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  • Expedition to the Head of the Derwent [Tasmania] – George Frankland

    Expedition to the Head of the Derwent [Tasmania] – George Frankland

    A delicious little gem from the Sullivan’s Cove published 1983 number 124 a limited edition of only 155.

    George Frankland, quite a character, and his writing suggests a man that preferred the bush to the office. Published from his original manuscript as was his covering letter to R.W. Hay which sets out his intentions.

    Limited edition Tasmanian collectable


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  • Wooden Hookers of Hobart Town & Whalers out of Van Diemen’s Land – Harry O’May

    Wooden Hookers of Hobart Town & Whalers out of Van Diemen’s Land – Harry O’May

    Published by the author a fine copy of the second impression 1978.

    Octavo, 137 pages plus 101 pages indices not paginated. Very clean superb dust jacket.

    This is a first edition of Harry O’May’s compilation of two books packed with historic detail about the Tasmanian early whalers – superb photographic record nowhere else seen.

    One of the best Tasmanian Maritime



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  • Hobart River Craft and Sealers of Bass Strait – Harry O’May

    Hobart River Craft and Sealers of Bass Strait – Harry O’May

    Published privately by the author this is a second impression 1973. Octavo, 113 pages plus 31 pages, illustrations and indices not paginated. Folding map at back. Dust jacket a bit scuffed and closed tear to read, otherwise a very clean good copy.

    A special little book packed full of information by Harry O’May who knew his boats.

    Two works in one the first a compendium all things wooden in the Tasmanian boat world and it’s a big world. Sorted in terms of chapters to include barges, cutters, ketches and passage boats; fishing craft, racing vessels, paddle steamers (wish you were here) and a special on Wilson Shipyard, Cygnet. All the other shipyards are mentioned along with good detail on many many craft – with some interesting early photographic images. The Sealers of the Bass Strait does not disappoint either.

    Nice Tasmanian Early Boat Book – We Like it!


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  • An Imperial Disaster  – The Wreck of George the Third (off Bruny Island) – Michael Roe

    An Imperial Disaster – The Wreck of George the Third (off Bruny Island) – Michael Roe

    Published in Hobart by Blubber Press in 2006. Large octavo, 293 pages, well illustrated and in very good near fine condition.

    This limited edition (750) book by Michael Roe is packed with research.

    On 12 April 1835 the George the Third hit a rock entering the D’Entrecasteaux Channel with the loss of 133 lives all but six convicts. Essential Tasmanian reading.

    More than a shipwreck book


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  • A Book Collector’s Notes – Rodney Davidson

    A Book Collector’s Notes – Rodney Davidson

    A first edition published in 1970 by Cassell Australia. Large octavo, 138 pages nicely illustrated.

    Longer title … A Book Collector’s Notes – on items relating to the Discovery of Australia The First Settlement and the Early Coastal Exploration of the Continent.

    When written Rodney Davidson had been collecting for twenty-two years. By our reckoning he did very well in that time … and when his collection was finally finished, we all know it could not possibly be trumped.

    The chapter headings are worth listing 1 – A General Background to Collecting Australiana; 2 – Terra Australis Incognita Pre-Cook Voyages: factual and Fictitious; 3 – Captain James Cook, The recorded European Discovery of the Elusive Eastern Coast; 4 – The Foundation of a Nation The First Fleet and the First Settlement; 5 – Early French Voyages to Australia; 6 – Early Coastal Voyages … followed by a very useful Bibliography.

    Respect Rodney Davidson one of the great Australian book collectors of all time – likely means all time – writes well and very informative.

    A special persons view


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  • Tasmanian Ground Parrot – Greene – 1884

    Tasmanian Ground Parrot – Greene – 1884

    Original wood cut hand finished engraving of the shy Tasmanian Ground Parrot or Green Ground Parrot from Parrots in Captivity published in London in 1884.

    A beautifully patterned Ground Parrot of medium size, bright green with black and yellow markings and a pale yellow wing bar. It has a small red band on the lower forehead.

    A secretive bird found in the west of Tasmania, where it prefers buttongrass and open heathlands.Not usually seen unless flushed out from cover. Although it also occurs on mainland Australia, it is now only found there in fragmented populations due to disturbed habitats. the bird constructs a shallow nest of fine sticks and grass hidden under low shrubs. The female incubates the eggs and broods the young. She is fed by the male who also feeds the young when they hatch.

    Greene’s delightful work comprising wood-engraved plates printed by Benjamin Fawcett after drawings by A.F. Lydon. The prints are hand finished with delicate highlighting in gum arabic to accentuate the bright colouring.

    Benjamin Fawcett was one of the great colour printers of the 19th century. He pioneered a system of wood block engraving from multiple blocks that resulted in vivid finely coloured works. Fawcett had an association of some 50 years with Francis Orpen Morris to produce many beautiful works on birds. The engravings are the finest illustrations of parrots from the period.

    Pricing structure … the prints alone $140.00, matted as shown $165.00 or framed in gilt $320.00 ready to hang. Just let us know which option … default is matted only

    Rare 19th Century print of the Tasmanian Ground Parrot


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