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Smoky Dawson’s Cowboy and Mountain Songs (with instructions for Rope Spinning Tricks)

Short Description

A super music sheet from Australia’s first and greatest Country and western singer songwriter. Smoky Dawson was Herbert Henry Brown (1913-2008). Hall of fame and all that he kept going until the end. Had a terrible childhood nut grew up to lead a talented positive life. A mate of Glen Campbell .. another super talent.

Published by Allan & Co, Melbourne in the late 1940’s (Trove suggest their copy is 1941 but we know for sure that Smoky was off to the War that year so we doubt it). Could be earlier than the war … some references say its his first published songbook.

Music arranged for voice, piano, guitar, ukulele and piano accordion. 24 Cowboy, Hill-Bily, Railroad, Mexican, Hobo Songs.

And we simply love the instructions for rope spinning… so much Voyager has purchased his first spinning rope … albeit still an step number 1.

Starts with notes and images from photographs of Smoky and his mates and what they have been up to.

Very good condition, 46 pages, aside from an innocent splosh (weak tea?) top near the spine … evident on a couple of early pages.

The second verse of Texas Lil goes like this …

“Oh she rustles cattle and she cheats at cards
An’ rattlesnakes an’ coyotes are her pards.
She’s as tough as prairie cactus and just for rifle practice
She’s amputate your ears at sixty yards”

Smoky Dawson – Australia’s First Country and Western Cowboy and a first class Legend

PS - You will see the retailers stamp of Suttons of Ballarat on the front. The Suttons Music Emporium was started in 1891 and a Suttons Music shop still exists today. Must be one of Australia's oldest retailers and undoubtedly by World standards one of the oldest music retailers. the original magnificent building housed grand piano's and had stained glass windows of the great European composers.

Price: $30.00

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