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Climate Change

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  • Climates of Hunger – Reid Bryson and Thomas Murray – 1977

    Climates of Hunger – Reid Bryson and Thomas Murray – 1977

    At Voyager we have recently started exploring the history and historical views of climate change science. This is our first book in this category by leading US Professor of the study Reid Bryson (1920-2008).

    Climate change supporters of which we are now nearly Universal … (to be against … being so out of touch and unfashionable) should read this.

    Here we have a well informed book from 1977. It sets out very well a potted history of climate change and describes the impacts, for example on cropping (including the “Hay Season” in Iceland). The only problem, is the underlying conclusion, that the world is about to get cooler … we think. Form your own view … do not dismiss it for out of date maybe irrelevant (now) views … this is part of the history of the whole “climate change” arguments and within it are hidden clues to the reality.

    Interestingly, published by the Australian National University Press in 1977. Very good condition. Octavo, 172 pages with a myriad of charts, diagrams etc explaining the facts and conclusions.

    Climate change an earlier informed perspective … the Vikings had one …


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