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Red Throated Caracar [Falcon] Ibycter Americonus – 1802 by Shaw & Nodder

Short Description

Copper engraved and hand coloured this engraving of the Red Throated Falcon.

First described in the 1780's by Count de Buffon from a specimen brought back from South America. Can be found from Mexico through Venezuela into tropical Brazil. An unusual bird with complex social habits, although they exist in large numbers they tend to form groups of around a dozen who stick together hunting for food and for social comfort.

George Shaw oversaw the Natural History Department at the British Museum. Nodder was a natural history artist and worked for Sir Joseph Banks on his Florilegium.

Price $90.00 unframed or $190.00 framed in Voyager Natural History style ... enquire if you require further information.

The Sociable Red Throated Falcon over 200 years old.

Price: $90.00

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