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Original engraving from the Baudin voyage – A Young Malay Slave Girl from Roti Island seen at Kupang.

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Ile de Rotti (Rotte), Asterina, jeune esclave malaise

Original hand coloured stipple engraving. Good strong clean example with excellent bright original colouring. The stipple effect is striking. 32cm by 24 cm, strong laid paper, very good condition with a few innocent marks.

Engraved by J Milbert Lambert after a drawing by Nicholas-Martin Petit, official artist on the Baudin expedition. Published at Paris by Bertrand as part of the most beautifully illustrated of the great voyages – Voyages of Discoveries in Terra Australia.

Price $290.00 matted ready to frame.

Beautiful study from the remarkable work to follow the Baudin voyage down under.

Price: $290.00

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