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  • The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition – My Personal Experiences in Equatorial Africa as Medical Officer – Thomas Parke – First Edition 1891

    The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition – My Personal Experiences in Equatorial Africa as Medical Officer – Thomas Parke – First Edition 1891

    Published by Sampson Low etc, London in 1891 a first edition.

    Large thick royal octavo, 526 pages plus publishers advertisements. Original green cloth with gilt titles to spine and gilt illustration to front cover, from a drawing by Dorothy Stanley (Henry Stanley’s Wife). Frontispiece of the author, 17 other plates, large (70cm by 39cm) folding coloured map by Stanfords in end-pocket.

    A bit of light spotting in some early pages and then in a group of three or four half way through, otherwise pretty clean. The map is in super condition, colours bright, track marked out in red etc.

    Thomas Heazle Parke (1857-1893) an Irish born surgeon who had joined the Egyptian Army and served at Tel el-Kebir in 1882. Soon became Director of the Hospital at Helwan. In 1885 he was involved in the relief of Gordan at Khartoum. He was appointed to Stanley’s expedition more or less by accident. Stanley met him at Alexandria on his way through … must have come without proper medical assistance .. Parke was his man. He spent three years as part of the Advance Column. Known as “the man who saved Stanley’s life” he saved many more … famously sucked the poison from arrow wound in the chest of Captain Stairs. He was, as a consequence of the expedition, the first Irishman to cross Africa.

    His account is a lively read, largely by its clear editing of Parke’s meticulous daily journals. He was a supporter of Stanley (there were two camps), who he thought … “carried us through a series of difficulties which, I believe, no other living man would have been able to battle with so successfully”.

    Stanley Expedition – Relief of Emin Pasha – Parke’s account


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  • Douglas Mawson – Report from the British Antarctic Expedition – Transactions and Proceedings of The Royal Society of South Australia

    Douglas Mawson – Report from the British Antarctic Expedition – Transactions and Proceedings of The Royal Society of South Australia

    Published by the Society, Adelaide 1916, Being Volume XL.

    Thick octavo, 631 pages with 54 plates and 21 figures in the text, Mawson map and folding diagram. Fine condition, barely opened, clean as a whistle inside. Unusually still in its original mailing envelope albeit chipped here and there. A super copy.

    Numerous papers, many on entomology, marine species, flora, mineralogy etc.

    Douglas Mawson features twice. First, his report on the Aurora Australis … “Aural Observations at the Cape Royds Station, Antarctica”. Pages 151-213 with plates xxi and xxii. The observations were taken during the British Antarctic Expedition in 1908. Mawson states that they were intended for publication in 1911. The delay was due to Shackleton wishing to publish the Scientific Reports as a series. However, for lack of funds this could not happen, and the series ides was abandoned, allowing this work to be published here. Special thanks are given to Edgeworth David for his contribution to the work.

    Second, “Mineral Notes” is based on Mawson’s analysis of minerals exhibited at the Society in 1910 and 1911. Publication, gain, had been delayed … this time because Mawson mislaid his notes before departing for his own Antarctic Expedition of 1911. Minerals described include … Octahedrite, Twinned Gypsum Crystals, Beryl, Loadstone, Monazite, Cordierite, Sillimanite, Spinel, Sphene, Davidite, named after the great man, and much here about the radioactive properties. An addendum page by W.T. Cooke on the constituency of Davidite with reference to the spectroscopic work of the great Sir William Crookes identifying Scandium as a component.

    Another standout report is by Walter Howchin on “The Geology of Mount Remarkable” pages 545- 584 with large coloured Geological Sketch Map.

    Nicely illustrated journal with interesting reports by Douglas Mawson in very good condition.


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  • Sir Lionel Lindsay – Three Bookplates c1923-1933

    Sir Lionel Lindsay – Three Bookplates c1923-1933

    Three bookplates by Sir Lionel Lindsay (1874-1961) of particular interest. All based on woodcuts. Very clean condition.

    First his own bookplate produced in c1930-33. 9.0 cm x 8.0 cm. Included in authority Mendelssohn 1982. A working proof of this bookplate is held by the NGV, accession 990D-4.

    The other two produced by Lionel for his son Peter Lindsay (1907-1990). They were produced earlier circa 1923. The Cockatoo slightly larger at 7.5cm x 6.0cm in the block, the other 6.7cm x 5.7cm in the block.

    Three Lionel Lindsay bookplate for himself and his son Peter


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  • Bridge-Water – with Mount Direction Behind – Hobart, Tasmania -1840

    Bridge-Water – with Mount Direction Behind – Hobart, Tasmania -1840

    An original lithograph from a drawing by Louis Le Breton (1818-1866) lithographed by Leon Jean Baptiste Sabatier published as part of the great “Atlas Pittoresque” to accompany “Voyage au Pole Sud et dans l’Oceanie sur les corvettes l’Astrolabe et la Zelee … sous commandement de M.J. Dumont d’Urville”.

    A delightful view of Bridgewater looking across the river Derwent to the imposing Mount Direction

    Lithographed on sturdy paper size 54.5cm by 34.5 cm. Very good clean condition. A scarce Hobart image.

    Price $540.00 unframed – rare

    Striking image of Mount Direction across the Derwent


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  • Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians – First Series 1837 – Wilkinson

    Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians – First Series 1837 – Wilkinson

    Full title … Manners and Customs of The Ancient Egyptians, Including their Private Life, Government, Laws, Arts, Manufactures, Religion, and early History; Derived from a Comparison of the Paintings, Sculptures and Monuments Still Existing, with Accounts of Ancient Authors. Illustrated by Drawings of Those Subjects.

    Three volumes, first edition published by Murray, London in 1837. Octavo, 406, 446 and 404 pages. With numerous illustrations, including 17 lithographed plates, some colour, some tinted and three folding. Original gilt pictorial cloth. Some light foxing, minimal signs of age and use. A very good set of this important work.

    A second series of and additional three volumes was published in 1841. We have that set also. Make an offer for the combination if you wish.

    Ten parts, comprising inter alia … The Early State of Egypt; History from Accession of King Menes to Conquest by Alexander; Class System; Houses, Gardens, Villas; Furnishings; Activities; Hunting; Arts and the Style of Art etc

    Sir John Gardner Wilkinson (1797-1875) was traveller a pioneer Egyptologist. Regarded as the “Father of British Egyptology”. Oxford educated after Harrow. He fell ill and did not finish his degree. Travelling in Italy to recuperate he met William Gell under whose influence he decided to study Egyptology. From the age of 24 he spent twelve continuous years in Egypt. Soon after his return to England he published this work which became regarded as the best work on the subject … he received a knighthood as a result. His papers are held at the Bodleian, and are regarded as fundamental being before a widespread interest in the subject which brought tourism and the natural “spoiling” that comes with that.

    Wilkinson – Important early work on Egyptology.


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  • Boronia Babies – May Gibbs – First Edition -1919

    Boronia Babies – May Gibbs – First Edition -1919

    Published by Angus and Robertson, Sydney no date but 1919 and a First Edition.

    Original wrapper with orange cord, 18 pages. Colour pictorial overlay to front of a lovely Boronia Baby.

    Illustrated with coloured frontispiece and 11 full page black and white illustrations.

    Neat gift inscription on the page dedicated for that purpose. Very nice condition.

    Reference authority Muir 2740.

    May Gibbs original – beautiful Boronia Babies


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