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Slipper Lobster [Scyllarus Arctus] Ovel Tailed Lobster – 1802 – by Shaw & Nodder

Short Description

Copper engraved and hand coloured this engraving of the Slipper Lobster is by Shaw & Nodder. Published in London in 1804 as part of their magnificent series of hand coloured natural history plates.

Technically not a lobster but from the family of crustaceans that include the Moreton Bay Bug and Balmain Bug. Found mainly in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, although they do occur in lesser quantities elsewhere.

George Shaw oversaw the Natural History Department at the British Museum. Nodder was a natural history artist and worked for Banks on his Florilegium.

Price $90.00 unframed $190.00 framed in Voyager natural history style ... enquire if you would like more information.

Fine well executed slipper lobster engraving

Price: $90.00

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