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  • How to Work with the Microscope – Beale – 1868

    How to Work with the Microscope – Beale – 1868

    Dr Lionel Beale was a Fellow of the Royal Society and for a number of years operated the Pathological Laboratory in Carey Street, London.

    Published by Harrison in the Pall Mall, London in 1868 a fourth enhanced edition. A substantial book of nearly 400 pages. Complete and expertly re-cased in red cloth binding so very solid. A very good work on the subject. Over 400 illustrations

    Original owner being John Owen Evans of Belfast (Port Fairy), Victoria. He has helpfully pasted into the endpapers a note on “How to Clean Diatoms” which is also included in another volume from his library … he like Diatoms (and so do we – see our prepared slide collection)

    This is a very comprehensive book … if you would like a note on its considerable contents or you would like more images … send us a request … we will be happy to oblige.

    Beale with lots of details and images on all things microscopical


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  • The Microscope and Its Revelations – William Carpenter – 1875

    The Microscope and Its Revelations – William Carpenter – 1875

    William Carpenter was a Fellow of the Royal Society and Registrar to the University of London.

    Published by Churchill, London in 1875. A thick book of over 800 pages including index. Complete, re-cased expertly so very solid for a book often broken. An important work on the subject.

    This is the fifth edition of his hefty book on the microscope with two thirds of the book being taken up with the preparation and observation of a wide range of microscopical subjects.

    Nicely illustrated with twenty-five plates and over four hundred wood engravings

    Carpenter was exceedingly comprehensive


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  • Collectable Marine Microscope Slides – From the 1860’s – Prepared by Edmund Wheeler – From a 19th Century Australian Collectionn

    Collectable Marine Microscope Slides – From the 1860’s – Prepared by Edmund Wheeler – From a 19th Century Australian Collectionn

    Edmund Wheeler was a leading mid Victorian microscope slide preparer now highly collectable – one of this group is dated 1866 and the others of identical preparation must be from around that time. Ernest Wheeler sold his business to Watson & Sons in 1884 and died the following year. So all EW slides must be over 130 years old

    This group of five slides are in good condition and carry Wheeler’s distinctive yellow paper covering with burgundy and gold paper front cover with his “EW” monogram. Their condition is near perfect. They are from the collection of John Owen Evans a serious microscopist who lived in Port Fairy, Victoria and prepared slides of local subjects as well as purchasing top class London prepared slides through T Gaunt, Optician, who operated out of the Royal Arcade Melbourne.

    The samples comprise:

    Shells etc. from Chalk, Strood Hill Kent.
    North Atlantic Soundings from 2 Miles deep 1866
    Foramenifera from the Adriatic Sea
    Foramenifera from the River Suir (Ireland)
    Group of Heliopelta for Binocular

    All annotated in Wheelers tidy cursive hand and carry the circular Wheeler address label – 48 Tollington Road, Holloway, London

    Click on the image to see them all!

    A very good Ernest Wheeler Group from an early Australian Collection


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  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Vol. 182 – 1891

    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Vol. 182 – 1891

    An 1891 compilation of philosophical transactions of the Royal Society, volume 182. Contained herein a marvelous collection of articles which explore a wide variety of subject matter.

    Here collected are articles concerning; The Patterns in Thumb and Finger Marks by Francis Galton; Observations on the Anatomy and Development of Apteryx by T. Jeffery; On the Course of the Fibres of the Cingulum and the Poster Parts of the Corpus Callosum and Fornix in the Marmoset Monkey by Charles E. Beevor; On the Changes produced in the Circulation and Respiration by Increase of the Intra-Cranial Pressure or Tension by Walter Spencer; On the Organisation of the Fossil Plants of the Coal-Measures by William Crawford Williamson; On the Mammalian Nervous System, its Functions, and their Localisation determined by an Electrical Method by Francis Gotch; Some Points in the Structure and Development of Dentine by J. Howard Mummery; Contributions to the Study of the Connection between Chemical Constitution and Physiological Action by T. Lauder Brunton, and; Contributions to the Chemical Bacteriology of Sewage.

    Each article is accompanied by relevant diagrams and illustration of scientific findings, and the compilation itself is completed by marvelous photographs, illustrations and prints regarding the various articles; from cell cultures to anatomical photographs and cross-sections.

    A marvelous collection of historic works and findings.

    Please note, this item weighs 2.5kg.


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  • Scarce Important Astronomical Atlas – Atlas Celeste – Ch Dien and Camille Flammarrion – 1877

    Scarce Important Astronomical Atlas – Atlas Celeste – Ch Dien and Camille Flammarrion – 1877

    This is a third edition of the superb star atlas sometimes referred to as the Flammarion Star Atlas. Published in Paris by Gathier-Villars. A folio production of grand scale (51cms x 35 cms) with 28 steel engraved star charts some double page.

    Several introductory pages are followed by a double page engraving of the Northern Hemisphere with stars to magnitude 6 noting simple, double, triple, variable etc the Milky Way Nebulae, Galaxies and the Constellations drawn in the Classical Manner. To the same standard the Southern Hemisphere as a double plate. Followed by 23 single page plates of highly detailed night sky segments by reference to noted constellations. Then another double of the Southern Hemisphere based on the significant “Brisbane Atlas” of serious Australian interest. A two further double plates of the Northern Hemisphere – a plate concentrating on multiple stars and a coloured plate of Nebulae in all their then known forms.

    All fine plates clean and with a strong plate impression.

    The original blood red cloth boards have been professionally re-backed by Roger Perry. A couple of the preliminary pages have edge repairs but as stated the star charts are near pristine. The gilt “Atlas Celeste” motif to the front is still fine and the whole binding is now strong and useable.

    Likely the most important Star Atlas of the late Victorian period


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  • Massive Ducretet Gas Discharge Tube – Paris c1890

    Massive Ducretet Gas Discharge Tube – Paris c1890

    This massive discharge tube was made by Eugene Ducretet (1844-1915) a leading French scientific instrument maker who opened his first shop retailing unusual scientific instruments in Paris in 1864. This instrument is engraved with his name E Ducretet A Paris to the top tap.

    It is one of the largest, heaviest and most unconventional discharge tubes we have seen. Standing 60 cms high an in pretty good condition for its age – we have left the brass work as we found it – the threads to the vacuum inlet work albeit stiff and the thread to the to mount are in very good condition. The extremely thick glass tube is at a slight angle but the seals appear intact. A very rare scientific collectable from the early days of gas discharge experiments.

    Flash Gas Tube from 19thC Paris


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