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  • Australian – Blue Bonnet Parrakeet – Greene – 1884

    Australian – Blue Bonnet Parrakeet – Greene – 1884

    Original wood cut hand finished engraving of the multicoloured Bluebonnet Parrot from “Parrots in Captivity”, published in London 1884.

    The Bluebonnets inhabit the south and central interior, they are quite plentiful and thankfully not popular as cage birds. Even at the time of this image they were considered too aggressive for captivity. Tough little guys.

    Greene’s delightful work comprising wood-engraved plates printed by Benjamin Fawcett after drawings by A.F. Lydon. The prints are hand finished with delicate highlighting in gum arabic to accentuate the bright colouring.

    Benjamin Fawcett was one of the great colour printers of the 19th century. He pioneered a system of wood block engraving from multiple blocks that resulted in vivid finely coloured works. Fawcett had an association of some 50 years with Francis Orpen Morris to produce many beautiful works on birds. The engravings are the finest illustrations of parrots from the period.

    Price $140.00unframe or $260.00 framed in Voyager Natural History style.

    Blue Bonnet in all his glory … click on me to see my beauty!


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  • Proud Intrepid Heart – Leichhardt’s First Attempt to the Swan River 1846-1847 – Dan Sprod – Signed, Limited Numbered Edition

    Proud Intrepid Heart – Leichhardt’s First Attempt to the Swan River 1846-1847 – Dan Sprod – Signed, Limited Numbered Edition

    Published by Blubber Press, Hobart in 1989. Quarto, 334 pages, well illustrated and printed on quality paper (Teton Warm White) by Griffin Press. A very good if not fine copy. Limited signed edition number 169 of 600.

    This is Liechhardt’s second expedition after the successful mammoth exploration from the Darling Downs to Port Essington. This, an even more adventurous plan, was a failure and later members of his team were to write negatively about Leichhardt’s leadership.

    This book contains his journals, published for the first time and presented so well by Dan Sprod. Drawing also on other unpublished accounts he attempts to set the record straight.

    Leichhardt’s second … the real story … put so well


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  • Leichhardt’s Expeditioners – Dan Sprod – Signed Limited Edition

    Leichhardt’s Expeditioners – Dan Sprod – Signed Limited Edition

    Published by Blubber Press, 2006. Octavo, 138 pages. Very good if not fine condition. Signed by Dan Sprod on the half title page.

    A limited edition of 750 this book by Dan Sprod provides enlightening detail from the journals kept by William Philips and John Murphy who participated in Leichhardt’s successful expedition from Moreton bay to Port Essington.

    Well written as with all of Dan Sprod’s work dealing with the personalities and contributions of each party as well as progress of the expedition.

    Nicely illustrated and with a map in rear pocket. Never before published content makes this a must for those interested in Australian inland exploration.

    Lechhardt’s party get on the record



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  • Incidents of a Collector’s Rambles in Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea – Sherman Denton 1889

    Incidents of a Collector’s Rambles in Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea – Sherman Denton 1889

    Published by Lee and Shepard, Boston 1889. 272 pages with 13 plates and numerous text illustrations.

    Original cloth covered binding. A pretty good copy.

    Travels through New Zealand then to Australia (Victoria, Melbourne, Brisbane, trip through Queensland to Townsville) then to New Guinea, beginning at Port Moresby and moving inland.

    A well illustrated and interesting account of the tour of a family devoted to natural history. Good New Guinea and Queensland content. Early note of the extremely unusual and primitive Mary River Lung Fish (The Jumping Fish).

    Scarce Australian, Papua New Guinea item and a favourite of Voyager


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  • Map of Colony of Queensland 1895

    Map of Colony of Queensland 1895

    Nicely coloured antique map of Queensland up to Endeavour Reef. Published in London by Bacon a good size 44cm by 32cm with centre fold as issued.

    Rather late for a Voyager map but then Queensland was still changing and being populated. Many of the larger northern centres are still to emerge. Fraser Island is still named Great Sandy Island and the ocean has yet to break through Stradbroke Island to form the North and South islands we now know. This happened in 1898.

    Price $80.00 unframed
    Late 19th century map of historical interest


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  • Queensland – Pugh’s Almanac 1880 – With Map of Queensland – Very Good Condition – Very Scarce

    Queensland – Pugh’s Almanac 1880 – With Map of Queensland – Very Good Condition – Very Scarce

    The essential publication of the day … Pugh’s Almanac, Law Calendar, Directory, Coast Guide and Gazetteer for 1882

    504 pages (a big year) followed by 100 pages of business advertisements to the rear and more at the front and the odd one inserted. And a very good map of Queensland folded at the front.

    Original card cover and bound in half leather with gilt titles and lines – to a very good standard. Also protected in a sturdy red cloth covered solander case with label to spine. The almanac is in very good condition.

    The Thornes Map of Queensland is a beauty. Many gold and mineral field marked including Old Eastern River, Cape River, Peak Downs, Cloncurry Goldfields and The Great Australian Copper Mine, Dee Copper Mine Raglan and the great fields at Charters Towers, Palmer and Gilbert Rivers. The exploration tracks of Sturt and the Jardine Brothers are marked. Stradbroke Island is one island as this is well before a storm that created two islands in 1896.

    The section on important events mentions a strike on 18th November 1878 of seamen working for ASN on account of an attempt to introduce Chinese seaman to the line. It was an extremely hot and stormy summer and a number of lives were lost to heatstroke. In the advertisements we are pleased to see John Petrie – Builder and Contractor.

    Also sections on the Gardening Calendar; Extensive “Who is Who” of everything Queensland; Sailing Directions; a short chapter on “Progress in the Colony”. The voluminous period advertisements make good reading for those that are interested in the history of business in Queensland.

    A good Almanac with a good early Map – 1880


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