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Everest is Climbed [Special Illustrated Work 1954] – Wilfred Noyce and Richard Taylor

Short Description

A very good copy of a very usual period “Puffin Picture Book” describing and celebrating the fits ascent of Everest. Noyce (teacher) was part of the expedition team lead by Hunt (soldier) and remembered for Hillary (beekeeper) and Tenzing (sirdar).

Landscape staple bound soft cover 31 pages, profusely illustrated a really super piece of work not like anything else on the subject. Published by Penguin with permission from Hodder in 1954.

Starts with the history of the “objective” after the team backgrounds … with Mallory and the 1922 expedition. The finding of Mallory’s ice axe 1933 and a table on notable achievements up to the final success. The Southern Route and the Great Crevasse. Oxygen systems and how they work. Base camp and the choices of tents as they advance. Climbing equipment and the nine camps to the top. The Western Cwm and the author Noyce at the Geneva Spur overlooking the South Col. The final trek to the top along the South east Ridge.

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Rather unique Everest ephemera with genuine content and special illustrations of the period.

Price: $40.00

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