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  • Pearls from the Pacific – Florence Young – 1925

    Pearls from the Pacific – Florence Young – 1925

    A First edition 1925. Pretty good condition a little scattered fox marks.

    Florence Young was a hard working missionary. In service she spent time first in Queensland at the “Kanaka Mission” in the 1880’s.

    Then to China and over 50 pages here covers her time at Kue-k-i and Shang-ts’ing she was there during the period of conflict before the Boxer outbreak.

    After another period in Queensland she went to the Solomon Islands and Malaita and spent most of the time from 1900 to the outbreak of WWI there working with the natives.

    Over ninety very good photographic illustrations.

    Best Solomon’s Missionary Account and More


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  • Sir Thomas Mitchell – Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia, In Search of a Route From Sydney To the Gulf of Carpentaria – First Edition 1848

    Sir Thomas Mitchell – Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia, In Search of a Route From Sydney To the Gulf of Carpentaria – First Edition 1848

    First edition published by Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, London 1848. Original embossed red cloth boards re-backed professionally with the original gilt decorated spine laid down. Lithographic frontispiece and 11 other plates (10 of which are tinted lithographs), 7 maps (4 folding) and some text illustrations. 437 pages after preliminaries plus 32 pages of advertisements at the rear often missing. Ferguson 4828, Wantrup 129. Very clean inside, a good copy.

    In December 1845, Scottish explorer Thomas Mitchell (1795-1855) set out for the fourth and last time in search of an inland route from Sydney to Port Essington, Northern Australia. By the middle of the following year he reached Maranoa and spent some months exploring the Maronoa, Warrego and Belyando rivers hoping to find a great river flowing north and west. By September he had reached the Barcoo (which he called the Victoria). Running short of supplies and experiencing hostilities he returned to Sydney under the misunderstanding that in the “Barcoo” he had found the great river he had sought. Despite the inconclusive nature his expedition had done much to explore vast areas of unknown territory in Queensland.

    Thomas Mitchell’s Final expedition – Lovely Illustrations and Maps


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  • The Collected Works of Thomas Welsby (Queensland Legend)

    The Collected Works of Thomas Welsby (Queensland Legend)

    The collectable re-issue of Thomas Welsby’s works by Jacaranda Press.

    This important 2 Volume set constitutes Welsby’s six main books on Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Stradbroke and Bribie Islands. 54 plates and both volumes. Occasional foxing and priced accordingly.

    Born in Ipswich in 1858 worked first as a banker before becoming a member of the Legislative Assembly. He lived in New Farm and spent much of his leisure time on the Bay. He played rugby fro Australia and formed a b A founding member of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, holding positions in numerous other organisations – he died in 1941.

    The collective work of an important historic Queensland identity


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  • Map of Colony of Queensland 1895

    Map of Colony of Queensland 1895

    Nicely coloured antique map of Queensland up to Endeavour Reef. Published in London by Bacon a good size 44cm by 32cm with centre fold as issued.

    Rather late for a Voyager map but then Queensland was still changing and being populated. Many of the larger northern centres are still to emerge. Fraser Island is still named Great Sandy Island and the ocean has yet to break through Stradbroke Island to form the North and South islands we now know. This happened in 1898.

    Price $80.00 unframed
    Late 19th century map of historical interest


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  • Men of the Jungle – Ion Idriess

    Men of the Jungle – Ion Idriess

    Published Angus and Robertson, Sydney – a 1955 edition in very good condition with a near full dust jacket.

    The Guardian had it right – Idiress and his mates in the back of Cooktown and the Daintree River.

    Idriess Far North


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  • The Voyage of the Rattlesnake – Owen Stanley to New Guinea – MacGillivray

    The Voyage of the Rattlesnake – Owen Stanley to New Guinea – MacGillivray

    Narrative of the Voyage of HMS Rattlesnake Commanded by the late Captain Owen Stanley RN FRS during the years 1846-1850 including Discoveries and Surveys in New Guinea, the Louisiade Archipelago etc

    To which is added the account of Mr Kennedy’s Expedition for the Exploration of the Cape York Peninsula.

    Written by John MacGillivray who was the Naturalist on the expedition. One of the most sought after of the Adelaide Library Boards facsimiles given the enormity of the voyage, what it produced etc and the scarcity of the original publications which are held very tightly. Very good clean copies.

    So much was done and so much went on. The fullest survey of the Port Curtis Harbour to be so important to the future of the Port of Gladstone. The carrying of Kennedy to the north and the difficulties encountered and his final death at the hands of aborigines. The discovery of Barbara Thompson on Prince of Wales Island where she had spent five years among the Kauarey tribe (see Ion Idriess – Islands of Despair).

    The assistant surgeon on the expedition was a young Thomas Huxley who really spent his time as a budding marine naturalist and made his initial name from the paper he wrote resulting from the voyage.

    Discoveries on and charting of the Papuan coastline (They missed Fairfax Harbour which awaited the much later Moresby). Included was Yule Island named after the young lieutenant who performed the work, Voyager’s favourite place in this neighbourhood.

    Illustrated faithfully to the original with good large folding map at rear.

    Owen Stanley’s Rattlesnake – An Adventurous Expedition



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