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  • Report on the military occupation of the German New Guinea possession – 1922 – With Very Large Coloured Map

    Report on the military occupation of the German New Guinea possession – 1922 – With Very Large Coloured Map

    Report (accompanied by a massive map) by the Minister of State for Defence on the military occupation of the German New Guinea possessions, published by the parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1922.

    Contains a report examining the position in the Pacific at the commencement of WWI, and the dispatch of the Australian Naval and Military Expedition Force. The report examines, the movement and nature of both the German and Australian fleets around New Guinea, from the outbreak of war on 4th August, 1914. The report includes a description of the territory, the northwest Pacific Expedition, laws in force in the territory and the administration of justice, administration of native affairs, a brief examination of tropical medicine, territory revenues and tropical agriculture including currency and coinage, costs of administration and policy in regard to German nationals.

    Nicely bound, by a later collector with gilt title to front spine.

    The map, with dimensions of about 150x150cm (see accompanying photograph) is in colour and comprising the New Guinea mainland, New Britain and surrounding islands and the tip of Cape York. Very detailed. It represents the pre-war position and although undated likely comes from circa 1910. It is an exceptional map of the period the value of which more than underpins this item


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  • Thietmarsia (Dithmarshen) Germany – Bertius -1599

    Thietmarsia (Dithmarshen) Germany – Bertius -1599

    An early miniature published at the very end of the 16th century. From the great geographer Petrus Bertius published by Cornelis Claesz as part of the “Caert-thresoor” in Amsterdam in 1599.

    Historically famous and geographically interesting district of Thietmarsia (now Dithmarschen) Germany. North to the left bordered by the rivers Eyder (Eider) to the North and the Albis (Elbe) to the South and the German Ocean (North Sea. Most of the land here below natural sea level and much new land has been reclaimed since this map was produced making it all that more interesting.

    $90.00 unframed or $240.00 Framed in beaded gilt frame with gilt fillet surround to map within burgundy mat.

    Striking coastline and very early depiction of Theitmarsai


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