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  • Eastern Hemisphere with Australia – La Division de Nostre Ocean – Philippe Briet – 1648

    Eastern Hemisphere with Australia – La Division de Nostre Ocean – Philippe Briet – 1648

    A scarce early copper engraved map of the eastern hemisphere with an outline of Northern Australia from the Dutch understanding.

    Published in Paris in 1648. The cartographer was Philippe Briet (1601-1668) also know as Philippus Brietius. He was a Jesuit scholar, historian and cartographer.

    Uncommon, with a good dark impression. Text on reverse with some show through as usual. Very good condition. Size 19cm by 14.5 cm in the printed area. Uncoloured as it should be.

    As well as Terre Australe there are a number of other cartographic features of interest including, Korea shown as an island, Africa has a large Lake Zaire, Sri Lanka is named Zailan an early Arabic name for the island. The ranges across Asia, east to west and down into the Himalayan region are the only mountain features shown. Note the sea between Java / Timor and Australia is named “Lanchidol” a curiosity explored by Donaldson in his paper “In Search of a Sea: the Origins of the Name Mare Lanchidol” published by the Australian Association for Maritime History” well worth the read …

    Scarce Mid 17thC Map with Terre Australe … a real historic beauty.


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  • Early Maps – Tony Campbell

    Early Maps – Tony Campbell

    Another beautiful book on early cartography. Published in 1980 by Abbeville Press, New York.

    Folio, of near square format, 147 pages heavily illustrated in colour with a number of fold-out reproductions. A fine copy of a book of high standard. A heavy book that might require some further postage assistance.

    Tony Campbell was a Director of distinguished London map dealer Douwma. He was a regular contributor to Map Collector’s Circle, The Map Collector and Imago Mundi.

    Set out geographically … The World; The Americas; Europe and the Mediterranean; Africa; Asia; Australia and the South Pacific …. very good narrative and glossary for further reference.

    Early maps in all their beauty well explained and beautifully displayed.


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  • Atlas of Columbus and The Great Discoveries – Kenneth Nebenzahl

    Atlas of Columbus and The Great Discoveries – Kenneth Nebenzahl

    A first printing 1990 of Kenneth Nebenzahl’s striking work on early maps. Despite the title much more than New World focused

    Published by Rand McNally and probably one of their best works. Folio, 168 pages, extensively illustrated in colour. A fine copy in a complete and pristine dust jacket. Heavy and will be difficult to send Overseas.

    Nebenzahl, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Trustee of the Newberry Library , Chicago … a map lovers heaven. Recipient of the “Tooley” award of the International map Collectors Society.

    With the backbone of Columbus the book is set out in four parts. Part I – The Geographic Tradition inherited by Columbus; Part II – Columbus and His Contemporaries Change the Map; Part II – Filling in the Features of the Earth and Part IV Europe’s Colonial Era Begins. We must say the only rather dull thing about this book is the “Part Headings”. It is not al all dull and contains many beautiful cartographic curiosities not found in other books of aligned topic.

    Special cartographic work with super examples and illustrations.


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  • Antique Maps of Europe, the Americas, West Indies, Australasia, the Orient – Douglas Gohm

    Antique Maps of Europe, the Americas, West Indies, Australasia, the Orient – Douglas Gohm

    A first printing published by Octopus Books, London and Sydney in 1972. Large quarto, 128 pages, profusely illustrated. A fine copy, in a fine dust jacket.

    A very good book as an introduction to rare map collecting. A nice summary of the great cartographers and then a comprehensive array of some of the most attractive or intriguing.

    Spot some of Voyagers favourites in here – such as the mysterious island of Juan Fernandez (page 95) also known as Robinson Crusoe’s Island. And the Tallis map of South Australia makes the front of the dust jacket.

    Good map book nice images … educational content.


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  • Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography – Robinson (Perry’s Copy)

    Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography – Robinson (Perry’s Copy)

    A first edition published by the University of Chicago Press in 1982.

    Small quarto, 266 pages nicely illustrated as you would expect with the subject. Very good if not fine condition.

    Published map expert Perry’s copy with his name neatly written on the end papers.

    The author Arthur H Robinson was the Professor of cartography at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. He published several works on the broader subject.

    Following a good “Guide to Notes, references and Illustrations” we have chapters on the Appearance of the First Thematic Maps; the New world and a New outlook; Single Maps and Thematic atlases; the Physical World; Maps of people and Their activities; the Social environment etc.

    What makes this book special is the understanding of the development and scope of thematic cartography before the digital age … maybe we have lost something despite the obvious ease ..

    Thematic maps … they inform and make you think


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  • A.E. Nordenskiold Facsimile-Atlas

    A.E. Nordenskiold Facsimile-Atlas

    A facsimile of the original Atlas published first in English in Stockholm in 1889. Translated then from Swedish by Johan Ekelof and the great Clements Markham

    The original author an adventurer and explorer was part of the great Nordenskiold family with the discovery of the North-west passage and new area of the Antarctic among their conquests.

    This facsimile is large folio (40cm by 28cm), soft cover, published by Dover, New York in 1973. 141 pages plus 51 pages of mainly double page map reproductions. Very good condition.

    A unique item concentrating on the mots important maps of the 15th and 16th Century.

    Dealing with the geographical Atlas of Ptolemy; Pseudo Ptolemy editions; other Ancient maps; the first maps of the New world and newly discovered parts of Africa and Asia; Terrestrial Globes … the transition to the modern period … Jacopo Gastaldi, Philip Apianus, Abraham Ortelius, Mercator.

    Special Cartographic work by Nordenskiold – Special Detail.


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