1838

    Sei Whale (Balaena Borealis) – Lesson – 1838

    Original hand coloured copper engraving of the giant Sei Whale produced for Rene Primevere Lesson (1794-1849) for his extension of the great natural history work originally produced by Count Buffon. They were published in Paris in 1838. Lesson participated as doctor and naturalist in the Duperry voyage round the world on board La Coquille (1822-1825).

    The Sei is the world third largest whale behind the Blue and Fin Whales. It eats a tonne of food per hour and is very quick reaching 50km per hour in shorter bursts. Lives all over the world although tends to avoid very hot and very cold waters.

    Price $160.00 unframed or $260.00 framed in Voyager Natural History style in cream mat with black core in gilt frame … superb ready to hang

    Iconic early whale image of the large and fast Sei


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  • Original Share Script – The Consolidated Gold Mines of Western Australia – 1898

    Original Share Script – The Consolidated Gold Mines of Western Australia – 1898

    A great example of a late Victorian Gold Mine certificate produced and printed by Bishop & Co Engravers and Printers, London.

    The Consolidated Gold Mines of Western Australia was incorporated in 1898 with a share raising of 81,000 British Pounds, being 324,000 shares of 5 shillings each. This is certificate number 165 for 40 shares issued to Mrs Rachel Mary Cleaver of “Beauregard” St Leonards [Sydney}. Signed by the Directors and Company Secretary, Lawrence Spicer. Impressed company seal. Nice example - would frame well.

    In 1898 the Company was operating a gold mine at the Marble Bar, a town and rock formation in the Pilbarra, North Western Australia. Records show the mine had limited success. From a map drawn by engineer A F Calvert (see below) it is clear the Company had ambitions in a number of Western Australian gold fields.

    Of particular interest is that the Managing Director of the mine was author, explorer, entrepreneur Albert Frederick Calvert (1872-1946). Calvert was a prolific writer and his Explorations of Australia 1844-1896 in two volumes still holds up very well … as does his The Discovery of Australia still a standard and collectable reference. His books on Western Australia are well honed based on personal experiences and adventures. Whilst he was not part of it [he was back in London]… he sponsored what is know as the “Calvert Expedition” into the heart of the Great Desert in which two adventurers sadly died.

    Interesting early Gold Mine script with a rather unique background story.


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  • Engraved at Lahainaluna: A History of Printmaking by Hawaiians at the Lahainaluna Seminary, 1834-1844 – David W Forbes

    Engraved at Lahainaluna: A History of Printmaking by Hawaiians at the Lahainaluna Seminary, 1834-1844 – David W Forbes

    A significant book by the author of the recognised bibliography of all literature Hawaiian. Published by the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society, Honolulu in 2014. Quarto, xxi, 210 pages .. with large folding map in rear pocket. An as new copy .. super condition … clean as a whistle.

    A heavy book … may require a modest Overseas supplement to our standard postage allowance.

    A wonderful collection of over 120 images of copperplate engravings from the seminary on the island of Maui.. Views of Hawaiian Islands, towns and rural settlements, portraits, natural history, original maps and charts. The most important collection of 19thC Hawaii images before the age of photography. Includes biographical information on many of the engravers

    Special Hawaiian Item and a lovely production


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  • The Life of Gerard Mercator – Set of Six Trade Cards – Liebig

    The Life of Gerard Mercator – Set of Six Trade Cards – Liebig

    A group of six brightly coloured trade cards by Liebig advertising their tasty products. Produced circa Mid 20thC and in very good condition. Comprehensive text in French on reverse.

    Delightful chromolithographs depicting various phases in Gerard Mercator’s life.

    Gerardus Mercator (1512-1594) a German-Flemish geographer studied at the University of Leuven. He appears in the matriculation records of 1530 … they still exist! In 1569 he created the principles that we now call the Mercator projection, fundamental to voyagers from that day forward. He produced a magnificent Atlas based on his projection technique and made many fine globes sold to Royalty and gentry all over Europe. Unfortunately, as were the time even though a devout Catholic he was accused of heresy and spent six months in prison. Each of these elements of his life is nicely displayed in this scarce card set.

    Mercator … his projection is everlasting


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  • (Australian) Settlers Camp – Newton & Co  – Original Magic Lantern Slide – c1900

    (Australian) Settlers Camp – Newton & Co – Original Magic Lantern Slide – c1900

    Very good condition magic lantern slide from Newton & Co, Fleet Street, London circa 1900, maybe earlier.

    We date the slide to around 1900. New & Co were at 43 Museum Street London. They were the world’s longest established suppliers of scientific instruments being formed by Sir Isaac Newton’s cousin J. Newton in 1704. At the time of this slide the proprietors were still from the Newton family. The British Museum have Newton & Co out of business at Museum Street in 1913, but other references have it continuing.

    The handwritten slide description included BGG who we presume is the photographer although we cannot find him in any records so far.

    An interesting moment in the bush, very dry condition. We suspect that the two forward characters are having a break from working on the sizable log in front. The gent at the rear, heavily dressed suggesting winter conditions and perhaps well away from the coast. Super detail on magnification. Standard British size in fine condition. We believe this slide and image is pretty rare not being able to place it elsewhere.

    Newton & Co’s address is in sight of the British Museum in London and also opposite The Plough …a favourite Voyager pub.

    Settler Camp we suspect in the Queensland bush


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