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Prints and Photographs and Bookplates

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  • Ursula Andress & Sean Connery in Bond Movie Dr No Large promotional photograph signed by Ursula

    Ursula Andress & Sean Connery in Bond Movie Dr No Large promotional photograph signed by Ursula

    Large colour promotional photograph signed boldly by Ursula Andress. 25cm by 20cm, no creases, excellent condition.

    Dr No the very first Bond Movie. Made in Jamaica, in 1962 and, financially successful making its money back more than sixty times.

    Introduced Swiss actress Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder. Her entrance onto the beach is remembered more for the white bikini than the song she was singing “Under the Mango Tree”. She happily admitted it was that bikini that made her career.

    Bond and Honey Ryder on the Beach with the Shells


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  • 19thC Magic Lantern Slide – John Browning’s Spectroscope.

    19thC Magic Lantern Slide – John Browning’s Spectroscope.

    A quite striking wooden framed magic lantern slide, hand coloured, of a complex spectroscope by leading maker John Browning of London. The model depicted named (and labelled Gassiot’s Spectroscope).

    The model was made to order, designed for Physicists. The first design went to John Peter Gassiot a prominent Fellow of the Royal society. Refer John Browning’s book “How to Work with the Spectroscope” 1878, page 57.

    Likely, manufactured by the McIntosh Battery & Optical Company Chicago circa 1890. The company was formed in 1879 and in the 1890’s changed its name to the McIntosh Electrical Co to concentrate in radio devices. No makers mark, but this is their style, quality and the subject label consistent with theirs.

    The wooden slide is 28cm by 10cm with the circular hand coloured slide 8 cm in diameter. The condition of the colouring and slide generally is excellent.

    Rare Scientific Instrument Slide by Leading Maker



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  • French Thetrical Legend – Sarah Bernhardt – Signed Manuscript Letter 1887, Photographic Portrait and Ephemera

    French Thetrical Legend – Sarah Bernhardt – Signed Manuscript Letter 1887, Photographic Portrait and Ephemera

    Likely the 19th Century’s greatest actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). A fine hand with bold signature dated 1887. Her personal grey bordered stationery with the Quand Meme motif.

    She addresses “Mon Cher Paul” mentions her pretty niece and trying to arrange a suitable time to catch up.

    The letter is accompanied by a photographic portrait of Bernhardt, a cabinet card depicting the legend in Camille by Dumas which she performed in 1882. 16cm by 11cm mounted on original card minor edge chips, plain back.

    Also relating to her tour of America (see below) two “Between the Acts & Bravo” cigarette cards, also from the 1880’s, issued by Thomas Hall, New York. 7.5cm by 4cm each, very good condition.

    1887 was an interesting time for the “Divine Sarah”. She was well established by this time but had

    developed an extremely lavish lifestyle and had a gambler for a son that she supported financially. Already accustomed to touring a mammoth tour of South and North America was organised by her manager Edouard Jarett. It was hugely successful an she returned to Paris the year of this letter with a million francs. Unfortunately, her manager died of a heart attack on the tour … it didn’t stop Sarah indulging in some of her favourite pastimes … such as collecting exotic animals. She brought back an alligator that seemingly was partial to champagne. Among her other strange activities was sleeping in a coffin when trying to get into character for rather dowdy parts.

    Sarah Bernhardt – Signed manuscript Letter – 1887 – with Cabinet Card from that period.


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  • Short Eared Owl – Susemihl – 1838

    Short Eared Owl – Susemihl – 1838

    Original hand-coloured engraving of the Short Eared Owl by Johann Conrad Susemihl (1767-1847).

    Published in Stuttgart as part of “Vogel Europas”, one of the great ornithological works of the 19th century, in which Johann Susemihl was assisted by his son Eduard.

    Size 25cm by 16cm .. will frame nicely for library, study, hallway …

    Price $120.00 unframed — enquire about framing options if you desire.

    Rare finely engraved owl … click on me to see my penetrating eyes!


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  • Australian Frogmouths  – Broinowski – 1890

    Australian Frogmouths – Broinowski – 1890

    An original hand finished chromolithograph from Broinowksi’s magnificent wok on Australian birds published late in the Victorian era.

    Two frogmouths … Podargus Strigoides (Tawny Frogmouth) an Podargus Plumiferus (Marbled Frogmouth). With moderate gum arabic highlights on the eyes, beaks and wing tips.

    Matted nicely ready to frame. Printed area 31cm by 24cm. external mat dimensions 43cm by 34cm. A nice example of the desirable frogmouth image … easier to see here than out in the bush.

    Price $140.00 unframed but nicely matted as described. Sorry our scanner is too small to show the full effect of the matting … its nice … double matted with French lines coloured and gilt.

    Australian Frogmouths … very Australian


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  • Gold Mining in Queensland – Four Hand Coloured Magic Lantern Slides – 1890’s

    Gold Mining in Queensland – Four Hand Coloured Magic Lantern Slides – 1890’s

    Four rare original magic lantern slide issued by George Washington Wilson (G.W.W.) in the late 1890’s. Hand coloured to a high standard.

    Original 3.5 inch square, standard size, lantern slide. Original label from G.W.W.. Fine quality image – no damage except the odd ageing to the securing tape, easily replaced.

    G.W.W. sent their top photographer, Fred Hardie, to Australia in the 1890’s to take images for their business in magic lantern slides. Hardie travelled from South Australia to Cairns, Queensland mainly by train but occasionally by horse and trap. Very active at the time. G.W.W. went out of business just before WWI, through competition and a waning in interest in the product. The slides produced are quite scarce, and rarely seen coloured. The bulk of the G.W.W. catalogue eventually ended up at Aberdeen University.

    The slides comprise:

    Alluvial Gold Diggings – Cradle at Work – Aberdeen Reference 30591; Alluvial Gold Digging Queensland – Good Prospect – Reference 30592; Sinking in a Payable Reef – Reference 30593 and Gold Digging – The Whim – Reference 30595. Note we have an uncoloured slide of 30594 The Whip which is being sold separately.

    Rare Hand Coloured Images of Queensland Gold Mining Activity.



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