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  • Stones of a Century [Tasmania] – Michael Sharland

    Stones of a Century [Tasmania] – Michael Sharland

    A fine copy of Michael Sharland’s book on the exquisite historic architecture of Tasmania.

    A second edition published in 1969. Published by O.B.M. Hobart and printed by the distinguished Walch & Sons. Octavo, 78 pages and over a 100 images from photographs of the stone faced beauties. An interesting readable narrative that has passed the test of time.

    Old Tasmanian Buildings a class on their own in Australia.


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  • Lure of the Southern Seas – The Voyages of Dumont D’Urville 1826-1840

    Lure of the Southern Seas – The Voyages of Dumont D’Urville 1826-1840

    Large perfect bound soft cover (30cm x 24cm) a good size for showing off the many illustrations from artwork created at the time and photographs of displays from the voyage collection held in France.

    Published by the Historic Housed Trust of NSW in association of a exhibition held at the Sydney Museum in 2003.

    Well researched and produced making an important contribution to works on the two voyages undertaken by Dumont D’Urvillle in the first half of the 19th Century.

    Following and introductory chapter “Southern Discomfort” and excellent map, we gain an understanding of the man and what drove him. His voyage towards the Polar Ice; the Anthropology and “Harvest of Curiosities” and the more defined Natural History Catalogue. Some notes on the artists without whom the wonder could not have been so well revealed. Data back up in the form of routes and statistics of the Voyage are followed by the great man’s correspondence and of all things “his will” … references, bibliography.

    Dumont D’Urville well presented historical account, some new information and special images.


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  • A Monograph of Nototherium Tasmanicum – H. H. Scott – 1915

    A Monograph of Nototherium Tasmanicum – H. H. Scott – 1915

    Published in 1915 in Tasmania researched and written by H.H. Scott Curator of the Museum at Launceston.

    Published by the Department of Mines as part of the Geological Survey Record No 4. A fine copy, 47 pages plus 22 full page plates in super condition. Cloth backed boards as published.

    The Author acknowledges the early assistance of the great Professor T.W. Edgeworth David of Antarctic fame.

    The discovery of a large extinct marsupial

    Superb copy and rare and unusual


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  • An Eligible Situation – The Early History of George Town and Low Head – Diane Phillips

    Published by Karuda Press Canberra, part of The Historical Survey of Northern Tasmania in 2004. Scarce, try to find another one.

    Soft cover, perfect bound, nice quality, 138 pages, some illustrations. A fine copy, previous owners has left a card with a sketch of The Grove, George Town which makes for a nice relevant bookmark.

    Starting with the Port Dalrymple Settlement of 1804 and the progression to George Town in 1815, life there and the establishment of the Female House of Correction. The establishment of trade and marine activities. The modern day excavation of the Female factory site.

    Solid history of a neglected region of historical significance.


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  • Martin Cash – Life After Bushranging – Maree Ring

    Martin Cash – Life After Bushranging – Maree Ring

    A unusual item, an extended pamphlet really all about Tasmania’s favourite bushranger Martin Cash. Not so much his goings on in his early days of bushranging (although there is a good snippet of that) but more about his time in New Zealand and then later on return to Hobart.

    Written from a sympathetic viewpoint, as often the case with Cash. We are not sure quite why that is the case. For sure he is supposed to have had a soft spot for women and we guess in return women had and still have a soft spot for him.

    However, and it’s a big however … when in NZ he seemed to spend most of his time forming and running brothels (yes plural). In fact in the end he was given the big tip off to leave the country … forcing his return to Tasmania. His illicit activities paid him well and he was able to purchase a smallholding up the back of New Town … he spent most of his leisure time in the pubs of Salamanca … well don’t we all.

    Self published Hobart in 1993. Softcover, stitched, 41 pages with some useful and relevant illustrations. We like the unpretentious writing of the researcher author. A fine copy.

    Martin Cash – the final story – and an interesting one too.

    Postage will be reduced on this item on final billing.


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  • Historical Survey of Northern Tasmania –  Low Head to Launceston – McKnight

    Historical Survey of Northern Tasmania – Low Head to Launceston – McKnight

    Hard to find soft cover and a quality production.

    Published in 1998 at Launceston, effectively self published. 144 pages, perfect bound nicely illustrated.

    Carefully written history with particular emphasis on the earliest reports of Port Dalrymple and the Tamar.

    Naturally starts with Bass and Flinders in 1798; then Freycinet and Faure in 1802. Surveys by William Collins in 1804 along with the observations of Clark and Brown.

    The last third is taken up by the seldomly referenced activities of Lieutenant Governor William Patterson who in 1804 was sent by Governor King to establish a colony at Port Dalrymple on at the behest of Lord Hobart from his desk in London. Patterson’s official and private journals are referred to as well as Mountgarrett’s account and the Paterson led explorations of the North Esk river.

    Northern Tasmania, Port Dalrymple and, in particular, the keen observations of William Patterson.


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