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  • Eastern Europe – Isakk Tirion -1733

    Eastern Europe – Isakk Tirion -1733

    An original copper engraved map by Dutch cartographer Isaak Tirion (1705-1765) of Eastern Europe published in Amsterdam in 1733 (dated in the plate). Very good original condition with centrefold as issued. Relief shown for all mountainous regions. Incredible detail throughout.

    Tirion produced several Atlases and Dutch town plans. Some suggest that his maps were based on those of Guillaume de l’Isle although we see them as being much more detailed than de l’Isle’s standard.

    Price $190.00 unframed … ask about framing options if you desire.

    Eastern Europe from early 18th Century


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  • Map of the Banda (Nutmeg) Islands – Bellin – 1755

    Map of the Banda (Nutmeg) Islands – Bellin – 1755

    An intriguing 18th century map of the Banda Islands (The Nutmeg Islands) in the Dutch East Indies by cartographer to the French Navy Nicolas Bellin published in Paris circa 1755. An original copper plate engraving with a strong clean image.

    The lucrative nutmeg trade first saw the Portuguese in the island group followed by the Dutch who built a substantial fort and became dominant. A total Dutch takeover was effected by Coen of the Dutch East India Company in 1619 when thousands of local inhabitants were massacred. The English tried around the edges until during the Napoleonic Wars took control briefly but in doing so moved many nutmeg trees to Sri Lanka reducing the long dependency on Banda for the exotic spice.

    Map dimensions 21cm by 19cm attractively coloured.

    Price $140.00 unframed.

    An interesting historical map … no nutmeg without Banda!


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  • Map of the Pacific Ocean – 1747 Cartographer – Bellin

    Map of the Pacific Ocean – 1747 Cartographer – Bellin

    A nice early map of the Pacific (“La Grande Mer du Sud”) engraved in copper by Cosmant from the cartographer Bellin strictly after a map by Herman Moll for Dampier.

    Tropical trade winds are shown based on Halley’s 17th century wind map.

    One can see why his work became an essential reference for future explorers – Cook included. Interesting features such as the pre-Cook form of New Holland, California shown as an island and in the bottom right the Isles of Juan Fernando where Dampier was to maroon Alexander Selkirk of Robinson Crusoe fame.

    Price framed in a charcoal black frame and a cream mat board with black core. Please ask if you would like this item unframed.

    1747 Century Map of the Pacific – Fine condition … Click on me to see the full map!


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  • Mozambique Island – Bertius -1603

    Mozambique Island – Bertius -1603

    One of the most striking and coveted island maps from the early 17th Century – Insulae & Ars Mozambique.

    Engraved by Pieter van den Keere for the great geographer Petrus Bertius and published by Cornelis Claesz in Amsterdam in 1603 for the “Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum Libri”

    Framed in Voyager miniature map style within gilt fillet, burgundy mat and beaded gilt frame. Enquire for price on unframed map.

    Click on me to see all my cartographic loveliness!


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  • Very Early Map of the Island of Borneo – from De Bry’s account of Van Noort’s Voyages – c1602

    Very Early Map of the Island of Borneo – from De Bry’s account of Van Noort’s Voyages – c1602

    An original and rare copper engraved map of the island of Borneo (Borneo Insula) and its neighbouring Islands published by Theodore De Bry. First issued circa 1602 from Olivier Van Noorts journal of his Voyages around the World.

    Engraved by Benjamin Wright shows Van Noort’s ship in the bay at Brunei. The vessel is surrounded by local boats. Van Noort’s account mentions upwards of one hundred native proas clustered around him as he set anchor on 1st January 1601. His account of the area is only second to Pigafetta

    Van Noort voyage was primarily to set to against the Spanish. It was a mistake as the Spanish came after him and his flagship was sunk and quite a few of his crew captured and executed. When he returned to Rotterdam he had only 48 crew out of 248 and one ship left the Mauritius. But he was the first Dutch circumnavigator and he did have this map.

    Price $390.00 unframed

    De Bry/ Van Noort famous and rare map of the Island of Borneo- c1602


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  • Map of Victoria or Port Phillip – 1851 John Tallis

    Map of Victoria or Port Phillip – 1851 John Tallis

    An original Tallis map of Victoria of Port Phillip produced for the highly decorative Atlas associated with and referred to as Tallis’s Atlas. Particularly intriguing for the identification of gold finds. A little dusty and priced accordingly. A must for any Australian map collection.

    Price $190.00 unframed – enquire about framing options if you wish.

    Tallis – Victoria 1851 with Goldfields Identified



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