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  • Terra Australis to Australia – Williams and Frost

    Terra Australis to Australia – Williams and Frost

    Published by Oxford University Press, Melbourne a first edition 1988. A fine copy.

    Edited by the noteworthy Glyndwr Williams (University of London) and Alan Frost (La Trobe University). With contributions from Voyager favourite Gunter Schilder (author Australia Unveiled) and Helen Wallis previously Keeper of Maps at the British Library

    Octavo, 242 pages heavily illustrated and in colour where appropriate. Super selection of maps.

    A high class production – from Theory on and Speculation of Terra Australis, The enigma of the Dieppe Maps, the Dutch Discoveries and the arrival of the English. Beautifully and intelligently done from start to finish.

    Must rate as one of the best books on the subject


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  • Tallis Atlas in Facsimile  – The Illustrated Atlas of the  Nineteenth Century World – Original Editor Montgomery Martin

    Tallis Atlas in Facsimile – The Illustrated Atlas of the Nineteenth Century World – Original Editor Montgomery Martin

    Large folio, published by Studio Editions, London.

    A fine facsimile, originally published circa 1854. 1797 pages with coloured maps and text alternating. I very good near new condition. A heavy book which may require a postage supplement depending on the location of the buyer.

    The Tallis Maps represent the last Atlas produced with beautifully decorative illustrated maps. to a degree they are of a unique style

    Given the era in which these maps were originally produced those of Australia and Tasmania (Van Diemen’s Land), New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia are of particular historical interest.

    Good introduction from the qualified Jonathan Potter.

    The Tallis Maps – All of Them


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  • The “Ramusio” Map of 1534 – Holzheimer and Buisseret

    The “Ramusio” Map of 1534 – Holzheimer and Buisseret

    This work is Occasional Publication No6, from the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography, the Newberry Library, Chicago published in 1992

    In 1987, Arthur Holzheimer (co-author) map collector and long -time volunteer at the Newberry acquired a copy of the “Ramusio Map” originally published at Venice in 1534. Over time he studied the map and the few-remaining originals (including spectroscopy of 16thC watermarks – see image) and identified the importance of this map in the history of cartography.

    Quarto, card covers, 33 pages with nine full page illustrations. An extremely interesting story and superb cartographic detective work. Ramusio refers to Giovanni Battista Ramusio (1485-1557) who published Summario de la Generale Historia de l’Indie Occidentali, and the map I thought to have accompanied this work … but not copies of the book have been found with it and only three original copies of the map exist.

    Very good condition.

    The map is regarded as elegant in its simplicity. It is interesting that whilst it pre-dates the Abraham Ortelius map by fifty years … its geographical form is superior.

    A striking beautiful map from 1534 for the Ramusio … but was it?


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  • Decorative Printed Maps of the 15th to 18th Centuries – R.A. Skelton FSA

    Decorative Printed Maps of the 15th to 18th Centuries – R.A. Skelton FSA

    A very good book of decorative cartography by the much admired Skelton.

    Quarto, 79 pages plus 84 full page plates of maps some in colour. Published by Spring Books, London in 1966. This is a re-issue of a work originally published in 1952 with a re-worked text and improvements in the plates.

    A super book for someone building their understanding of the development of the map and the pure beauty behind the trade. Takes the accepted progression .. Ptolemy; woodcut maps; Italian line-engravers; the Dutch; the beginning of the English Regional Map; Dutch and German development; French emergence; the English again during the period to Thomas Jeffreys.

    Skelton on Decorative Maps – Essential well rounded.


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  • Maps and Map-Makers –  R.V. Tooley

    Maps and Map-Makers – R.V. Tooley

    Tooley the greatest 20th century name in maps who was not a map-maker. The author of many works on cartography and the standard reference point on many topics. This is his perennial book on the broader subject. Great cross referencing to sources and plentiful illustrations.

    A third impression published by Batsford, London in 1961. Small quarto, 140 pages, highly detailed and with many illustrations, some colour. A very good copy in an excellent dust jacket.

    From the library of Australian cartographic expert Thomas M Perry with his signature on the front free endpaper.

    If it’s maps it’s Tooley!


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  • The Tasman Map of 1644 – Mitchell Library – 1948 (Thomas M Perry’s Copy)

    The Tasman Map of 1644 – Mitchell Library – 1948 (Thomas M Perry’s Copy)

    A staple bound booklet of 31 pages produced by the Mitchell Library in 1948 .. a historical note and description of the manuscript map held in the Mitchell.

    The library stamp of Thomas M Perry (The Tooley of Australia) top right front cover

    Textured cream soft wrappers, 31 pages, with 3 reproductions of or pertaining to the map one in colour.

    Excellent notes and the striking “comparison map” drawn by Geoffrey Ingleton from details provided by J Emery. A brief description of Tasman’s ships and a good write up on the map itself with excellent further references and selected bibliography at the time.

    Tasman’s Map in Summary but Sufficient


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