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  • Special Aviation Item – Amy Johnson Commemorative – Queenslander Pictorial – June 1930

    Special Aviation Item – Amy Johnson Commemorative – Queenslander Pictorial – June 1930

    A special Queensland Pictorial published 5th June 1930 a photographic commemorative of the great Amy Johnson solo flight from England to Brisbane arriving Brisbane six days earlier. Large format, 16 pages of which 7 pages are devoted to Amy Johnson and a further 2 to contemporary aviators. Foxed and a one inch tear at the inner fold … excuse it for its rarity and special content.

    In 1928 Burt Hinkler from Bundaberg was the first man to fly solo from England to Australia. Charles Kingsford Smith later that year completed the first trans-Pacific flight.

    Amy Johnson had only one year’s flying experience when she set off in her green Gypsy Moth. She hoped to beat Hinkler’s 15 day record but was thwarted by trouble in Burma and Thailand where she had dodgy landings. She arrived in Australia first at Darwin on 24th May 1930 nineteen days after leaving London. To reach Brisbane she stoped at Cloncurry, Longreach, Quilpie, Charleville and Toowoomba. On the 29th May tens of thousands waited at Brisbane’s Eagle Farm for her arrival. Unfortunately she overshot hit a fence and crash landed.

    Despite the ungraceful ending she was feted as a heroine in Brisbane with civic receptions and massive crowds everywhere she went.

    Amy Johnson went on to do other aviation firsts but was sadly killed ferrying an RAF training plane in 1941.

    A special item of aviation and Queensland ephemera


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  • The Broadbeach Aboriginal Burial Ground – Laila Haglund -1976

    The Broadbeach Aboriginal Burial Ground – Laila Haglund -1976

    Published by the University of Queensland Press, 1976. Quarto, 1118 pages in pretty good condition.

    In 1963 a building contractor stumbled across some bones. Police were called and it was some time before it was realised that it was the site of an aboriginal burial ground.

    The site protected, Laila Haglund from the University of Queensland began her anthropological work with remarkable, depth and respect. She gained her PhD (Voyager at one time held her brilliant Thesis) and this book resulted from that.

    Aboriginal burials understood and protected.


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  • My Mate Dick – Ion Idriess – First Edition 1962

    My Mate Dick – Ion Idriess – First Edition 1962

    Published by Angus and Robertson, Sydney a first edition 1962.

    Octavo, 244 pages in very good condition albeit with the chip to the front of the dust jacket. Very clean inside.

    A first edition 1962 Ion Idriess up in Cape York reminiscing times with his mate “Dick”. A wonderfully exciting narrative interspersed with history and nicely illustrated with images of pioneers and various goings on.

    Rare Idriess First Edition Up the Very Far North


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  • Australian – Blue Bonnet Parrakeet – Greene – 1884

    Australian – Blue Bonnet Parrakeet – Greene – 1884

    Original wood cut hand finished engraving of the multicoloured Bluebonnet Parrot from “Parrots in Captivity”, published in London 1884.

    The Bluebonnets inhabit the south and central interior, they are quite plentiful and thankfully not popular as cage birds. Even at the time of this image they were considered too aggressive for captivity. Tough little guys.

    Greene’s delightful work comprising wood-engraved plates printed by Benjamin Fawcett after drawings by A.F. Lydon. The prints are hand finished with delicate highlighting in gum arabic to accentuate the bright colouring.

    Benjamin Fawcett was one of the great colour printers of the 19th century. He pioneered a system of wood block engraving from multiple blocks that resulted in vivid finely coloured works. Fawcett had an association of some 50 years with Francis Orpen Morris to produce many beautiful works on birds. The engravings are the finest illustrations of parrots from the period.

    Price $140.00unframe or $260.00 framed in Voyager Natural History style.

    Blue Bonnet in all his glory … click on me to see my beauty!


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  • Proud Intrepid Heart – Leichhardt’s First Attempt to the Swan River 1846-1847 – Dan Sprod – Signed, Limited Numbered Edition

    Proud Intrepid Heart – Leichhardt’s First Attempt to the Swan River 1846-1847 – Dan Sprod – Signed, Limited Numbered Edition

    Published by Blubber Press, Hobart in 1989. Quarto, 334 pages, well illustrated and printed on quality paper (Teton Warm White) by Griffin Press. A very good if not fine copy. Limited signed edition number 169 of 600.

    This is Liechhardt’s second expedition after the successful mammoth exploration from the Darling Downs to Port Essington. This, an even more adventurous plan, was a failure and later members of his team were to write negatively about Leichhardt’s leadership.

    This book contains his journals, published for the first time and presented so well by Dan Sprod. Drawing also on other unpublished accounts he attempts to set the record straight.

    Leichhardt’s second … the real story … put so well


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  • Leichhardt’s Expeditioners – Dan Sprod – Signed Limited Edition

    Leichhardt’s Expeditioners – Dan Sprod – Signed Limited Edition

    Published by Blubber Press, 2006. Octavo, 138 pages. Very good if not fine condition. Signed by Dan Sprod on the half title page.

    A limited edition of 750 this book by Dan Sprod provides enlightening detail from the journals kept by William Philips and John Murphy who participated in Leichhardt’s successful expedition from Moreton bay to Port Essington.

    Well written as with all of Dan Sprod’s work dealing with the personalities and contributions of each party as well as progress of the expedition.

    Nicely illustrated and with a map in rear pocket. Never before published content makes this a must for those interested in Australian inland exploration.

    Lechhardt’s party get on the record


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