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  • Cruising the Coral Sea – Alan Lucas

    Cruising the Coral Sea – Alan Lucas

    This is the third edition nicely updated with aerial images and some extra anchorages. A really super book about the tropical coast of Queensland and the Ocean and Islands. The kind of book that is probably difficult to continue to produce spoilt by the accessibility of the internet. But nowhere is so much useful and interesting information presented in an orderly and balanced fashion.

    Published by Horwitz in 1976, large octavo, 336 pages with a multitude of maps, sketches, the aforesaid photographic images etc.

    After a useful introduction we have a description of the reefs , the islands past present and notes on conservation. Then a handy chapter on catching and cooking your own food .. and the number of poisonous creatures encountered. Safety in the waster … not just sharks but the stingers even the small ones that can kill. Then into the detail of the approaches and anchorages and what a good anchorage looks like …

    A special book on Queensland and only dated where it is interesting …


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  • Richard Daintree – A Photographic Memoir [Queensland] – G.C. Bolton

    Richard Daintree – A Photographic Memoir [Queensland] – G.C. Bolton

    Bolton’s book published by Brisbane’s Jacaranda Press in 1965. Small quarto, 89 pages, good reproductions from original photographs. Special aboriginal images and a unique record of pioneering days and the first mining activities.. . some images of explorers Frank and William Hann.

    The brilliant first Geologist of Queensland was also very handy with the early camera. This was the 1860’s and the quality of the images taken belies the equipment available and the condition in which some of the images were taken.

    Best early Queensland photographs


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  • “Battler’s” Tales of Early Rockhampton – Grant Pattison

    “Battler’s” Tales of Early Rockhampton – Grant Pattison

    A very scarce first edition of this book about goings on in and around Rockhampton, Queensland.

    Self published by the author printed by Fraser & Jenkinson, Melbourne in 1939. Octavo, 152 pages, illustrated, bound in original cloth covered boards. This book appears prone to spine fading and deterioration and this one is no exception, the spine has been re-enforced with bindings tape and the board edges are rubbed heavily … maybe insect nibble. Having said that a pretty clean and bright copy internally so still a good copy.

    The author was a well known local identity and journalist in Queensland. The book is et out in 39 chapters dealing with a particular story that no doubt Pattison had covered in the press before.

    Starts with the “Birth of Rockhampton” … Gracemere Pioneers .. Canoona Rush … Rockhampton in the Sixties [1860’s] .. Pioneers of Fitzroy … Mr Booze .. Horse Dealers … Scrub Riders … Crimes Committed … The First Steeplechase … Murder of Fanny Briggs … Murder of Halligan … Horse thieves and Cattle Rustlers .. Mount Morgan [Gold] … etc etc.

    The author notes “ I regret I have to delete a good deal of the history of Mount Morgan and the Rape of William Pattison’s Estate. This has been done on legal advice to save the printer anxiety, and I regret I am not strong enough financially to contest any action the descendants of the wolves who did not bother to wear sheep’s clothing may be inclined to take.”

    Historical Curiosities – Early Rockhampton.


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  • The Cattle King [The Story of Sir Sydney Kidman] – Ion Idriess

    The Cattle King [The Story of Sir Sydney Kidman] – Ion Idriess

    Published in Sydney by Angus and Robertson in 1951.

    Octavo, 277 pages, a very good copy in a very good dust jacket, small chip top edge, super clean inside.

    The Biography of Sir Sidney Kidman who started with five shillings and eventually controlled over 100 cattle stations an area half the size of Queensland.

    Well illustrated from period photographs and end paper maps showing the extent of the Kidman interests at the front and stations, stock routes, coach routes and railways referred to in the text … at the rear.

    Good reading & photographs … a cattle empire much in the financial news of late.


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  • Isles of Despair – Ion Idriess – 1949

    Isles of Despair – Ion Idriess – 1949

    A very good copy just a little chipped to the dust jacket.

    Octavo, 290 pages, end paper maps, illustrated with good line drawings befitting the historical nature of the account. Published by Angus and Robertson, Sydney a second printing 1949.

    A fictionalised account of the the true story of Barbara Thompson [Idriess Thomson] shipwrecked on the cutter “America” on the reef at Horn island and only survivor. She swam to Prince of Wales Island and lived with the Kaurareg people for five years before being found by Captain Owen Stanley and a young Thomas Huxley who as a junior officer on board the exploring vessel Rattlesnake.

    Barbara saved at last


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  • Back O’ Cairns – Ion Idriess – First Edition 1958

    Back O’ Cairns – Ion Idriess – First Edition 1958

    Published by Angus and Robertson a first edition 1956.

    Octavo, 310 pages end paper maps, other maps and illustrations from period photographs.Previous ownership name cut from corner of front free end paper otherwise a very good copy.

    Ion Idriess at his best beyond and around Cairns in the Queensland Far North with amazing early photographs. Much about the pioneers, the land and the gold.

    Idriess in the Far North a First Edition super copy.


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