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  • The General (Bruny d’Entrecasteaux) – The Visits of the Expedition led by Bruny d’Entrecasteaux to Tasmanian Waters in 1792 and 1793 – Plomley and Piard- Bernier.

    The General (Bruny d’Entrecasteaux) – The Visits of the Expedition led by Bruny d’Entrecasteaux to Tasmanian Waters in 1792 and 1793 – Plomley and Piard- Bernier.

    Another special book by Brian Plomley with the help of Josiane Pirad- Bernier. Now very scarce.

    Large wide octavo, 378 pages, illustrated. Published by the Launceston Museum in 1993. A solid quality production in near fine condition.

    Very well researched and written book on the Bruny d’Entrecasteaux and his visits to Tasmania.

    Covers the preparations for the voyage and the officers of the Recherche and Esperance, and among other things their scientific work [Natural History, Geological, Botanical and Zoological].

    Also includes as appendices the journals of Louis Ventenat and the botanist Louis Dechamps.

    Rare collectable D’Entrecasteaux – more than a channel.


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  • William Dampier in New Holland  – Alex S. George

    William Dampier in New Holland – Alex S. George

    The subtitle to this book now not socially acceptable but excuse it for its emphasis.

    A very nice book and the subject, William Dampier, could not be more interesting … confidante of Jonathan Swift and stimulator of Gulliver and his Travels.

    Here we have Dampier in and around the coast of Australia.

    Published by Bloomings Books in 1999. Tall octavo, 171 pages, rich dark end papers and beautifully illustrated with images of the wonderful drawings from Dampier’s journals juxtaposed with modern colour photographs of similar subjects. Super fine condition.

    A super production and a must for any Dampierite.


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  • Australian Bird Maps – Robert Hall [Self Published Hobart 1922]

    Australian Bird Maps – Robert Hall [Self Published Hobart 1922]

    A very scarce, unusual and informative book, self published by the author at Hobart in 1922.

    This copy presented with the authors compliments. Soft cover with sugar paper jacket, perfect bound 220 pages plus errata. Original paper label to front and spine. A delightful item.

    Illustrated throughout with sketch maps showing the distribution and migration patterns of Australian bird life. Exactly 100 years one so it would be a worthwhile source to compare with current data for the enthusiast or expert.

    The author eminently qualified being the Past President of the Royal Australian Ornithological Union … profits from the book were donated to the Scouts and Guides.

    The books is arranged by State … Queensland and the Northern Territory together and South Australia with the short lived Central Australia [of which few are aware]

    Super scarce bird book with some interesting facts some maybe not found elsewhere.


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  • Gold Panning is Easy – Roy Lagal

    Gold Panning is Easy – Roy Lagal

    An American standard but translates well for Australian’s with the gold bug.

    A nice early one published in 1979. Softcover, 70 pages, illustrated throughout. Sticker removal mark on front otherwise a very good copy. Has the stamp of “Treasure Island Detectors” Sandy Bay Hobart on a blank at front a nice local touch.

    The author a legendary panner from way back takes the reader through the choice of pans (crucial) the dry and wet panning, metal detecting, ore identification, dredging and super jets etc. we learned that it is important to learn to blow very gently … to get the last of the dust off the pan and leave the glitter behind. Images prove that all that is learned works.

    Get the pans out today .. well the right ones.


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  • Geology in Australia [Good Tasmanian Content] – Stillwell Anniversary Volume – The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy – 1958.

    This special volume was dedicated to one of Australia’s greatest geologists Frank Leslie Stillwell on his 70th birthday.

    Hardbound octavo, 302 pages. After a brief biography of Stillwell … 16 discrete geological reports of substance most illustrated with fold out charts and diagrams. Rubbed and worn on spine edges, very clean inside and firmly bound, a pretty good copy

    Includes the mineralisation of the Gondwana Shield. Tellurides and Selenides at the Great Boulder Mine Kalgoorlie.

    Various Tasmanian reports .. The Mineralised Rift Valleys of Tasmania; Diamond drill deflection at Rosebery; Nickel Mineralisation in Western Tasmania and A History of Geological Thought at Mount Lyell.

    Elsewhere includes Uranium in the Northern Territory; Galena in Western Australia and a super report on the geology of Cockatoo Island at Yampi Sound WA.

    Special Geological Edition – Wide ranging content with good contribution re Tasmania.


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  • Easter Island – Reports on Archaeological Field Work Conducted by William Mulloy at Easter Island for the Easter Island Committee – 5 Volumes [Complete]

    Very scarce outside institutional libraries these reports represent the high point in archaeological research and conservation at Easter Island by the island’s foremost authority William Mulloy.

    William Mulloy was with Thor Heyerdahl during his expedition to Easter Island and contributed to the important publication resulting. Mulloy went on to take greater interest resulting in a lengthy extensive series of work. He was Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming at the time.

    Five reports all published by the Easter Island Committee, funded by the international Fund for Monuments Inc of Washington DC.

    Comprising – Bulletin One published 1968 reprinted 1975. Large format soft flesh coloured card wrapper, pages vii 24 ii and 43 including 24 illustrations from photographs and 6 figures including maps etc. Comprising Archaeological Field Work conducted February to July 1968 relating among other things to the restoration of Ahu Ko te Riku and Ahu Tahai.

    Bulletin Two of December 1970 reprinted 1979 regarding the restoration of Ahu Vai Uri. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages vii and 43, including 20 illustrations from photographs.

    Bulletin Three (although not printed so on cover – this is Bulletin 3) of December 1970 reprinted 1979, on the restoration of Ahu Huri a Urenga and two unnamed Ahu at Hanga Kio’e. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages xi, 47 with 20 illustrations from photographs, maps, and plans.

    Bulletin Four published 1975 regrading the Ceremonial Center of Orongo part 1 (we think all published). Same format, binding, and condition. Pages viii and 40 pages with 18 illustrations from photographs, maps, and plans.

    Bulletin Five published in 1975 by Patrick Carlton McCoy under instruction from William Mulloy – Easter Island settlement Patterns in the Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Periods [A Survey]. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages x and 164 with 18 Tables; 61 Illustrations including images from photographs, superb maps, plans, diagrams etc – a most extensive body of work.

    Original Reports by William Mulloy for the Easter Island Committee – Complete Set


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