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  • Plan of Port Hunter (with View of Engagement with Native Canoes) –  William Bradley – 1794

    Plan of Port Hunter (with View of Engagement with Native Canoes) – William Bradley – 1794

    A scarce item in fine condition. Plan of Port Hunter surveyed by Lt W Bradley engraved by J Walker. Published (London) by A Dalrymple September 5th 1794.

    With inset map showing part of Duke of York Islands and part of a the coast of New Britain. With an ancillary view of Port Hunter showing the ship firing on native canoes, and natives with spears on the beach. This view being a bellicose version of a watercolour painting by midshipman George Raper.

    Printed on heavy paper, strong plate mark, image 22cm by 16.5cm with wide borders. Very good near fine condition.

    William Bradley was 1st Lieutenant of HMS Sirius which foundered off Norfolk Island, Captain Hunter in Command. The ships crew were carried back to England in the hired Dutch transport ship Waaksamhey’d. On that voyage they anchored at to be named Port Hunter and were attacked by natives in canoes as depicted.

    An interesting Plan showing depth soundings and anchorages. Pt Maule; Pt Mitchell; Ball’s Point and Bradley’s Island are identified. North is orientated to the foot. A “watering place” is identified and the intensity of the palm trees along the shore is clear. The myriad of inner coral fringes is suggested along with comments re bottom condition … rocky, mud and loose coral and sand and mud.

    Published as part of the East India Pilot by A. Dalrymple (1762-1801) where it was plate 491. This version sold separately, priced sixpence under the Hydrographical Office Seal in the top left. As such could be a very scarce example.

    Price $290.00 unframed. ask if you wish framing option …

    Unusual and scarce chart with image of engagement with native canoes . Bradley, First Fleet Lieutenant and published by Dalrymple.


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  • Map of Tasmania or Van Dieman’s Land – Dower 1849

    Map of Tasmania or Van Dieman’s Land – Dower 1849

    An original map of Tasmania or Van Dieman’s Land by John Dower published in London in 1849, an important year in the history of Tasmania.

    This attractive Dower map published by Ward & Lock, London. This variant not included in Tooley Printed Maps of Tasmania. Nor can we find it in the National Collection or in Trove. Very good condition . This example has very attractive colouring. Map dimensions 30cm by 25cm.

    A detailed map particularly for its size showing county divisions and relief by hachures. The topographical relief shown at the bottom is most interesting … it follows the wandering line A to B from the south west coast near Montgomery to a point above Ben Lomond. The heights of Mt Humbolt, Mt Arrowsmith, Lake St Clair etc are worth checking against modern reckoning … there are discrepancies. Hobart Town is noted as the only place containing more than 10,000 inhabitants at 16,000.

    John Dower (1791-1847) was a quality map maker, print seller and publisher based in London. He worked with many prominent map makers of the time including Weller, Cassell, Bacon and Petermann.

    Price $190.00 unframed or $320.00 framed in Voyager small map style in gilt fillet, burgundy mat and beaded gilt frame.

    An interesting topographical map from 1849



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  • The Region of Lorraine (Lotharingia) France – Petrus Bertius – Published 1603

    The Region of Lorraine (Lotharingia) France – Petrus Bertius – Published 1603

    An original copper engraved miniature map of the Provence of Lorraine, North East France.

    Bertius include this map in his most successful “Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum Libri” published by Cornelis Claesz in Amsterdam. This example comes from the 1603 edition of “Tabularum” and was likely engraved by Pieter van den Keere.

    Lotharingia was a medieval successor kingdom of the Carolingian Empire. It comprised modern day Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, parts of Germany and Lorraine. It was formed circa 855 AD. Over time changes took place and it was divided into an upper and lower region. The lower region was effectively Lorraine which was not ceded to France until 1737 following the War of the Polish Succession.

    The principal towns of Metz, Nancy, Toul, Remiremont, Raon, Bellemont, Thionville and Espinal are noted with nice detail of rivers and wooded areas. The region of Lorraine is now part of the region Grand-Est

    Map dimensions to the extent of the engraved image 135mm by 90mm. Excellent condition.

    Petrus Bertius (1565-1629) was born the son of a Flemish minister a Baveren, Flanders. He became a religious refugee and moved and settled in Amsterdam. In 1577. After finishing his studies he was appointed Professor of Mathematics at the University of Leiden. He became a prolific writer on mathematics, history and theology. He also gained renown as a geographer and publisher of magnificent atlases. Later in life, in 1618 he became cosmographer and historiographer to Louis XIII of France. He died in Paris in 1629

    Price $280.00 framed in Voyager miniature map style withing gilt fillet, burgundy mat and beaded gilt frame. ready to hang.


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  • La Grande Bretagne et Ireland – Chatelain – 1717

    La Grande Bretagne et Ireland – Chatelain – 1717

    An original copper engraved map of the British Isles by Zacharie Chatelain and published in Amsterdam in 1717.

    A nice example with simple outline simple outline colouring. Engraved area 17 cm by 14cm a good strong plate mark.

    Henri Abraham Chatelain (1684-1743) born in Paris but lived variously in Paris, London, the Hague and later Amsterdam. This intriguing map of the British Isles was published as part of “La Science des Personnes de la Cour … “ a monumental work covering religion, astronomy, geography, war and fortifications etc.

    Chatelain’s reputation is that of a skilled artist with delicate engraving and an uncomplicated composition. It is considered that Chatelaine primarily used De L’Isle as his reference for maps and we would agree with that view in regard to this little beauty.

    Price $280.00 framed in Voyager miniature map style with gilt fillet, burgundy mat and beaded gilt frame.

    Attractive 300 year old map of the British Isles


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  • Fine Original Aquatint – Riviere de Bezouki (Java Indonesia) – Lauvergne from “La Favorite” – 1835

    Fine Original Aquatint – Riviere de Bezouki (Java Indonesia) – Lauvergne from “La Favorite” – 1835

    An original aquatint by Barthelemy Lauvergne (1805-1875) of the River Bezouki, Java Indonesia .

    Executed on India-laid paper being plate number 60 from “Voyage Autour du Monde par les Mers de l’Inde et de la Chine de la corvette de sa Majeste La Favorite execute pendant les annees 1830,1831,1832 sous le commandement de M. Laplace” published in Paris in 1835 under the direction of Louise Auguste de Sainson.

    Plate size 28.8 x 38.2 cm. Included in the National Collection as part of the Rex Nan Kivell bequest NK685

    Some foxing as usual to the outer margins, the printed image really rather clean with a strong deep image.

    Price unframed $220.00 … ask about framing options if you wish.


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  • IMAGO MVUNDI (MUNDI) – Vol 39 – With R.V. Tooley Obituary

    IMAGO MVUNDI (MUNDI) – Vol 39 – With R.V. Tooley Obituary

    The Journal of The International Society for the History of Cartography.

    Published by Imago Mundi, King College London in 1987. Small folio, 136 pages plus advertisements. Illustrated with maps, charts and diagrams. original blue cloth with gilt titling and device. Very good condition.

    An annual publication and the pinnacle of cartographic research. Superbly presented.

    Contents include in French … La Mappemonde du Liber Floridus .. Danielle Lecoq; Vicente Pintado Surveyor General of Spanish west Florida – The man and His Maps by John Herbert; A Mapp of the Parioch of Tranent … cartography of John Adair by Moore and Notes on Vincenzo Coronelli by Rhodes. A the delightful obituary of Robert Vere Tooley (1898-1986) … the Master Map Collector and cataloguer extraordinaire.

    Extensive book reviews provided an excellent bibliography for cartography enthusiasts.

    Imago Mundi cannot be improved


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