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  • Tasmania’s Strange Story – 1929

    A history of Tasmania published under the auspices of the “Come to Tasmania” Organisation by Lelsie Norman Sec.

    Soft cover, 100 pages, losses at front edge and across spine, otherwise a good copy of a fragile item approaching 100 years old.

    Stacked with period advertisements at front and back. We particularly like to see the Springs Hotel up Mt wellington, which burned down in the big fire; Beattie’s photography studio, and lots of beer and chocolates.

    The history is a good one and when it comes to the bad treatment of the aboriginals does not from excuses and is pretty sympathetic with their plight.

    We like this one …

    Interesting History of Tasmania – succinct but fairly full and frank.


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  • The Mount Bischoff Tin Field [Tasmania] Geological Survey Bulletin No 34 – A McIntosh Reid – 1923

    The Mount Bischoff Tin Field [Tasmania] Geological Survey Bulletin No 34 – A McIntosh Reid – 1923

    Appears to be a very scarce item. Comprehensive report by the then Government Geologist.

    Printed in Hobart by John Vale. Card covered perfect bound vii, 171 pages then 5 folding coloured plates of maps, plans etc other illustrations in the text some from period photographs. Complete and in very good condition.

    Carries the huge personal bookplate of Tasmanian tragic R H Green – we say that from the super Thylacine incorporated therein. Likely the well known author of numerous books on the fauna etc of Tasmania.

    After a good Introduction and set of preliminary papers we have an excellent History in precis. Then the usual professional sequence – Geography, Geology, Economic Geology, Mining Properties – numerous and taking up the bulk of the report before summary descriptions of photographs, photomicrographs (minerals) and the list of plates.

    The plates comprise … Geological Sketch Maps of the Waratah District and the Mt Bischoff Area, Plan of Underground Workings at Mt Bischoff, Geological Sketch Sections of same and a Flow Sheet of the Mill.

    Special Report on the Mighty Mt Bischoff – Great Maps etc


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  • Battery Point Sketch Book – Fearn Rowntree – First Edition 1951

    Sister of Amy Rowntree (Battery Point Today etc) this shows off the enchanting architectural sketches form hand of Fearn.

    Landscape, softcover, booklet printed at the Mercury, Hobart. No date but considered 1951. 48 pages with circa toward 200 sketches.

    Some interesting examples such as a glimpse of the Prince of Wales before they knocked it down and built the current monstrosity; a nice glimpse between the houses on Marine Terrace showing a glimpse of actual activity in the Purden and Featherstone Shipyards below; lots of interesting knobs and an Arthur’s Circus with young people playing!

    A prize sketch book from the other Rowntree


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  • Strahan and Macquarie Harbour – Tasmania’s Eldorado

    Subtitled … The Commercial Port for the Western Mineral Fields and … the Gem of the States for Tourists and Travellers. Unsurpassed for Scenic Grandeur and as a Health Resort.

    Originally published by John Ware of Strahan in 1908 and nigh impossible to get. This like for like facsimile was produced by the western Pioneers’ memorial Museum in 1981. Printed by Walch, Hobart.

    Small format, staple bound card covered. Altogether 84 pages, heavily illustrated from period photographs. The last 24 pages with period advertisement as per the original – amazing in themselves.

    Well what a vibrant area it was and Strahan was full steam go ahead just after the turn of the previous century. In those days the Union Line brought two stack steamers to Strahan from Hobart, Launceston and the Mainland … they also embarked on voyages connecting New Zealand the South Sea Islands and Vancouver, via Fiji. The Macquarie Harbour Hotel had sixty rooms available.

    Mining booming … the previous years returns had show 20,548 oz gold, 1,810,559 oz of silver, 7,682 tons copper, 7,400 tons lead, 5,158 tons galena and zinc, tin etc

    It was all go on the West Coast in 1908.


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  • The North East [Tasmania] – Owen Reid

    The North East [Tasmania] – Owen Reid

    A scarce illustrated history of the North east of Tasmania produced under the auspices of the Education Department in 1977.

    Staple bound, large size, card covered, 62 pages with 52 illustrations taken from period photographs … including Bert Hinkler with his aircraft (after his solo England – Australia flight) at Scottsdale and an image of the grandest tree you will ever see. Timber, Mining and the Railways feature well.

    Divided into almost equal parts – early Days and then St Helen’s and the Fingal Valley.

    The Tasmanian North East – a rich history not to be missed – super illustrations


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  • Manuscript Pharmacy Dispensing Journal – Hobart 1929-1931

    Manuscript Pharmacy Dispensing Journal – Hobart 1929-1931

    Large cloth backed ledger recording the precise details of prescriptions diligently recorded against each patients name and cross referenced to a list of individuals at the front. 502 pages of prescriptions and the many receivers listed in an alphabetical construction as the front. Nice condition- entries in a strong legible hand.

    42cm tall by 18cm and 5cm thick a fair weight so not suitable for Overseas. Red leather title label.. some scribbled names which do not seem to correlate with the J.R.R. and M.B and A.E.G. of the dispensing chemists.

    The date range 1929 etc is right on the bell for the discovering of penicillin … antibiotics in the broader structure coming much later. So here we still have a host of syrups and powders and the Elixir Simplex … and chloroform (for personal use?) and a grand mixture of lead and opioid products.

    Interesting Pharmaceutical Record approaching 100 years.


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